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My experience with Milk of Magnesia, M.O.M as a facial primer.

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  • Nada1277 4 years ago

    aww we don’t have this in the UK! :(

  • MrsRaya19 4 years ago

    LOL, my Mom raised us on putting this on our faces. I’ll have to revisit this :)

  • diambra009 4 years ago

    Like others, I used it everyday and my skin became a little too dry. :) But it is still a great product!

  • cawknee 4 years ago

    LOL @ the thumbnail for this vid, hahah its the same face I made when I heard of this… 0__0

  • latifatumi 4 years ago

    thanks dear, btw did you stop using it everyday for any particular reason? I only use it on days that i wear make up.

  • latifatumi 4 years ago

    thank you dear

  • latifatumi 4 years ago

    thanks, thanks to my leave in and spritz.

  • latifatumi 4 years ago

    lmho, @dkblck1958 is so right, this was a braid out that has shrunken up after being outdoor on a rainy day. No, I NEVER comb my hair dry.

  • dkblck1958 4 years ago

    my hair does this when i have a twist/braid out and rain hits it….lol

  • chynnjms 4 years ago

    Your hair looks amazing!

  • diambra009 4 years ago

    Love the Hair! Great vid. I too have tried the product and I loved it, but I do not use it everyday anymore.