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My first interactive book of Permanent Make up of the Lips For iPad ( in English)…

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  • Angelica Saywhaa 3 years ago

    How much does it cost?

  • Im_so_fab_julie Cardoza 3 years ago

    Is it like a tattoo but makeup sorry I’m young and don’t know 

  • Eliana Giaretta 3 years ago

    Fantástic!!! I love it!!! 

  • R Vasquez 3 years ago

    Do you have a clinic in UK?

  • Looks ssy 3 years ago

    does the color fade when it heals?? 

  • judith91aj 3 years ago

    Amazing colors! 

  • Luxury Permanent Make up by Anna Savina 3 years ago

    Unique masterclasses and Lara Johnson presents:
    International Master Artist Anna Savina is coming to the UK on the 5th May
    to the stunning location is West Yorkshire .. Teaching my Unique Techniques
    in 3D Lip Blush treatment, sharing all my Knowledge and secret how to
    create the perfect shape.
    Sponsoring this event is Biotek who re supply the machines and all the
    Pigments, plus they are giving away a £100 worth of Biotek Products.