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Hey Guys so this my drugstore flawless foundation makeup routine I use this technique on days when I want Lightweight flawless full coverage makeup using Drugstore makeup.This foundation routine.

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  • kermelle nelzy 4 years ago

    You have the cutest voice ever.

  • Sacul Combo 4 years ago

    I think you are beautiful. I just came across the video… and i love your
    voice, you are just so gorgeous all together :) . Keep doing these videos!

  • Jay Xo 4 years ago

    cutest voice ever
    and gorgeous
    loving them brows!!!!!!!!!

  • flowerpush 4 years ago

    good viddy

  • Inoshent Anum 4 years ago

    Loveee it

  • Taona Bosslady 4 years ago

    New subscriber!!! I love what you did and how you did it. Very light
    application but such a difference. My skin feels like it could breathe if I
    did my application like this. And love that you used Black Opal. Thank you!

  • pippytlo 4 years ago

    Aaaaw, you’re sooooo cute! ( new sub) I fumbled upon you by accident and so
    glad I did. I love ❤ ya technique and the end results 

  • Denyce @MyLuxury1st 4 years ago

    We look similar to each other lol. Great video btw.

  • Be Yourself 4 years ago

    Super video. Thanks for sharing . love your ring 

  • Daisy Daniels 4 years ago

    you are gorgeous!

  • queensnazzy1 4 years ago


  • Linda Barry 4 years ago

    Waaaooo nice finish
    Very informative

  • cathy berry 4 years ago


  • LaurensThoughts 4 years ago

    so precious!

  • ambdance00 4 years ago


  • Jalicia Viltz 4 years ago

    I love the way you explained in detail what you were doing & the products
    you used, from beginning to end! I don’t wear much make-up bcuz I really
    don’t know how to apply it & whenever I look for different tutorials
    they’re just doing sooo much & putting it on so heavy that it makes me not
    even want to learn.. But your tutorial was simple yet very “FLAWLESS” &
    natural looking! I’m inspired & definitely will try these products &
    techniques, thanks gurl! BEAUTIFUL JOB!!!!

  • Makeda A 4 years ago

    wow i love the technique you did with your highlight. very nice

  • Angelle Charisse 4 years ago

    This cosmetic application is different. I like it and I will give it a try.

  • mai_world325 4 years ago

    You’re so gorgeous!!!

  • Nasima 4 years ago

    Hey, I really recommend turmark mask for acne and scaring. It really helped
    me. Just search turmark mask on YouTube And you will find how to make it x

  • Randi Nicole 4 years ago

    I’m a new subscriber I love your channel. I hope you will check mine out :)

  • Leah Creech 4 years ago

    I struggle with bad acne & scars as well. This tutorial was great and now I
    feel confident to wear makeup

  • Alondra bernard 4 years ago

    Your voice is so cute to hear great video

  • PRETTYCAKES27 4 years ago

    U have cute voice 

  • Iris mac 4 years ago

    Great job!! The blending the blending!!! Looks very natural…

  • Keisha Capers 4 years ago

    Love the result, very pretty, also have a review on Black Opal Stick
    foundation would love if you check it out and let me know what you think 

  • Dennise Dennise 4 years ago

    Simple n Gorgeous!!!

  • Miss DriaBia 4 years ago

    You’re super gorg just subscribed lol and im glad i watched this just
    purchased my black opal foundation only for $1.47

  • Caitlin Pecsy 4 years ago

    You are gorgeous! 

  • trueglamdollxo 4 years ago

    your finished look was so on point ! I really enjoy your videos. mind
    checking out some of mine??

  • Shon9tilR 4 years ago

    Idk why the truly topez looks ashy on me. Nutmeg is my shade though.

  • ansbach74 4 years ago

    Love the finish look. I love the black opal stick foundations and the total
    coverage concealing foundations also. Thanks for sharing.

  • Jerma Joy 4 years ago
  • Maria Cunanan 4 years ago

    You’re really pretty tbh! I subscribed! <3 

  • Hanifa Neecy Francoise 4 years ago

    I’ve watched this like 10 ten times and every single time I’m like WOW!

  • Dominique Unkown 4 years ago

    I love this video. Hope you keep creating and posting videos. Just

  • cHizZLE TizzLe 4 years ago

    You are soooooOOOOoo cute!!!!! Lovee it :) black opal huh?? Okayyy!!! Gonna
    be looking for that one! It was perfect and blended so well! Great job

  • Simply Me 4 years ago

    Your voice is so adorable! Loved the video! After watching it I ordered
    some Black Opal products lol! I just subscribed! Plz check out my channel :)