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  • harryskittyz 4 years ago

    LOVE the results too !!
    Have you noticed a looser hair texture after straightening it?

  • LivingHealthyLove 4 years ago

    This is hands down the BEST type 4 natural hair straightening video!!! I
    have searched high and low and was always disappointed with puffy results
    and then the vlogger claiming they weren’t gunning for bone-straight
    results.. (giving the screen the “oh please” look). Thank you for this
    vid! I will be purchasing that blow dryer and those products because of
    thise vlog! Love the hair, lady. 

  • latasha velez 4 years ago

    I love your personality! 

  • AfroHairAddictions AHA 4 years ago

    Wow. Those results!! 

  • Keisha M. 4 years ago

    Yes your hair is amazing!!!! 

  • Mattie Smith 4 years ago

    I have been using the MaxiGlide steam flat iron for many years on my
    daughter from the time she was 6 and now she’s 16 yrs old. It’s a great
    iron that never damaged her hair and she has long natural curly hair that I
    flat iron every 2 weeks after a wash & deep condition. I used the same
    products you used that has worked just fine so far but will look into
    these. Where can I purchase these products from?

  • Leigh Jai 4 years ago

    How did you get your hair too grow so long?

  • MyThriftedCloset 4 years ago

    Your hair is laid tho 

  • Ashley Young 4 years ago

    Hunniii!! Yess to the 4c hair!! Best flat iron tutorial I’ve seen yet!

  • Kenisha Staggs 4 years ago

    Great results! You mentioned going to the gym. I go to the gym as well. How
    often do you wash your hair…you know, to wash the sweat/salt out of your
    hair? No woman should have to choose between healthy hair or a healthy
    lifestyle. So I try to keep a balance between the both of them. For me, my
    hair STAYS in a ponytail. My hair is pretty healthy. We can’t wash our hair
    everyday, so do you keep it wrapped as you work out to keep the sweat to a
    minimum? Or what? I’ll wash my hair and it can be fly for 1 or 2 days and
    then I go to gym and it’s time to wash it all over again. Girl, it is a
    PROCESS when I do my hair honey! Lol. So I guess I need help with knowing
    what to do with my hair while trying to stay fit….sorry for the long
    explanation lol 

  • jennifer williams 4 years ago

    +callme_Trice …. I’m like super late, but hopefully you still answer. How
    long have you been natural? I have 4c hair too, and I have been natural for
    about 3 years. recently tried to straighten my hair, but it wouldn’t… My
    profile picture, is actually how my hair came out, When I tried to
    straighten it.

  • 1dalencia 4 years ago

    Very nice results. Don’t worry about the haters. People are going to always
    assume that because we are black with long hair that it is a weave. I get
    it or stares when I rock my marley twists.

  • dbrowning75 4 years ago

    This was the most honest video. I have ever seen. Finally, somone with my
    hair type. Finally, somone being honest about getting their hair straight.
    Yessssss! I have now subscribed. Lol. Thanks for the vid.

  • MsLadyDDivine 4 years ago

    Your hair is so gorgeous! My hair is 4c and I can’t wait to reach your
    length. My question is what dye did you use to get your red so vibrant? I’m
    in the process of going light and being that my hair is so black it’s hard
    to dye without bleaching it.. Which is a no no.. So any suggestions? 

  • Nchukym Berry 4 years ago

    K so two things, the first thing is that I am dead seriously considering
    dying the front of my hair like your lol, and the second thing is, I was
    going to order that kit too and then removed it today smh. After seeing
    this I think I am going to order this, your hair looks soooo amazing!
    thanks for sharing :) 

  • Orlando Cruz 4 years ago

    You are going to make a lot of woman hate you because of your fabulous
    hair. Especially 4c woman. Not all 4c women can achieve hair like that and
    for it to look even better as the day goes on. Most 4c womens blow out
    revert within several hours.

  • Asia Hendricks 4 years ago

    THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH FOR YOUR REVIEW!!! ive been searching for weeks for
    something to get my hair bone straight but all the other reviews that claim
    to get your hair straight their results were janky as hell but this is
    exactly what im looking for, thanks again!!

  • CaramelSaraJo 4 years ago

    Your hair looks gorgeous. I’m glad I found your channel. 

  • Lissy Carter 4 years ago

    Can you please give us an update on this product. I am always looking foe a
    great all natural straightening product system n what u said so far in the
    video is great but I am wondering after some time did u notice any change
    in ur hair at all? Any damage, dryness, breakage ect. Thank you n I love ur

  • ProductJunkieXoxo 4 years ago

    Results are amazing !! Looks shiny and healthy .

  • blaqness689 4 years ago

    Beautifully done! ! I was right there with you lol. .. swangin’ and
    flippin’ … You’re too cute :) 

  • ILoveStemi 4 years ago

    Your length is PERFECT! I can’t wait until my hair gets to your length. I
    have 3C/4A hair and I’m 9 months post relaxer. It’s gonna take a while.
    Thank you for this video. I’ve been wanting to straighten my hair for a
    long time but I’ve been scared to do it. I’ve heard of The Main Choice’s
    Thermal Defense and I’ve seen some good reviews for it.

  • Layna Lovett 4 years ago

    I love your personality! Oh and this video made me want the products! 

  • BTalise87 4 years ago

    Great results! I love the streak of color in your hair and the fact that
    you didn’t use 50-11 passes of the flat iron through your hair, lol. The
    products seemed to really work well with your hair. Thanks for an honest

  • Samajia Thomas 4 years ago

    I would really love to see your hair all red but anyways great video we
    have about the same texture and I just love your hair girl your so pretty