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CLICK HERE for PART 2 : ☆ In this, 2 part hair tutorial, I’m going to show you how I color my hair at home to get a warm, caramel bro…

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  • MakeupWearables Hairstyles 4 years ago

    Here’s how I color my hair at home! :D In collaboration with Clairol so
    it’s completely drugstore and ATTAINABLE! How do you color your own hair,
    at the salon or do you do it yourself?

    #hair #hairstyles #haircolor #DIY #AgeDefy @ClairolColor 

  • twominutetips 4 years ago

    I’m a subscriber and enjoy your lovely video hairstyles. But as a
    professional, I’m really disappointed with this one. With respect, gray
    hair does NOT lose its shine, texture or quality if you care for it like
    you would at any other age. And to talk about losing pigmentation as if
    its a bad thing entrenches the “old” is something to be avoided propaganda
    so prevalent in the beauty industry. It was again reinforced at 1:59
    “signs of aging” like its a negative thing and again at 2:06 “fights 7
    signs of aging”. I hope you appreciate this is only a professional
    critique of the negative comments about aging and gray hair and not about
    you or the lovely videos you produce. Many thanks.

  • aima syed 4 years ago

    I read the comments about her age and I’m surprised that she’s turning 38.
    She looks like in her early twenties.

  • Margemellow 4 years ago

    May i ask what your age is? You look so young for grey hairs! :) 

  • Prinzessin Azula 4 years ago

    tina, you look so gorgeous. if you would have no hair or just grey hair,
    you would still look stunning! you are beautiful inside and outside. love
    youu <3

  • JForDream 4 years ago

    I was so nervous while watching you dye your hair with all the nice
    accessories on haha

  • pinkbird1480 4 years ago

    I love all your videos! I hope you have an amazing 2015! Will you do a
    video on your skincare, makeup, and/or fitness routine. You have amazing
    skin and I’m always wondering what you use to get that glow. 

  • Vasilisa L 4 years ago

    I love the curls you did in this video!
    And of course your hair colour is lovely :) 

  • Emily Liu 4 years ago

    Love your hair colour!!

  • Alison LeBrun 4 years ago

    Hi Thank YOU so much ! I love this tutorial! You are awesome ! I am
    starting to get greys in the very same spot, and along my ears :( I have
    been getting highlights for a while now at a salon, but really want to
    switch to coloring my own hair and to a more carmel color rather than
    mousey brown with golden blonde highlights. Would I be able to use this
    combo, even though I have golden blonde highlights? Also my skin is a bit
    fairer than yours with a peachy undertone. Would this color combo work;
    I’m concerned it would be a little dark for me. Would love to know your
    suggestions :) Thank YOU! 

  • PinkEcstacy 4 years ago

    Grey hairs?? How old are you I thought you were in your 20′s lol.

  • Eiri Yuki 4 years ago

    Hi Tina! I had a question I hope you can answer. Lately my hair has been
    getting thin and nothing has change in my life. So I was wondering what are
    some good tips to help my start growing thick and long again.
    Thank you!
    Love the videos!

  • Jerrica K 4 years ago

    hey tina beautiful hair as usual! thanks for showing. but i have a question
    for anyone out there who can help me…i have a medium brown haircolor and
    i want my hair blonde…honestly even an ash blonde would work but the
    lighter the better. im trying to stay away from bleach. does anyne know of
    any dyes that will lighten it alot? or is my only choice bleach? my roots
    are really light but my hair is still medium brown. thanks

  • somegirl 4 years ago

    I am 28 and start greying couple years ago, on top of that I also start
    loosing hair, it is so frustrating :( 

  • manya shukla 4 years ago

    I know I should not ask this but still! What Is Your Age!?? (Just

  • JL0143 4 years ago

    Please do a video on how u got ur ombre at home.. I’ve been wanting to do
    this but I’m too scared it will dry out my hair if I use bleach at home.
    The salon near me wants 150$ to ombre my hair and I’m a broke nursing
    student.. (for now).. thank you so much for your awesome videos I tried the
    heat less curls last night and It came out beautiful!! 

  • Mehar Ali 4 years ago

    Been waiting for this tutorial

  • Leonie Dekkers 4 years ago

    The First Time I Colored My Hair Was In A Salon, Because I Heard That If
    You Wanted To Go From Blond To Brown It Easily Can Turn Green “And I Truly
    Did Not Want That To Happen So” But After Then I Always Do It My Self

  • Rosita Kail 4 years ago

    it turned out pretty but a little hint, anything with ash, leaves green

  • MyLaTiNMOoN 4 years ago

    i just started watching ur vidoes ure so prettyyyy … can u tell me what
    kinda hair shade color is ur hair on the ( BIG FAT Voluminous CURLS
    HAIRSTYLE | How To Soft Curl | Ombre Hairstyles) video u have? its like

  • Tee Bbe 4 years ago

    Hi Tina can you please do a diet/ workout routine video or advice on clean
    eating? Love you xx

  • lilah silver 4 years ago

    thank u so much ……I have been hoping someone would put a video up like

  • Joyce Chen 4 years ago

    you don’t even look old enough to have gray roots!!!!! u have magic skin

  • Reji George 4 years ago

    I really liked this video. can I use the same method to get light brown
    hair ? I am asian indian and have very dark brown hair. please reply if you

  • J. reeze 4 years ago
  • Grace Choe 4 years ago

    can’t wait for your ombre tutorial! :) 

  • Jay Bee 4 years ago

    Love it. Great video. Thank you

  • Jenna Lee 4 years ago

    perfectly filmed video! you are so talented with hair and just

  • Liz Delarosa 4 years ago

    Your so beautiful!!!!!!!! :) love your hair and makeup :) 

  • Elaine Anourack 4 years ago

    i enjoy all of your tutorials! You hair is AMAZING! Do you have an
    Instagram account too?