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Styles in order of appearance: Zombie Makeup. Skeleton Makeup (By Linn Ekstedt). Ice princess Makeup. Black Swan Makeup. Vampire Makeup. Song: A Simple Wish….


Short Hair


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  • Linn Ekstedt 2 years ago

    Haha well you can check me on instagram ( and see
    that it’s me (Linn Ekstedt) in all pictures and that I posted the pic
    there, or you can check my Deviant Art ( or you can
    add me on fb or something so i can sent you pics from when i did it. I
    understand you didnt take it to be mean or anything haha, sorry for
    sounding pissed, just got a bit shocked :) 

  • Erlinda Buenrostro 2 years ago
  • Katherine Ramos 2 years ago

    Halloween makeup ideas at my channel!

  • Panda Bear 2 years ago

    @Emily Williams: Lots of places. Just search online :)

  • Jamie R 2 years ago

    Lol. That’s what I look like every day.

  • Panda Bear 2 years ago

    Do you have proof that it’s your work? I wont put your name until i know
    you did it. Sorry~

  • Linn Ekstedt 2 years ago

    Well you’d probably also get shocked if you saw yourself in a random video
    on yt haha, please just write “by Linn Ekstedt” or something after
    “skeleton makeup” in the discription! I made the style haha, and it’s me in
    the picture^^

  • 0Blasteee 2 years ago

    La 2eme est trop Bien faite

  • Panda Bear 2 years ago


  • justtheblock 2 years ago

    2is sooooo coool

  • Linn Ekstedt 2 years ago

    Hello “panda bear”, well, I just saw this video and this is SO not okay. I
    made that second makeup (skeleton) and i’m quite shocked to see myself in a
    video like this without even knowing about it? I think it’s very
    disrespectful of you to take my picture like this without even asking if
    you could use it. I want you to give me credit for the makeup, otherwise I
    don’t want you to use my picture! thanks

  • Trump0000 2 years ago


  • Hannah Niemczyk 2 years ago

    where can you get colored contacts cheap?

  • Panda Bear 2 years ago


  • Clau dia 2 years ago


  • Panda Bear 2 years ago

    @Linn: I would love to give you credit. I just couldn’t find the person who
    did the style. So fucking chillax.

  • Marifer amparano 2 years ago

    2nd it’s Eren >w<

  • Alyssa Ayala 2 years ago


  • Panda Bear 2 years ago