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Hair tutorial: 3 Easy Hairstyles; how to do faux waterfall braid hairstyles with half-updos and a messy bun for medium long hair. ☆Check out Estelle’s Secret Hair Extensions! http://estellessec…

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  • Pointersfor Pointe 2 years ago

    What were you were for holloween, when you did do it. ?

  • Ashley Vitale 2 years ago

    I like anything home made and original. Those generic costumes are
    expensive and awful. Also great makeup. Its amazing how people transform
    themselves with makeup, latex and fake blood.

  • MakeupWearables Hairstyles 2 years ago

    We’re going to create 3 quick, faux waterfall braids hairstyles today. If
    you missed the Waterfall (real version) Elsa Braid from Monday, here is the

    #Hair #Hairstyles #updo #Hairstyle


  • LovelieGirlxxx 2 years ago

    OMG this hairstyle is so easy! Even clumsy ol’ me can do this! XD Thanks
    for this tutorial Tina!

    Oh, and my favourite Halloween costume is a tie between zombie/undead and
    creepy girls/ghosts. I think that if you’re gonna do a Halloween costume,
    you go all out and make it as scary as possible :’). How bout you Tina? Any

  • chandni singhal 2 years ago

    my fav halloween costumes are disney princess cinderella,aurora and elsa :)
    tina love ur hairstyles all the time <3 

  • RandomBeauty1328 2 years ago

    Love your tutorials :) 

  • Zoeluvr 2 years ago

    What heat protectant do u use, and how often do u use heat on ur hair?

  • Janice Rodriguez 2 years ago

    I never really learned how to waterfall braid, so this is really great!
    Thank you! 

  • Camilla Soerensen 2 years ago

    Where is your blouse from?
    love this video :) 

  • Priya Raj 2 years ago

    My favourite Halloween costume is that of any Disney Princess – Cinderella,
    Belle, Snow White, Aurora and the list goes on….

  • Jordan Salazar 2 years ago

    I still LOVE tour hairstyles tho

  • MOKHTAR Aroui 2 years ago

    I love it it’s so easy and beautiful

  • Iris campuzano 2 years ago

    My favorite holloween costumes are scary ones. Im thinking about dressing
    up as billy the puppet from the movie saw

  • Kimberly Zepeda 2 years ago

    I’ve recently been getting into SFX, so my favorite Halloween costumes
    include anything with cut up faces and transforming into something scary &
    different, but amazing! :) 

  • Dayna Hancock 2 years ago

    My hair is shoulder length and I cant do anything with it but I still love
    watching these tutorials, longing for the day my hair is long enough haha 

  • Prinzessin Azula 2 years ago

    i want your hair ;) <3

  • Sonja D 2 years ago

    I’m new to ur channel! So glad I found u! I think I can do this to my hair :)
    My favorite costumes are theme ones weather homemade or not….like red
    ridding hood and a wolf or one year a friend and I were trees and hung a
    clothesline with socks btw us lol

  • Dora Xu 2 years ago

    Luv this! Thanks

  • Leonie Dekkers 2 years ago

    This is one of my favorite Halloween costumes Kakashi from naruto

  • Jen Lee 2 years ago

    Now that im all grown up i dont really dress up for halloween but if i have
    to dress up i would be anything if the costumes are onesie:)

  • Je Ka 2 years ago

    My favorite Halloween costume is a witch. I love to do the makeup and hair
    for this costume. 

  • Andrea Hernandez 2 years ago

    Can you please start doing q and as plzzzzzzzzz btw I ♥♡ your videos !

  • twominutetips 2 years ago

    Very romantic, soft and elegant. They’re all lovely.

  • Jany Vasquez 2 years ago

    Vampire costume i think .

  • Olivia Owen 2 years ago

    I think my fav halloween costum would be mulan’s costume. because i am
    asian lol

  • jaelo86 2 years ago

    princesses are so
    pretty for Halloween
    awesome giveaway!!!
    would love to win :) 

  • Sarah Lockhart 2 years ago

    My favorite Halloween costume is Wonder Woman!

  • Kristen Michelle 2 years ago

    My favorite Halloween is costume is to dress up as a pirate! :) 

  • rosa flores 2 years ago

    fascinates me every hairstyles i picked braid i love long,long,loooong i
    admire you too kiss a beautiful God bless you

  • Sara Le Blanc 2 years ago

    My favourite halloween costume is princess jasmine (adult version :P )

  • Stacey Dee 2 years ago

    Love this!!

  • Bri Gutierrez 2 years ago

    I love classic Halloween costumes. I adore the witch and Adams Family
    looks. You work in things you already own and make it work once more. I
    LOVE your hairstyles! They’re beautiful. 

  • emilyy cervantez 2 years ago

    My favorite costume has to be either Peter Pan or Tinkerbell

  • Marcia Paisley 2 years ago

    Where is your necklace from it is gorgeous!!!