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Hey guys, if the video isn’t playing. Move the cursor arrow forward a bit. See if that helps =) or just wait a bit so the video processes. Apparently watchin…


For All


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  • reddisHgaLz97 4 years ago

    It’s better that you don’t wear make up at 13 -____-
    ur skin is supposed to be very soft

  • Jenny Tang 4 years ago

    I’m both cool and warm toned…?

  • Sarah Collings 4 years ago

    the bacteria that gathers on the phone goes onto your skin when you put the phone up to your face :) sorry im not bubz :0

  • MsKittyfy 4 years ago

    love your videos!
    from france!

  • MsDIYGurl 4 years ago

    lol your profile picture is my background for my computer

  • Mizhi Malik 4 years ago

    When do you put on the yogurt

  • Lexasaur Rhodes 4 years ago

    By keeping the phone on one side of your face, it presses all of the oil and sweat down into your pores, causing acne. c:

  • MsDIYGurl 4 years ago

    How does a phone cause acne bubz???

  • Silly Lilcupcake 4 years ago

    Because they’re already perfect no matter what? I agree ;)

  • ksuresh25 4 years ago

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  • ofbeautymatters 4 years ago

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  • shapriya sharpe 4 years ago

    u are very prett

  • Sumon Afrin 4 years ago

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  • HappyMinds1 4 years ago

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  • Duckky Pluto 4 years ago

    That little fast but useful tips aye!!! 

  • TheSoxNinja 4 years ago

    WHAT THE POOP BRO!!?? THATS NOT NICE!! ITS RACIST! Sorry for yelling but it’s just unacceptable. Racism is a BIG pet peeve of mine.Think about what youre saying huh? :)

  • appuz37 4 years ago

    seriously, so immature…you got to be really fed up with your life to be unnecessarily trashing someone like this

  • ScratchThat2009 4 years ago


  • HappyMinds1 4 years ago

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  • HappyMinds1 4 years ago

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  • inspiration09shine 4 years ago

    You really spend your time to show the youtube community that you are a dumb racist? Well, guess that made your day ;)

  • Sophia William 4 years ago

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  • LulyLovesYou11 4 years ago

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  • FuckeryFairy 4 years ago

    You just made a fool of yourself on youtube. So much hatred, so much anger….its obvious you have serious life problems and insecurities.

  • Yami Kari 4 years ago

    aww, look. one of her haters. stupid racist.

  • Fyschia 4 years ago

    Why so mean?

  • TheAimiJ 4 years ago

    I don’t care by 2ne1 in the background!!

  • glamxglitter 4 years ago

    insulting asians wont make you prettier. being mean will just ensure that youll be a single virgin forever.

  • Cheyenne Stevenson 4 years ago

    omg shes soooo beautiful!!!

  • BeautybyRubi 4 years ago

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  • bussellmcharlenap 4 years ago

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  • SingleVirginForever 4 years ago

    Beauty tips doesn’t work on asians…just saying

  • Emily Murray 4 years ago

    She didn’t say makeup tips, she said beauty tips..

  • Malia W 4 years ago

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  • FeanaroFireSpirit 4 years ago

    great advices! do u have them written down somwhere? sometimes u r 2 quick)))))

  • ahmed mohamed 4 years ago

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  • ahmed mohamed 4 years ago

    They laughed when I told them I would burn up fat with Slim Body Maximizer, but then they saw the results. Go google Slim Body Maximizer to see their reaction.

  • Navdeep Sandhu 4 years ago

    Lol who said that she wears a ton of makeup?

  • Naraku2013 4 years ago

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  • pinkfantasy9699 4 years ago

    Girls who wear a ton of makeup just look idiotic especially ones so young like you. Keep it minimal. Concealer where you need it and maybe a little bit of mascara.

  • xFallenStarXOXO 4 years ago

    Shes not a guru. Shes a freaking Encyclopedia.


  • Enxie Guite 4 years ago

    Yaay! 2ne1 I Don’t care! :D

  • stephandbffs 4 years ago

    Where does she learn all that? O.o
    btw: helpful video :)

  • Niky Anderson 4 years ago

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  • Macy Askew Counsell 4 years ago

    This really really helps! Thankyou so much! can you do hairtips next?

  • Jessica Remy 4 years ago

    Please make beauty tips for young teenagers <3

  • ryan4o4nyc 4 years ago

    ni hao. i order from you… chicken lo mien, pork fried rice, wonton, general tso chicken, vegetable mei fun, chop suey, czechuan chicken, 2 egg roll, kung pao chicken and… 1 free soda. tenk yuuuu
    hahahaha stupid hong kong bitch.