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Hello my loves…the time has come for my yearly beauty favorites!!! My favorite video of the year!!!! I had soooo many issues, Imovie kept crashing as I was editing, I am SO SORRY this is…

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  • Melissa Autry 2 years ago

    Oh I’m so glad I found you! Loved your favs!!! Xo

  • KathleenLights 2 years ago

    Girl. That shirt. Give it to me baby

  • Young Wild and Polished 2 years ago

    Yep 40 mins long….Sweet Baby Jesus….hey girlfriend has a lot of
    faves!!! Happy 2015 My Loves!!!

  • Zahra Naqvi 2 years ago

    Hey doll, why don’t you try the Laura Mercier primers, I absolutely love
    them. If you like the silicone feel-try Mally perfect prep pore less primer

  • Carol McKay 2 years ago

    OMSWEETGOODNESS !!! I watched this New Years morning at 8am when everyone
    was still asleep from a long New Years Eve party! I Woke up the whole
    House while laughing at you Nicole and that dang Crazy ass white poodle with
    the bad hair, roller’s and crazy lashes (with stuff stuck to it) omg when I
    saw you
    pulling that stuff off, I damn near fell off my chair !! My jaws hurt from
    laughing so
    hard ! Your Bloopers are THE BEST on YouTube !! Thank You for making me
    SO Hard during some not so good times in 2014! Love you so much, and hope
    you & family have a HAPPY, HEALTHY NEW YEAR !! Love Carol xoxoxo

  • Walquiria Correa 2 years ago

    I live in Puerto Rico and I have pretty oily skin. Mind you the closest
    places for me to find makeup are Walgreens, Wal-Mart and Kmart. What
    powder, concealer and cover-up do you recommend? Or what total brand for
    these three would be the best?

    I’m never in air conditioned places during work etc. So that’s where the
    oily comes in. It’s constant.

    Happy New year!!! And, that sweater

  • HollieEatsLipstick 2 years ago

    Happy New Year!!! I watched the whole thing, and I think I need to go
    shopping now >:)

  • Debbie Glenn 2 years ago

    This hot hooked wants to wish you and the entire YWP family the Happiest of
    New Years EVA!!!!!! You have taught me so so much, made me pee my pants
    with laughter and made me feel like I have a friend that cares but has
    never met me. That pretty friggin remarkable! Loved ALL your favs! I’ve
    gotten a few on your recommendation too! The only thing I can’t find that I
    would KILL someone for is Dominique! You know what I’m talking about. Loved
    seeing glove and Frankie too!
    You’re the best Camel Mama and I’m proud to be a part of your little

  • Littlemissvixen 2 years ago

    Watched the video didn’t even fast forward cause your awesome! Nars eye
    primer can you do a video with all the steps for oily eyelids now one ever
    does them and my eye make always creases I have tried everything please
    help! And does the primer help with the new foiled makeup geek shadows
    cause I bought them and in 10 mins they crease thanks your thanks happy new

    primer maybe I need this my eyelids are so oily can u do a video on steps
    you take for oily eyelids 

  • TheKatalicious17 2 years ago

    I like Laura Geller’s primers called Spackle that I discovered about a
    month ago. She has a few different versions. I’ve tried the original and
    Champagne and like them both. They feel really cool and refreshing when you
    put them on because of the aloe vera in it, and it’s at a reasonable price
    at $30 for 2 ounces which is double the amount of most primers! I get mine
    at Ulta.

  • Debbie B. 2 years ago

    oh my gosh Topazzzzz….I stayed up NYE nite to watch your vid & loved it
    girly!!!! There will not be a day go by that I dont think of you & when I
    am looking at new make-up… wish you were here to talk it over…how fun
    would that be!!!! Loved all your favs…& I was waiting for Lauguna to make
    it…was gonna have to do somethin…if you had not mentioned it…good
    thing you did!!!!! lol I love how excited you get when talking about
    make-up…I’am that way too….but peeps always said I was weird…ha!
    Looking forward to all your vids in 2015 sweet made me tear
    up!!!!! We love you right back:) Have a Happy & Healthy New Year for you &
    your family…Hugs..Deb:) xox

