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These hairstyles work best for medium or long hair. follow me on twitter!/beauty4passion.

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  • Scarlett Gonzales 4 years ago

    I already knew those styles

  • Marie Newman 4 years ago

    I live your hair and voice

  • morganlee5934 4 years ago

    omg pause the video at 1:03

  • guadalupe gonzalez sanchez 4 years ago

    I didnt like the first one

  • dvoraDVORAdvora 4 years ago


  • Mariah Anderson 4 years ago

    These aren’t “easy super quick” hairstyles. They’re plain, lazy “styles”.

  • lizbethrosario570 4 years ago

    Omg i love your voice

  • DuctTapeWalletz1015 4 years ago

    k i came here for hairstyles not for a slideshow of pictures

  • dulce vigil 4 years ago

    hahaha i lik the end ok im goin now XD

  • kate taylor 4 years ago

    you sound russian are u?

  • Doug Adams 4 years ago


  • Mckenna Geddes 4 years ago

    Hey my name is Mckenna! I’m an aspiring beauty guru who would appreciate if you checked out channel! Thanks so much 

  • Jamie Langdon 4 years ago

    Why is your hair 2 different colors? It’s blond and brown I noticed that during your first hair style. And I LOVED!!!!!!…… The hair styles you did they were cute!!!!

  • Emma Connor 4 years ago

    You look like a super model! Sooooo pretty :)

  • wassuphey100 4 years ago

    where r u from
    i like ur accent

  • Rosette Lihinikaduwa 4 years ago


  • Disneydumpling 4 years ago

    Bad job

  • fourloko98 4 years ago

    at least she’s trying to be helpful to you hateful ass holes, besides her accent is adorable.

  • videogamegirl223 4 years ago

    Thank you so much i tried the first one and it turned out amazing thank you :D

  • Aarushi Desai 4 years ago

    i know right

  • Jennifer Bowers 4 years ago

    Wow, got a couple of haters here. They’re probably just jealous of you cause your pretty and they aren’t or they wouldn’t be acting like such assholes. Sucks to be them.

  • Rob B 4 years ago

    you are very beautiful and no one should be rude and thank you so much i have no ideas what to do with my hair

  • caprisun619 4 years ago

    whats wrong with u people what did she ever do to you ur all probaly jealous so dont hate her cuz u aint her

  • pinkieeboo 4 years ago

    I don’t know facebook language? Sweetie you don’t know any language apparently. You can’t even spell correctly.

  • chocolatybrown1998 4 years ago

    oh plzz…..u dont know fb language..coz u r a disgust n a dumbo..

  • pinkieeboo 4 years ago

    Its “and” “Please” . Let me help you with your english , people might like you if you could speak better.

  • chocolatybrown1998 4 years ago

    n plz look at your room it sucks!!

  • chocolatybrown1998 4 years ago

    bitch plz..itz hindi..u wont using abusive wrds..okay..!!stupid.people i tell u..

  • pinkieeboo 4 years ago

    aww sweetie there’s plenty of english classes to help you. I can enroll you in some(:

  • chocolatybrown1998 4 years ago

    look……pull up your shit top….u know hindi no na kute kamini n ullu..!!

  • pinkieeboo 4 years ago

    aww what happen! I thought you fixed your spelling. ):

  • chocolatybrown1998 4 years ago

    shut ur sick mouth ok?

  • pinkieeboo 4 years ago

    aww yes. You finally fixed your spelling!

  • chocolatybrown1998 4 years ago

    not intrested also..!! got it?

  • Savvyj2001 4 years ago

    Awesome! I especially liked the third hair style, nice job!

  • pinkieeboo 4 years ago

    Learn to spell, you don’t like. Then don’t do it.