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Hi, my loves! ♥ Don’t forget to L I K E & FAVORITE to try this hairstyle later! ♥ Quick and easy, for everyday or for a party, like a formal occasion, here i…

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  • melunited90 6 years ago

    i love buns and this is so creative im sooooo gonna try it…please do more bun styles please please :D

  • Merifet Boardman 6 years ago

    You are so pretty and you make it seem so easy!! will give this a go :)

  • nosa nosa 6 years ago

    that makes no sense lol

  • michelle jenkins 6 years ago

    Gorgeous!! Thanks for the inspiration!!!

  • MakeupWearables 6 years ago

    Hi Stephanie. I do have a couple of how to curl videos and plan on doing a hair cut tutorial soon. I’m using the L’Oreal Elnett in this video but my #1 fav is Sebastian Shaper. They’re very similar.

    AND thank you for your support, love. I heart you. *hugs* :)

  • Stephanie Mundy 6 years ago

    can you or do you have a video on how you cut and styled your hair??:)

  • Stephanie Mundy 6 years ago

    what hairspray do you use??:) thank uuuu! i heart your videos!

  • MakeupWearables 6 years ago

    You’re very welcome, Janjan. Thanks for watching! :)

  • janjan leung 6 years ago

    So preety hair:)thanks for share!!!

  • MakeupWearables 6 years ago

    You’re very welcome! Thanks for sharing it with me. *big hugs*

  • 3BeautifulMusketeers 6 years ago

    I just did the Hair on myself and it look so pretty, and adorable. I already got compliments. It’s so pretty and thank you for showing.

  • Eloisa amaya 6 years ago

    Ok. thanks :) Can you buy the Biotin supplements at walmart or anywhere they sale it at? How long do you need to trim your hair, if you are trying to let it grow out? I thought you need to trim your hair 6 or 8 weeks not to have split ends or something like that?

  • MakeupWearables 6 years ago

    Hi Eloisa. Don’t cut your hair, not even for a trim. And try taking Biotin supplements. It’s good for your skin, nails, and hair and have been known to grow it “slightly” fast. Don’t expect miracles though. xo :)

  • Eloisa amaya 6 years ago

    Do you know anyways to make your hair grow faster?

  • MakeupWearables 6 years ago

    lol, Thanks, Hessa! <3

  • MakeupWearables 6 years ago

    Thanks, Caroline! :)

  • MakeupWearables 6 years ago

    it’ll grow!  =)

  • Adutwilite 6 years ago

    well, then this means it’s a mutual thing, I enjoy so much when you upload videos, you seem to be a very warm person and I think this is how you are in everyday life too! pity I don’t live in US, i would have liked to hug you :*:*:*
    I wish you a million of subscribers :*:*

  • iiMakeupLove 6 years ago

    I wish my hair was long agaiiiiin :-(

  • caroline sanchez 6 years ago

    So perfect ♥♥♥♥

  • Hessa A 6 years ago

    finally a youtuber with long hair… THANK YOU xoxo

  • MakeupWearables 6 years ago


  • MakeupWearables 6 years ago


  • MakeupWearables 6 years ago

    Thanks so much, ToriMai! <3

  • ladylikemae 6 years ago

    the master hair stylist ! :D

  • ToriMai Lake 6 years ago

    Oh my goodness, you are absolutely beautiful! You have pretty eyes and your hair is amazing! Love the colour of your nail polish too!:) -3

  • Sweetpeach071 6 years ago

    Very cute!

  • MakeupWearables 6 years ago

    You’re very welcome! <3

  • Amy Buckley-Roberts 6 years ago

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  • WWWengie 6 years ago

    Thank you <3

  • MakeupWearables 6 years ago

    Hi Faith! I’m wearing my nail polish obsession of the month – Sally Hansen Pacific Blue . Thanks, I LOVE this color! It’s more of a darker blue in person though. :D :D

  • MakeupWearables 6 years ago

    With a 1/2 inch curling iron. I have a curl tutorial video as well – sorry, YouTube won’t let me link it or I would for you. <3 :)

    Thanks! xoxo

  • cutogie 6 years ago

    everybody plz follow me on instagram: perfectimperfections1. thank u

  • shawn11564 6 years ago

    Ow dis you curl your hair like that? It’s so pretty!