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Hi guys! Anyone can do these hairstyles! They are SOOO quick and easy! Especially for girls with hair that is short, curly and somehow coarse like mine. Plea…

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  • slater18762 4 years ago

    LOVE your eyes <3

  • AwesomeTumbler4 4 years ago

    You OBVIOUSLY don’t know the meaning of short.

  • aaliyah lane 4 years ago

    Sheis ugly

  • Angelica Sarmiento 4 years ago

    Your hairs medium length short is at least the middle of your neck or higher

  • carrita fields 4 years ago

    you do not have short hair lady!!!!!!!!

  • shekinah maxwell 4 years ago

    Thanks so much..It helped a lot for my cousin.. love it ♥♥

  • AvecManel 4 years ago

    Thanks a lot my dear! I am glad I could help! :)

  • fabikatstars1516 4 years ago

    Amazing video
    Aaaa massive thank you for u though Now My hair looks good btw u pretty mate :)

  • AvecManel 4 years ago

    I am glad I could help :) 

  • AvecManel 4 years ago

    Well, I use the Lanza Trauma Treatment and the Sexyhair Frizz Eliminator :)

  • AvecManel 4 years ago

    to be honest, i have noooo idea :D I have around 3 different colors in my hair. I only remember the Loreal Gloss color in Chocolate. That’s all i remember, sorry :(

  • yquezad 4 years ago

    What is the name of your hair dye very beautiful

  • pellotcraze 4 years ago

    Amazing!! Thanks for sharing :) What product do you use when you leave youe hair down and curly?

  • kelseymg13 4 years ago

    Wow…not short at all….what a waste of my time

  • AvecManel 4 years ago

    Die hatte ich mal bei Accessorize in Hamburg gekauft. Ist aber lange her :)

  • CHAMiiYE 4 years ago

    Woher ist deine Kette?

  • megan quinn 4 years ago

    i loved this video :)  I’ve spent so much time looking for short, curly hair tutorials and yours helped a lot!