  • Claire Kiefer 2 years ago

    These videos are dangerous for me to watch! I got the Marc Jacobs Siren
    palette for Christmas cause of you, and now I’ve got my eye on the Bobbi
    Brown mascara . . . I do not need to fall for an expensive mascara! ha. And
    I need that Nars blush! Peachy colors are my favorite. :) Happy New Year

  • Emily Jacqueline 2 years ago

    literally the best video ever. best video of 2014 and best way to start
    2015!! you have helped me get through a lot of hard times this year and I
    don’t know what I’d do if I hadn’t found your channel through Kathleen. You
    deserve millions of subscribers and I definitely think you will get there!
    Thank you for everything that you do and don’t you ever change! we love you
    just the way you are, crazy and everything! i love you so much! <3

  • MillenniumRose 2 years ago

    You always manage to put a smile on my face! Happy New Year! :) 

  • Lori Flank 2 years ago

    My ride or die primer is Smashbox Pore Minimizer. It blows Porefessional
    away. I have lots of craters to fill, and this stuff does it like no other.

  • Amy E 2 years ago

    Nars dual intensity eyeshadows!? Great year-end review!

  • Carmen 2 years ago

    Ok…5 seconds in…had to pause. Your jair is the freaking shizzz today.
    The shizzz!!!

  • Bridgeeeet43 2 years ago

    You should try Make Up For Ever Smoky Extravagant Mascara… I got a sample
    of it and I can’t get enough! I’ll be getting the full size. Probably my
    favorite mascara! 

  • Cynthia Giron 2 years ago

    The Napoleon Perdis primer is really good! Even for my highly sensitive
    skin, it did not break me out! Happy New year and I absolutely love your
    long videos! 

  • Nikki Draper 2 years ago

    I freaking love your channel! I bought all those LE maybelline color
    tattoos and nude pink and the brown one are my fav. I really wanna find
    that napolean perdis lipstick now!

  • Stephanie Vanderwaag 2 years ago

    Can we just talk about that awesome sweater?! If I wasn’t such a heffer Id
    wear it and rock it bahaha jk love you girl! 

  • victimofstereotypes2 2 years ago

    Omg! 39 minutes! I’ll be back. Gonna make me a snack! Lol! ♡

  • beth thompson 2 years ago

    Watched you through all of 2014 and can’t wait to watch in 2015!! You are
    the best!! You have made me laugh so much through this past year!! Thank
    you for all of your hard work that you’ve put into your videos!!

  • Kaitlyn Turner 2 years ago

    where can you get the lorac mega pro palette besides ebay???!! favorite
    lippies video plzzz n thank you :) )

  • ballensocialworker allen 2 years ago

    Duke and his beady eyes

  • SeaShelzBeauty Knight 2 years ago

    Happy New Year Nicole!!! You r my fave person on youtube!!! I lovve how
    honest and to the point u r. Your opinion on beauty products has helped me
    make good purchases in 2014. I def need the bobbi brown smokey mascara.
    Extreme party mascara is one of my faves from 2014. And also kat von d love
    craft lippie. Its one of those nude pinks that u like

  • Linnea Guerrero 2 years ago

    I have to tell you when I saw your yearly favorite video I got so excited I
    was jumping up and down!! I poured a glass of wine lit some candles and
    curled up on my bed to watch. My husband walked in and asked what I was
    doing I told him he laughed and said enjoy!!!! I bought kat von d monarch
    based on your opinion, you were so right I LOVE it!!! Life changing
    eyeshadow!!! I also bought YSL baby doll, again amazing!! If you say Bobby
    brown is amazing I’m in!!! You are not the only one that gets so excited
    about makeup!! You are for sure my favorite beauty guru!!!! Love Ya keep up
    the awesome videos I check every day to see if you have posted anything!!
    Have a great New Year:) 

  • BEAUTIFIEDyou 2 years ago

    I don’t know why I’m barely finding your channel, you’re fucking awesome!

  • Jordan Lane 2 years ago

    I FINALLY got the Monarch palette and it is everything I hoped it would be
    and more. So, so, so good……. !!!!!

  • Tiffany Shutt 2 years ago

    I just want to say you ROCK girl. You are one of my favorite You Tubers. I
    trust your suggestions and reviews and you are so real. You don’t get that,
    unfortunately, with all the ladies on You Tube. And for you to tear up, you
    almost made me cry. Keep on rocking just the way you are!