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Here’s eBay’s awesome blog post/infographic ebay did for Stretched Lips! And thanks to eBay deals for collaborating with me on this vid…

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  • juliana barnes 3 years ago

    I have wires in my mouth no lie…

  • Siena2209 3 years ago

    3 Words.

    Jeff the killer O;

  • morgana williams 3 years ago

    what if you allergic to the latex….cause me and my sister are allergic to

  • distandi diana 3 years ago

    What a smile!

  • lps minecraft 3 years ago

    im doing this 1 for halloween

  • cigiss 3 years ago


  • destiny caldwell 3 years ago

    crazy cool!

  • Mathias Alan 3 years ago

    Wow! So talented! This was awesome!!!

  • Glenn Smithson 3 years ago

    Your eyes are ausome I like the colors

  • The Optimist Vibe 3 years ago

    When I saw the thumbnail, I thought it was like a plastic or rubber mask!

  • lhbow318 3 years ago

    Omg she looks like a titan(anime moment)

  • Frost Night | Video Productions 3 years ago

    Freaaaaaaaaaakkkkkyyy it looks so real. Amazing job!

  • Royce Posey 3 years ago

    your eyes hypnotize me…. im now realizing that… and its scaring me 

  • 1prpoo 3 years ago

    LOL this is great!!!

  • amanda duguay 3 years ago

    Its amazing i love it and i really want to do that, but one thing though,
    the skin illustrator set is really expensive!

  • bella bullock 3 years ago


  • Tessa Gandou 3 years ago

    Cool! It’s awesome because it’s almost Halloween over here, so I want to
    find some scary makeup tutorials because my mom might want to use them ;-) 

  • Lexy Marie 3 years ago

    Ur eyes are beautiful 

  • Chelle D 3 years ago
  • Stefen 3 years ago

    You have beautiful eyes :o 

  • Floortje van Engelen 3 years ago

    Does your lips don’t get extremely dry??

  • Evan H 3 years ago

    wow id still smash it like that

  • Emalee I 3 years ago

    You are an artist extraordinaire!! 

  • harley danielle 3 years ago

    you are so awsome and i love you so much!!

  • Elizabeth Maldonado 3 years ago


  • Amazing! Thank you ❤ Now I know what I make on Halloween 2014

  • Charlie Radtke 3 years ago


  • Lexi Meadows 3 years ago


  • Paulina Alvarez 3 years ago

    Did you have eye contacts? Or why did ur eyes look like that? It look like
    you have a white circle around ur pupil

  • Lacey Anderson 3 years ago

    cant take her seriously whilst she has those teeth staring back at me 

  • Cryptic Notions 3 years ago

    How well does it work with darker skin? Are there alternatives?

  • Victoria Rojas 3 years ago

    I love it!!!! You didn’t so this Halloween make up tutorial to look sexy
    like a sexy vampire, or anything like that! You did it to look scary!
    Perfect ❤️