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M!Countdown ♬ Huh Gak & Eun Ji (A-Pink) – Short Hair.


Short Hair


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  • anan mini 4 years ago

    i’m actually missing big bang comeback

  • msbowieful 4 years ago

    Huh Gak and Eunji’s powerful vocals! <3

  • DorkyFob211 4 years ago

    I’m sorry but she is incomparable with idols… She’s a legend in the kpop industry. You might think this is better, as well as 14 other people, but clearly, other people find Hyori better. Everyone has different opinions..

  • Squishy SquishySquish 4 years ago

    You cant compare them, hyori might not be “as good” as them, i am not trying to say that Eunji and Huh Gak isnt good, they are definitely good, like hyori too, hyori is also good, the purpose for hyori to comeback after three years, is not for us to bash her or something, if u dun like her music, u can just keep quiet and not bash other ppl and praise those ppl you like.

  • 대현 김 4 years ago

    허각&정은지 커플

  • rhdiddl1324 4 years ago


  • Yannie Lee 4 years ago

    Please don’t compare them. argghh. Lee hyori is one of the first generation idols okay.

  • Ainur Alya 4 years ago

    eunji getting slimmer..i love her so much

  • Kenny Chan 4 years ago


  • reggiinn 4 years ago

    okk… GUYS especially pink pandas hold up
    you know that girl back up dancer
    with teh white flower on her head
    and blue skirt… is she the new member?!?
    cause both the boy and girl back up dancers look like trainees!

  • missraindrop22 4 years ago

    Anyone knows who the backup dancer at 0:11 is? The one right in front.shes so pretty

  • tuin nanikata 4 years ago

    eunji unnie..
    please Apink comeback soon, and with no new member..

  • sweetkisses535 4 years ago

    Eun Ji is so thin now:))

  • Brittani Zhang 4 years ago

    Wow, Eun Ji becomes more beautiful and slimmer than before!!!! I love her so so so much !!! Smiling eyes!!!

  • TheMrswagger69 4 years ago

    Eunji is a special duet.. <3

  • JiaXin Koo 4 years ago

    Omgg she is so slim now.. <3 not to say she is not slim last time but she is slimmer now omgg he legs <3 their voice <3

  • Tifffffffffffffffany 4 years ago

    Their voices are amazing with each other

  • mistressnicey 4 years ago

    wow… it sounds even so much better live!

  • le dinh minh tran 4 years ago

    love eunji <3 eunji fighting

  • luvblue00 4 years ago

    This song makes me so happy :) Eunji and Huh Gak both have such gorgeous voices that really compliment each other! Perfect song for summer!
    Eunji’s outfit is soo cute. She’s beautiful <3

  • 준 유 4 years ago

    아 정은지 졸귀 ㅋㅋㅋ

  • Ismael Burgos 4 years ago

    Eun Ji  <3

  • mivkyfin 4 years ago

    it’s really hard to sing while smiling (for me) :P
    and they’re pro in both :D

  • reggiinn 4 years ago

    love it! <3
    soo hapyp they are nominated for number1
    goo huh gak and eunji
    miss apink sooo much!

  • Lee Chin Ting 4 years ago

    Better than Lee Hyori

  • lauujunhyunie 4 years ago

    2 awesome voices^.^

  • alex le 4 years ago

    this song cheers me up every morning as i wake up <3