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HERE I SHALL LIST OUT ALL THE GOODIES :D Michael Todd Organics Walnut Grapefruit Body Scrub- Michael Todd Organics Wild Rose Crea…

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  • misskyliejean 3 years ago

    Why would her mom flip out about green nail polish?

  • Layla Foster 3 years ago

    You look like jenna marbles

  • Lenia Offic 3 years ago

    You look like Natalie Dormer

  • Tina mcmillan 3 years ago

    wow this wuz really Helpful Thanx for the tutorial! :p luvd it

  • Tomas Quillopo 3 years ago

    Anti-aging serum in the beauty box

    Beauty boxes save you $50 versus just getting it inquire inside

  • Whitney Nguyen 3 years ago

    I just moved in a house and my room is so plan and yuck I would like some
    help if your not busy 

  • Puck Bieber 3 years ago

    good song on the background :) justin 

  • Ami Meharzi 3 years ago

    You’re so pretty

  • katli sekganyeng 3 years ago

    We all need some MEETYM!

  • misskyliejean 3 years ago

    Love how you always smile when you talk :) 

  • Rated F for Fangirl 3 years ago

    This is weird but… you remind me a lot of Jenna Marbles. Just your facial
    expression’s and hand gestures are so similar to hers!

  • kissndMAKEUP 3 years ago

    Your eyelashes are perfect! Are you attending IMATS LA? i’d love to meet

  • Lola Green 3 years ago

    You look a bit like zoella!

  • Dominique Suberville 3 years ago

    a new artwork: Beauty Tips: How to get an ear:

  • Juliee Mark 3 years ago

    i used the lash out butterfly before, oh my gosh it irretated my eyes so
    bad my eyes were so red and puffy an i had no idea why my eyes never
    reacted to mascara but the day i put it on was so bad

  • Pinky Rainbow 3 years ago

    I looooove Dani! :) 

  • Bocani 3 years ago

    hmmm something tells me she is being paid by Michael Todd…

  • Bizzle Hazza 3 years ago

    At the end of the video it’s a cover of a justin bieber song :) 

  • Elizabeth Egan 3 years ago

    What is this song called!? 

  • ivaroa 3 years ago

    your bone structure is shaped like a disney princess. ☺

  • faith roberts 3 years ago

    take all your makeup off at night and then take a q-tip and smear
    Vaseline on your eyelashes. go to sleep and then in the morning take it
    off. I saw my eyelashes getting longer within a week and a half. (: 

  • Amber Irfan 3 years ago

    it’s baby jenna marbles!!!!!

  • Cynthia Janik 3 years ago

    You actually can be too young to start using anti aging products like
    retinol. You don’t want to build a tolerance and have it not work when you
    do age. Also, saline drops (like for contacts) work best to add to mascara
    so there are no active ingredients to irritate you later on. And I love
    exfoliating gloves for pre-tan exfoliation. They work so much better for me
    than cleansing products with exfoliant in them. Plus you can use your
    regular body washes. I enjoyed your tips!

  • Janelys Villalta 3 years ago


  • Abby Li 3 years ago

    I just dont get it why your speak like that? I mean the smirk talk? It is
    not attractive or pretty!!

  • MsMatahari84 3 years ago

    This is just a commercial video, sorry.

  • JulesoftheSouth 3 years ago

    this was the most helpful girl video I have ever seen, I feel like a better
    woman lol

  • Michelle Parks 3 years ago

    Love it! I definitely didn’t know about the blush 2 finger thing. Thanks
    for the tips :) 

  • sandra sandy 3 years ago

    you look like anushka sharma ( indian actress ) ! btw u r beautifull :) 

  • Mark Madrigal 3 years ago


  • Amber C 3 years ago

    Interesting tip about the lipstick I am going to try it.

  • Joana Bueno 3 years ago

    Giiiirl, loved your channel

  • GetFreebies 3 years ago

    Great tip about the lipstick. Matte looks so much better nowadays. Keep up
    the good work.

  • Mimi Palli 3 years ago

    wheres the hair stffz? did i miss something?