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Hi, my loves! :D ♥ Don’t forget to L I K E & FAVORITE to try this curly half-up hairstyle for spring & summer! ♥ This braid/plait hair tutorial was inspired …

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  • aliana rao 6 years ago

    Amazing I have hair a little below my but and I will try this soon

  • Sadie Fitzgerald 6 years ago


  • MakeupWearables 6 years ago

    Thanks, Nymeria.  <3

  • MakeupWearables 6 years ago

    Thank you. I’ve always had long hair, but never this long. I didn’t cut my hair for a year because I needed long hair for hair tutorials.  :)

  • MakeupWearables 6 years ago

    Thanks, Lynaa. :) 

  • MakeupWearables 6 years ago

    Thanks, Brandi! :)

  • Brandi S 6 years ago


  • Lynaa Yousef 6 years ago

    You make it look so easy :/ but still luv the hair :)

  • ScissorsontheBus 6 years ago

    Your hair is so beautiful! How long did it take to grow out? I love your hairstyles! They are so cute/formal and easy.

  • Nymeria Stark 6 years ago

    Very pretty!

  • MakeupWearables 6 years ago

    It’ll look lovely for prom! :)

  • MakeupWearables 6 years ago

    Merci! :)

  • MakeupWearables 6 years ago

    lol Thanks, but you gotta see it when I don’t do anything with it. ^_^

  • MakeupWearables 6 years ago

    Thanks, Lisa! :)

  • MakeupWearables 6 years ago

    Hi Tay, Karina answered it perfectly.  :)

  • Karina Jimenez 6 years ago

    bohemian…being messy and undone, but still very cute c:

  • tay lar 6 years ago

    What does boho mean?

  • Lisa Tran 6 years ago

    wow this is really pretty <3 nice job :D gonna try this!

  • Crazychameleons 6 years ago

    You should try to show us what the finished look looks like from the front, too! That would help a lot (:

  • lholt84 6 years ago

    You have such beautiful thick hair!!! Uh I wish!

  • tawa kaambi 6 years ago

    très joli sur toi et tes cheveux sont magnifiques!!!

  • pinkylilavioletLaLa 6 years ago

    Lovely look, definitely considering this for my prom hairstyle :)

  • patycardenas 6 years ago

    I miss my long hair :’(

  • luxuriousAngel09 6 years ago

    lol so i see uve done something different with your vids huh? interesting…lol xD

  • Shining11stars 6 years ago

    nice tina it’s so Beautiful

  • J. Ruzeck 6 years ago

    Love this! Definitely trying this now

  • MakeupWearables 6 years ago

    Hi Marly. Thanks for your feedback. I’m going to try to setting the camera little higher on my head. I know my hands are getting in the way. As for redoing this hairstyle.. I’ll show you how when I create different variation of this same look.

    All you’re doing here is doing a Dutch braid, and then turning it into a half-Dutch when you take it below. <3

  • MakeupWearables 6 years ago

    LOL My dad is actually bi-racial. :) He’s half-white, and half Korean. So I’m very slightly mixed. Mixed Asians tend to look Hispanic, especially when they’re younger. My sis, imo, looks 100% Hispanic. :)

  • Marly Duran 6 years ago

    It’s beautiful, but it’s so hard to see what you’re doing. Could you do a video where you are doing this on someone else so it would be easier for us to see how you do it?  I guess I’m more of a visual learner.

  • AnjellyPham 6 years ago

    wut.. i thought you were hispanic this whole time, lol.

  • MakeupWearables 6 years ago

    Aw, thanks so much! What a sweet thing to say… *hugs* Big congrats on your engagement. <3

  • MakeupWearables 6 years ago

    Oh, pfft, you have gorgeous hair AND features… I’m so jelly over your lips, girl! xo

  • MakeupWearables 6 years ago


  • MakeupWearables 6 years ago

    Thanks! :D

  • MakeupWearables 6 years ago

    Hi!  I’m Korean-American. :)

  • MsElizavita 6 years ago

    Hey may I know what nationality are you?