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  • JaffaBabeNZ 4 years ago

    nahh, i’m good
    :) xo

  • sarahsmakeuptime 4 years ago

    Doz it hurt wen u take it off and plz do a vid on how to get it of

  • Dramaticduckable 4 years ago

    Thank you so much for this tutorial, I wore this look for my last day at school today and freaked out the lower school kids! :)

  • AliCatt777 4 years ago

    This year I might do this makeup with a school girl outfit or something haha

  • solveigmt 4 years ago

    Love it!

  • Dramaticduckable 4 years ago

    Thank you so much for this tutorial, so easy to achieve when it looks complex :)

  • GeminiBabyy100 4 years ago

    this is awsome the problerm is so many awsome halloween idieas and i love halloween so its gonna be a big disition for me but thanks for this vidieo this was awsome

  • Judiiixo 4 years ago

    At the beginning u have red contacts in but at the end ghe

  • Judiiixo 4 years ago

    0.05 rnt you supposed to havw

  • Glu Snifa 4 years ago

    nothing tacky about stating the obvious, if we all spent more time helping other people then looking in the mirror at our selves , well the would would be a un tacky go and look in .the mirror like she does so others can see your complexion and admire your shallow soul

  • karat1340 4 years ago

    thiz is kewl i luvd it do another one

  • Xzia Caraballo 4 years ago

    When she pulls up the tissue and liquid latex it’s such a weird feeling because it seems like she actually is pulling her real skin.

  • Xzia Caraballo 4 years ago

    It is pretty much nice pretty girl got smashed up in a car and got caught on fire and her face got burnt off. Ahhh I love you Shanon

  • Alexandra Gheorghe 4 years ago

    Bonfireee <3

  • shwetasami11 4 years ago

    oh cool think of it for next year halloween

  • 07joannaa 4 years ago

    You can buy a remover which takes it off much easier and doesn’t irritate your skin, but never just rip it off.

  • princesswolf13 4 years ago

    Do u take SFX classes xxxx

  • SheNoob087 4 years ago

    She’s a Kiwi

  • xoXOLizOXox 4 years ago

    Aaaaah! That brush is ruined. I use cheap paint brushes for liquid latex like $2 for 10 brushes. Also use tissue paper from Kleenex not for gifts

  • JessFashion101 4 years ago




  • JessyMusicfreak 4 years ago

    your voice sounds like you have a cold :D

  • AdvENtuREtiMELuVA 4 years ago

    Your voice kept me watching 0.0

  • FOFO FREEZ 4 years ago


  • muffinsroksox 4 years ago

    How long does it take you to do this look? And also about how much liquid latex does it take?

  • Gyna Gazzi 4 years ago

    On a side note… sorry guys… what lipstick do you have on?