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Thought short haired girls couldn’t wear their hair up? Guess Again! This hairstyle gives off that girly boho vibe that I love and it’s super easy! Takes 3 m…


Short Hair


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  • Moonie Bui 4 years ago

    You look like Vanessa Hudgen ;) But u ‘ re really beautiful :’)

  • blahblah4149 4 years ago

    You. Are. So. Gorgeous. I am super jealous right now XD

  • cutesygirl09 4 years ago

    Sally’s Beauty Supply!

  • adimattesa 4 years ago

    your make up is so gorgeous! do you have a tutorial for it? if not, can you make one! :) 

  • Jennifer Perez 4 years ago

    lvoe this look! is your hair pretty straight?

  • ballagetbuckets12 4 years ago

    Give me your eyebrows!!!!!

  • KARLA TEE 4 years ago

    What color is your hair ?

  • mayamoo4 4 years ago


  • mayamoo4 4 years ago

    Omg I thought it was Vanessa Hudgens in the video icon :O

  • michellegoycochea goycochea 4 years ago

    U look like Hannah from pretty little liars

  • dezignergrl365 4 years ago

    I love your makeup do you have a video tutorial
    For it???

  • Magily Cruz 4 years ago

    Where did you get your brush :3 I want one

  • Magily Cruz 4 years ago

    Your brush is cute !

  • Jy tm 4 years ago

    Super cute

  • booklovinggeek 4 years ago

    Ive only just realised but from a certain angle you look like vanessa hudgens lol, i am certainly trying this hairstyle :D ♡

  • sasha mayer 4 years ago


  • Yently Paz 4 years ago

    Ok she used argon oil and volumizing mousse don’t know brand

  • Jfeeudgdydhgdhdudddu 4 years ago


  • haidacudemos 4 years ago

    I’m going to do this even though my hair is long.

  • Angelhappycupcake123 4 years ago

    Ashley you do look like her in highschool musical 3

  • Ashley Acosta 4 years ago

    You look a lot like Vanessa Hudgens

  • Wendyy909 4 years ago

    on the thumbnail for the video she looked like vanessa hudgens like i really thought she used a picture of her lol

  • syd waters 4 years ago

    It was argon oil

  • baaby boo 4 years ago

    oh my!! ahhaha i thought this was the “3 min make up challenge” “:D hahaha love the hairstyle BTW

  • firetiger702 4 years ago

    U look just like vanessa hudgens!!

  • COOKIEcookiie 4 years ago

    Does anybody know how to do this look without using a headband ? Its really pretty but I dont like headbands on me :/

  • Yently Paz 4 years ago

    Yes tell us please what brand or type of mousse is that thanks!!!

  • lily garcia 4 years ago

    You should do more outfits videos pretty please . Like date, parties and do on :)