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  • ikeigh 2 years ago

    i remember watching your videos when you first started making them , im so
    proud as a viewer to see how much you have grown and matured!!! you seem so
    humble about life and everything you’ve been through!! your an
    inspiration!!! beautiful woman !!!!! 

  • lilisimply 2 years ago

    lighting + makeup on pointt sissss

  • Fang Yi 2 years ago

    Why did you breakout so bad? Sorry I didn’t get to catch what you’re
    saying>< Is it because of products or hormones?

  • Tina Nguyen 2 years ago

    Babe i love this video but atm im currently using the Nyx oil free
    foundation but i notice my skin/face goes extremely oily throughout the day
    even after i pack on my mac powder over the foundation :( any suggestions
    on which foundation is goood or recommended for me ?

  • How long have you been using the Bare Minerals foundation? :) I was really
    excited to try it because it said it’d be really good for oily skin but it
    hasn’t been working out for me. ):

  • Nicole Aleman 2 years ago

    Yay you’re back! Missed you girl! Looking amazing as always! Xoxo

  • JAdoreSephora 2 years ago

    GURL please do tell which drugstore brand that made u break out so
    badly…so i make sure i won;t purchase it…thanks…

  • Andrea Chyne Machica 2 years ago

    Awwww miss u shantea. Hope i can watch your live show.

  • Sbaa Yasmina 2 years ago

    Yay you’re finally back ! missed your videos :) 

  • ummm6yeah 2 years ago

    honestly, you are so pretty without makeup!! and with makeup too of course! :) 

  • Demi Bauros 2 years ago

    Yay! You’re back I missed your tutorials! Looking beautiful as per usual! :) 

  • passionate1197 2 years ago

    I’ve missed your tutorials! Glad your back!

  • MakeupxMia 2 years ago

    You are so pretty even without makeup <3

  • Ashley Kim 2 years ago

    Your falsies are so pretty :O where is it from? lol I loved your makeup

  • Jam Star 2 years ago

    I’ve never worn foundation before is the powder foundation better or the
    liquid foundation? 

  • SAR SRI 2 years ago

    Wow! I’ve never seen such full coverage from a powder foundation before! It
    literally looked like it blurred away any imperfections instantly. Your
    skin looks flawless with the bare minerals foundation, now I will
    definitely be trying it out :) just curious do you still use the 3 in 1
    vietnamese whitening cream?

  • Ayimmie Tracey 2 years ago

    Yay finally new makeup tutorial …
    Been waiting for it.. btw I just love ur hair color ..
    Wat hair box color did u use ? 

  • Spider - Man 2 years ago

    I sell BareMinerals and yesssss, the best thing ever. My customers just
    think I’m trying to sensationalise it and stuff, but it truly is one of the
    best makeups out there.

  • Myaxoxo 2 years ago

    I’ve been using bare minerals for such a long time and never thought about
    using a sponge with it haha. I’ll definitely have to try it next time and
    see how it goes. <33

  • Sparkle Twink 2 years ago

    Love it!! :) 

  • Rhymidy 2 years ago

    Ahhh man, the whole reason i watched the video was to know what false
    lashes you had on. Does anyone know? 

  • Elizabeth Wang 2 years ago

    What lashes did you use? Love your makeup look! <3

  • taffytfne 2 years ago

    I’ve asked Kiehls if their microblur can be used as a primer and they’ve
    said no. I was wondering if it works well for you? I want to purchase one:)

  • TheJellyQ 2 years ago

    pretty makeup look, but lol @ blaming bad acne on “drugstore makeup”

  • Thanie 2 years ago

    You look pretty with this hair color what hair color is this ❤️

  • lily Allen 2 years ago

    Is everything you used in the sale site link 

  • Tiffany Han 2 years ago
  • Tracey Nguyen 2 years ago

    I LOVEEEE the light ash tone brown! Suits you very well!

  • miniboo5201314 2 years ago

    Hi sis, do u have any recommendation on dry skin foundation? I’m looking
    for a good cover up liquid or powder foundation. 

  • Tiffany Cheung 2 years ago

    your hair colour is exactly what I want!

  • Chillysc2 2 years ago

    What are your favorite eyelashes and what’s the eyelash pair in this video?

  • JustDreamingLife 2 years ago

    you look awesome, we missed you!

  • SuperCheckYes 2 years ago

    I really miss your tutorials! Do try to make more since you are, hopefully,
    back to YouTube!

  • MahhxBeauty 2 years ago

    does someone know what font that was in the thumbnail

  • PrincesaJaimo NAM 2 years ago

    Your always so beautiful <3 <3

  • Lucy Huang 2 years ago

    how did you get your hair this color? I love it!

  • Jen Lee 2 years ago

    Yeh makeup up tutorial

  • Michelle To 2 years ago

    Which lashes did you use ? :) 

  • PinkPolkaDottx 2 years ago

    Your eyebrows have been on point

  • Michelle Thach 2 years ago

    shantaee what color is your hair? 

  • Jessica Wong 2 years ago

    in love with this look

  • Cristal Ruiz 2 years ago

    Primera en ver el vídeo EA EA