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ℬ┃ ┗━┻━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ ✦ Circle Lens / False Lashes ( ✦ Anna Sui Li…

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  • Morgan Plummer 4 years ago

    How many mm are your circle lenses?

  • Sudhir Chandra 4 years ago

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  • chi kei fong 4 years ago


  • 4D012 4 years ago

    I don’t mean to be disrespectful but your comment is rude.

  • blackjack1471 4 years ago

    I agree Renee

  • Renee Person 4 years ago

    Her voice is torture

  • saolor yang 4 years ago


  • emeraldninjadragon 4 years ago

    No idea what she was saying, but I got the gist anyway! :D

  • Bunyanee arunrod 4 years ago


  • NotBotheredtomakeaname PEACE 4 years ago

    LOL it’s funny that i feel like i’m the only person that understands her xD, some how…i feel special 8′]

  • abuluhu 4 years ago

    @ slim limem shut the fuck up you little piece of shit! Beeing disrespectful first and then getting that annoying that I wanna punch you in the face! Just shut up if you wanna say or write crap like ching chong whatever!

  • OzakiOtomo13 4 years ago

    You don’t need the makeup!!

  • melooood1023 4 years ago

    looks like ella koon

  • Bea Z 4 years ago

    I want to try is because I have huge eyes already and it would be funny to make them even bigger

  • sweetbutcraZ 4 years ago

    she speaks cantonese :)

  • yuri inagaki 4 years ago


  • Marte Rørvik Ryen 4 years ago

    Such a pretty girl! I love you asians mandelshaped eyes. Love them! What language do you speak? Is it mandarine?? =)

  • ccchocoxx 4 years ago


  • DIYcraft Abbyfrances 4 years ago

    If you guys didnt like to watch this video, then dont watch! Get out of here and stop your racist comments!

  • Chris Keefe 4 years ago

    My worst nightmare would to be tied down and hear this on repeat, crying babies are nothing to me now

  • snowohr 4 years ago


  • Jamie Tang 4 years ago

    However, if you, Slim Limem, are okay with being considered (and hated on for being) racist and cruel, then I suppose you should leave that comment up. :)

  • Jamie Tang 4 years ago

    Hello, Slim Limem! Meaning no disrespect, but I think your unkind comment, “ching chang chong,” is racially (and incorrectly) stereotypical. Chinese people don’t speak like that. Would you please delete that comment? Many people find comments like that to be extremely offensive, and will consequently become angry and spiteful toward you.

  • Slim Limem 4 years ago

    *their miss ching chang chong

  • Elvira Angelica Padillo 4 years ago

    You got nothing to do?! “Ching chang ching” are not in there vocabulary you moron!

  • Slim Limem 4 years ago

    and then?

  • phuong thy 4 years ago

    it’s little bit FAKE :|

  • VIPAppler 4 years ago


  • VIPAppler 4 years ago

    not everyone speaks English. Obviously this girl enjoys doing makeup so let her. To all the racist pricks here, take your stupid bullshit somewhere else, your racist comments at rude, effective and uncalled for. The things you’re saying do actually affect people so I would shutup if I were you unless you want another cyber bully who forced someone to feel low about themselves.

  • Ranmaru95 4 years ago

    I understood eeeeeeeverythiiiiiing !

  • UBERSTRIKEEE 4 years ago

    Obakoxodenwmwmcoise sjwkcnw aiche dkaiciebd aleodjssbsb ok understood everything

  • Ho Kiu Chan 4 years ago


  • NickBantik26 4 years ago

    Level asian

  • Rosanna Lam 4 years ago

    Your so pretty! This is exactly what I’m looking for, thanks!

  • ZoRollenWe1 4 years ago


  • DenicePolice 4 years ago

    This is cute!!!!

  • DenicePolice 4 years ago

    wow, haven’t heard/seen that joke before.

  • Slim Limem 4 years ago

    ching chang chong

  • sammisquigellz 4 years ago

    She looks a bit like Xiaxue o:

  • Ella Cheng 4 years ago

    Hi, where did you buy the gingko double eyelid tape? Can I get it anywhere online?

  • skinskinsuki1998 4 years ago


  • minipuuu 4 years ago


  • 1927404 4 years ago


  • lexusdriver1974 4 years ago

    is it me or she looks like hyorin from sistar?

  • ruru298usa 4 years ago


  • pellocloudy 4 years ago

    你好!! 我爱你!!

  • Jackie Kwok 4 years ago

    Can I ask where did you get the Gingko eyelid tape?? Thanks!

  • Lkpriest 4 years ago

    Great work!

  • albiawong 4 years ago

    Huhh..woman waste money on buying makeup materials..