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Hi, my loves! ♥ Don’t forget to L I K E & FAVORITE to try this hairstyle later! ♥ Lana Del Rey long hair tutorial (inspired by Born to Die, Blue Jeans, Chels…

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  • Julia Thyrén 6 years ago

    I will try this, thx!

  • MiMixAwu 6 years ago

    pretty. i’ll try this today

  • Freslyn Sison 6 years ago

    Your so Fab! I love your video’s ♥

  • MakeupWearables 6 years ago

    It’s little past my boobs in the front. My longest layer is almost down to my waist in the back though. :)

  • MakeupWearables 6 years ago

    LOL Thanks so much for letting me know..Oops! <3

  • potcnewsies89 6 years ago

    Just letting you know that the links to curl hair are switched. The curling iron one leads to the flat iron one and vice versa.

    Great video!! I’m going to try this look tonight!

  • Watermelonspice97 6 years ago

    How long is your hair ?

  • JwAlKeR16N 6 years ago


  • MakeupWearables 6 years ago

    Thanks, love! <3

  • MakeupWearables 6 years ago

    When I’m doing a client, I curl one side towards the face (the heavy side – more hair side), then other side away because I’m following the hair. However, when you’re doing this on yourself, that method is a pain in the butt method, so curl both towards your face , or away from your face… The difference is too slight to make a fuss over. xo

  • MakeupWearables 6 years ago

    haha.. well, I had to do that too when I was in beauty school. :D

  • MakeupWearables 6 years ago

    Hi Jolie! Thanks so much! :D

    I curled all of my hair – every single piece of strand – towards my face, and then put them up in pin-curls to make it long lasting (I have hard to curl hair).

    The most important thing is to curl it in 1 direction. If you want to curl away (which is OK too) , then curl all your hair away from your face. They need to be uniform, same size and same direction. :)

  • MakeupWearables 6 years ago

    Thanks, Nora. I used Sony Vegas 10. :) 

  • MakeupWearables 6 years ago

    Yes. :)

  • HayGirl Hay 6 years ago

    This is a bit confusing but it LOOKS SO FAB!

  • AliceAtHeart 6 years ago

    She clearly states in the beginning, “If you don’t have a hair clip then just use a bobby pin.”

  • Robin Rogers 6 years ago

    Can you use bobypins .? or no

  • Nora stardoll 6 years ago

    which program did you used for the vintage look on the start? :D I LOVE THE TUTORIAL btw. :D

  • Jolie Nuno 6 years ago

    First off I love your chancel and your so beautiful, but how did you do your curls in this one With a 1/2 in wand and how manny?

  • diamantelarisa 6 years ago

    it looks like all of her curls are going clockwise. so the hair on the left side of her head is curled toward her face, and the hair on the ride side of her head is curled away from her face. :)

  • spintheskyy 6 years ago

    You do this so perfectly! I’ll be practicing this till my arms feel like they’re going to fall off :P

  • JwAlKeR16N 6 years ago

    by in one direction do you mean we have to curl it in the same side or to curl the hair all away or toward the face?

  • MakeupWearables 6 years ago

    Hi! Thanks so much, love. xoxo

  • MakeupWearables 6 years ago

    About 5~10 mins.  :)

  • MakeupWearables 6 years ago

    I would curl the bangs then hairspray it so that it blended with all the waves. You can’t have bangs for this hairstyle, it would turn into another look altogether. =)

  • MakeupWearables 6 years ago

    haha thanks! <3

  • MakeupWearables 6 years ago

    You’re welcome. Thanks for watching!  <3

  • xPhoLOVE 6 years ago

    So great! Thank you! I’ve been looking for a good tutorial on this hair style for ages! :)

  • bmw8913 6 years ago

    I liked this video so much that when I tried to add it to my favorites, I suddenly couldn’t remember how to do that LoL

  • mmessimer 6 years ago

    what would you do for across bangs?

  • flyingthroughspacee 6 years ago

    How long do you leave the clips in for?

  • evelyn kaulitz 6 years ago

    One Direction! Ha! Lol

  • briweeezy16 6 years ago

    new to your channel! You are so gorgeous and your videos are well filmed!:)