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허각 & 정은지 [짧은머리] Huh Gak & Jeong Eun Ji [Short Hair] M/V A CUBE FOR SEASON # BLUE [짧은머리] 뮤직비디오 A CUBE FOR SEASON # BLUE [Short Hair] Music Video.

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  • MsSHINeeTVXQSuju 4 years ago

    Cute~ ^^

  • definitelyckck 4 years ago

    this mv is so weird lol

  • Bid Abidah 4 years ago

    me too.

  • nurieka mahadzir 4 years ago

    I want Jeong Eunji on Immortal Song 2!!!! <3<3<3

  • cli80386 4 years ago

    짧은머리 노래 넘 조타!!^^

  • Bobber301 4 years ago

    what’s the music video about?

  • anis9789 4 years ago


  • yeppoable t. 4 years ago

    OMYGOD!! I can’t stop listenin’ to them…they’re angels!!! Song’s so lovely like am gonna cry. TT_TT 

  • nichkhunfan 4 years ago

    well,,i care ^^ watch it here >> youtube(.)com/watch?v=rh_3wApspwM

  • שירה כהן 4 years ago

    this is sooo sweet~~~~~

  • Xuyesi 4 years ago

    I can’t help but think that the “2010″ clip at 0:54 is a reference to Verbal Jint’s “You Look Good”, because the finger guy gets hit by the vehicle.

  • nessavanisha 4 years ago

    I don’t really understand the mv….. but they sound beautiful.
    somebody care to explain please??

  • Miyuki chan 4 years ago

    LIKED ? /watch?v=JLPgrLBHCo8&list=PLiBe5-uUAasvTj5wtOHnx2kByWLpRWmfa

  • Quennie Woo 4 years ago

    Cube creates talented and beautiful artists. No wonder they’re my no 1 bias agency :) )

  • amenoshinjitsu 4 years ago

    This songs makes me think I need a change this summer, so I might be considering cutting my hair short now :)

  • luvblue00 4 years ago

    This is such a cute MV and song :) so proud of Huh Gak and Eunji! Totally deserve the perfect all-kill they achieved!

  • mercury2210 4 years ago

    what a great collab! Creative MV ! No doubt why it topped several music charts right after release.

  • Luisa Gonzalez 4 years ago

    Actually,this mv made me cry ;3; Is beautiful~ A very original concept♥ And I love it ;ww;

  • Updating Sj poll 4 years ago

    the voice of eun ji is very refreshing.. no wonder this song is no.1.

  • ElwilsonLofterman16 4 years ago

    what the hell are those 18 dislikes?? What’s wrong with their ears? This song is awesome and I don’t find any reason to dislike it. -_- Go Eunji & Huh gak! :) ) hwaiting!!

  • 민재 전 4 years ago


  • elohelisti 4 years ago

    노래넘좋아… 역시 정은지 허각

  • mayuirma 4 years ago

    creative~! >.<

  • Andrei Kurniawan 4 years ago

    Creative MV.

  • 성훈 현 4 years ago


  • Lee Jeff 4 years ago

    apink daebak! 

  • lovex2beast 4 years ago

    목소리 죽이네~

  • Cecilia Lee 4 years ago

    I dun really understand the video at the first few parts…. could anyone help~?

  • dadookz 4 years ago

    Cute song~

  • minty109love 4 years ago

    COOL !!!! Their idea for this music video is so created. It’s such a cute music video. Wow! I like it a lot

  • Wannabe737 4 years ago


  • 1207hanmailnet 4 years ago

    좋아♥♥♥♥정은지 짱 흥해라 짧은머리

  • dain486ek 4 years ago

    Eunji’s voice is really sweeet~~♥♥

  • justwinthere 4 years ago

    is speaking english an important thing when singing a KOREAN SONG?! she can speak english but can’t pull a note. :)

  • Panhavatey Thon 4 years ago

    Eunji‌ *^*

  • lessls 4 years ago

    Oh my bubbly god, that video is the best <3

  • feelinfinitelove 4 years ago


  • tan jacy 4 years ago

    perfect duet!!:)

  • TheDylanJaustin 4 years ago

    Wow. So beautiful. Their voices sound so beautiful together.

  • Michelle2011407 4 years ago

    Euh Gak & Eunji’s Voice so good!!

  • Majonchi1 4 years ago

    I have listened to the song many times since yesterday, I’m starting to understand the video. Short hair and Love day are the best songs of Cube Season proyect

  • Prom Rattanapokha 4 years ago

    Cant wait for APINK’s comeback!!!

  • 偉傳 蔡 4 years ago

    love eunji voice

  • aliphetc 4 years ago

    eun ji, your voice is amazing