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  • Arab Money 4 years ago

    Did u do your eyebrows first?

  • niqiisade 4 years ago

    Pretty skin but the lip liner…

  • Launa VonFabulous 4 years ago

    Hello Ateyaa… my name is De’Launa
    im 20 years old and i am an aspiring professional makeup artist… i just recently did my very first makeup tutorial… and i was wondering if you wouldn’t mind checking it out for me & let me know what yu think.. & also what i could work on a little more for my next tutorial…thanks so much

  • Sarah40605 4 years ago

    Couldn’t you just use a cosmetic wedge and get the same thing?

  • raniya1234 4 years ago

    you’re so pretty

  • Maria Ahmed 4 years ago

    going mac on saturday, i was just wondering if you can buy the pro sponge even if your not a pro?…..0.o

  • PinkieB010 4 years ago

    Love the earrings, love the look!! Amazing!

  • samanthaohmy 4 years ago

    Looks great…but i use a $1 red sponges form the beauty supply store and i get the same affect. I think that people should not waste money on things like a Mac Pro Performance sponge…because you’re just paying for the name…when you could use a cheaper product and get the same results…ijs

  • 129kkda 4 years ago

    can you do a video on bobbi brown foundation….love your channel

  • steppate79 4 years ago

    I watched this and was like “this is a weird shaped version of my granny’s flat red sponge”.

  • LovinMeReally 4 years ago

    No definity the NW43… you look to dark… I guess it was the MSF in Dark… Girl.. lol

  • Rose Pitts 4 years ago

    I’ve been using MAC makeup for years, but I never brought the studio fix fluid. I brought the MAC studio fix fluid last Saturday I’m a NC50 that color works well for me. i wanted the sponge, but they did not sell at the MAC counter in Macy’s, so I’ll have to go online to make that purchase. I did not know the pump did not come with it, so I had to buy that separate it was only $6 plus tax. Thanks for the video on these products Ms. Ateya :)

  • Nubiaa78 4 years ago

    You have beautiful skin. Frankly, you don’t need makeup. :)

  • shanellsplace 4 years ago

    Could you do a tutorial on the makeup? I was looking through the videos and I didn’t see one. I’m in love with this look:)

  • TheRacquel01 4 years ago

    Eyy Ateyaaa! what # make-up is that! (I’m a/b that color)

  • RavenTheePrincess 4 years ago

    You’ve got a guy rapping your own little soundtrack, how fly is that!

    Just subscribed today even though I watched several of your hair vids earlier in the year…. such a beautiful lady :)

  • msdrella 4 years ago

    The sponge gives a beautiful finish… I like your technique better than the others I viewed. Thanks for sharing….

  • sarahsmj 4 years ago

    Wow! I should go into marketing or own stock in MAC. It’s amazing that they have convinced the masses to spend $18 on a MAC Pro sponge and $19.95 on a beauty blender which is a $1.99 or less sponge at the beauty supply store. All that the companies did was change the shape and market it as a high-end product. CRAZY!

  • Lita Benning 4 years ago

    At first I was thinking the foundation was too dark for you but when it was blend in by the sponge it was perfect……Great job….I have to invest in one now…

  • fish4sale99 4 years ago

    good job

  • sequoiaj16 4 years ago

    When you were spreading it on with the brush it looked like it felt cakey and sticky…lol

  • TheEnvyMhee 4 years ago

    Eyebrow Tutorial ????

  • marleen shaffer 4 years ago

    very nice!!!!

  • mizzmama79 4 years ago

    Your makeup is flawless girlie!!!

  • shanellsplace 4 years ago

    beautiful as always :)

    love the colors!

  • MissLelee 4 years ago

    I use my Beauty Blender everyday since Nov of 2010 and its just fine… I clean it with facial cleanser an when I want a through cleaning I put it the washing machine… Mehron has a sponge called the Face Smoothie that I want to try…

  • tmac827 4 years ago

    I LOVE THAT MAKEUP LOOK!!!  It is possible for U to recreate that same one in a tutorial? Thank U Much

  • honeychild713 4 years ago

    You already have very pretty skin.

  • klgyal2010 4 years ago

    and i think an nw.. colour would suit ur skin better too, cant wait for the next video

  • klgyal2010 4 years ago

    i like the background song :) 

  • MZKSWAG 4 years ago

    your the best

  • lovekisses99 4 years ago

    Beautiful finish…

  • CoolWoman98 4 years ago

    WOW, your make up is heavy girl! Less is more. :-)

  • coreawilliams 4 years ago

    That sponge does give great results. I haven’t seen anyone use it after applying their foundation. So this gives other options. You have great skin anyway hun. TC!

  • UniqueOne1975 4 years ago

    Thanks so much for a great foundation application video. It was extremely helpful.

  • Kelcy Eady 4 years ago

    That sponge is the bomb! Thanks Teya!

  • janietheresa 4 years ago

    u have beautiful skin!! u shouldnt pile on allll that foundation thats not ur color anyway!! smh…

  • des hudson 4 years ago

    Why are you covering up such pretty skin with all that make-up? Don’t cover up that natural beauty!! But you can do what you want. It’s your skin. :-)

  • TheBeautifulyCreated 4 years ago

    hey Ms Ateyaaa nice video thank for posting.

  • kbblessed09 4 years ago

    how was your hair in this vid

  • dililmyss 4 years ago


  • datplaygurlbunny 4 years ago

    Ateya have u ever tried Bobbi brown? I feel like the Mac foundation makes your face look kind of green.

  • Alexia Bing 4 years ago

    I’m darker than you and I use nc50 and nw45. I think you may be a lighter shade than the nc50, but overall good video. (there’s a difference between hating and constructive criticism)

  • michelle shaw 4 years ago

    Flawless! I’m going to have to buy that beauty blender. You already have beautiful skin and using the beauty blender just gave you a flawless finish.

  • Adrienne79 4 years ago

    Reading over some of the comments….3 pumps is not a lot…She had a flawless finish. If she applied too much, you’d def. be able to tell & you can’t tell the difference between that & her skin make up free.

  • Tyme4Chg 4 years ago

    That sponge left a gorgeous finish! A, have you had a chance to get the Urban Decay 15th Anniv Pallette? If so, do a tut. Looking forward to it

  • sterlingsilvergirl 4 years ago

    I love how you IGNORE all the haters! It is so funny to me. That’s the way to handle haters! Don’t even acknowledge them with a response. Keep doing your thang and continue to be blessed!

  • prttybb 4 years ago

    Thanks Ateyaaa

  • VirgoVixxin 4 years ago

    Yes from looking at your videos over the years with your camera ive always felt like you were a NW43. one day you should do a split foundation tutorial where one side is one color and change it on the other. You look amazing REGARDLESS tho. :-) keep up the excellent work.