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Learn more about Advanced Mineral Makeup here: Thanks for watching and for all of your continued support! ❤ EmilyCaroli…

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  • Colored Rain 4 years ago

    Is this good for oily skin?

  • sunnyrosa 4 years ago

    That was amazing! 

  • sephoraloverr 4 years ago

    what shade are you in the foundation & the powder?

  • SoleilBeauty 4 years ago

    Which colors are you using in this video? Great review thank you!

  • Jan Hooper 4 years ago

    If you still like the original powder formula which is supposed to be better for your skin, try using Minerals Mate to apply it. It’s a mixing tray and is terrific. I just got mine today and it’s great!

  • AlexaTwimoon 4 years ago

    Hey girls I just found this app called “app trailers”(its free) you get points by watching trailers and then you can redeem those points for gift certificates in places like target and sephora! You should really check it out and once you create an account put the code “aaleexaa” and you’ll get 100 points! I diidn’t beleive It but it really works I already got a gift certificate worth of $10 in itunes :)

  • Melissa Valdez 4 years ago

    What color do u use in this makeup?? My skin tone is really close to yours.

  • alleighbabe06 4 years ago

    Meh. :/

  • corallove14 4 years ago

    Eyeliner tutorial

  • EmilyCaroline87 4 years ago

    You’re so right! That’s what I get for assuming lol! Thanks!

  • alittlepinkfish 4 years ago

    All real techniques brushes have 100% synthetic bristles.

  • naiewgnaw 4 years ago

    happy 100! :D

  • LlamaMaker1203 4 years ago

    you kind of look like danielle from big brother 14

  • makeupTIA 4 years ago

    Your skin looked very pretty and natural at the end – excited for the tutorial. : )

  • avicky56 4 years ago

    when are u putting new vlogs :(

  • chantilly k 4 years ago

    too light for your skin

  • SmileyTubby 4 years ago

    where can i find the ingredient lists of these products?

  • EmilyCaroline87 4 years ago

    Welcome! <3

  • EmilyCaroline87 4 years ago

    Thanks!! It’ll be up in the next few days :)

  • EmilyCaroline87 4 years ago

    Ow OW! You know I always try to look my best for LMH :) <3 <3 <3

  • EmilyCaroline87 4 years ago

    It’s what I would consider the most full-coverage you can get while still looking natural :) Any more coverage, and you would lose the natural look. I think this combo offers really great coverage, & if you look at my bare skin vs. the finished look, it’s pretty dramatic. Yes I have one monster blemish in this vid, but if I caked on tons more product, it would look gross & not natural in my opinion :)

  • MissHannah1025 4 years ago

    How is this full coverage

  • jessicalee422 4 years ago

    looks so natural on your skin <3 looking good for ur bf LMH!

  • anghizzle 4 years ago

    You look great with this!! :D Can’t wait for your next tutorial

  • EmilyCaroline87 4 years ago

    WHOA thanks! I didn’t even know! 100 videos seems like a crazy amount lol! <3

  • Janice Lim 4 years ago

    new subbie :) have been catching up on your vids!

  • Sian LeCrazz 4 years ago

    Congratulations on your 100th video :)

  • gymnastrock100 4 years ago

    first viewer yayyy