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It’s been way too long since I’ve done a hairstyle tutorial! These are some very simple and easy to do hairstyles all inspired from Bollywood heartthrob Aliy…

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  • Maddox Smith 4 years ago

    Your hair looks so shiny and smooth, please do an updated hair care routine

  • pari sharma 4 years ago

    u looking stunnnnnnnninggggggg plz do d tutorial

  • Devika B 4 years ago

    For less volumnous hair

  • Siddiqa A.waheed 4 years ago

    You are looking sooo pretttyy and your is very beautiful MashAllah

  • Deepika A 4 years ago

    wow super.but U r hair is smooth, beautiful and shiny

  • hina maha 4 years ago

    what is your hair color pl zdo avideo

  • Savina Dias 4 years ago

    What colour have u used. This is the colour I wanted fr my hair.
    I love red shades pls share if u can

  • Payal Babaria 4 years ago

    Love love love all the r looking soooooo beautiful. Nice
    haircolor..plz do video on this makeup..thanks..

  • Sally Will 4 years ago

    Thank you so much that makes life so much easier!

  • Sheena Shibu 4 years ago

    I have less volume of hair, can u gave me some hair care routine to
    increase the volume of hair

  • poonam sharma 4 years ago

    You are realy beautiful..and the last hairstyle u killed that.
    Keep going.♡♡♡

  • Libbi Art 4 years ago

    i wish i have hair like you but i don’t have:(
    btw all hairstyle are sooooooooooo pretty.
    i also like Alia bhatt hairstyle makeup because she is not too complicated
    and shruti congrats for 100k + subscriber you deserve even more<3
    i wish that you get million sub very soon:)

  • ventende 4 years ago

    Watching this celebration of femininity I can’t understand why so many
    women cut their hair bitch short when they pass 40. Is it to get a less
    attractive look or is it because they are so tired of themselves?

  • Rachna Rane 4 years ago

    Why would anybody give a thumbs down? If you don’t like don’t watch! Good
    work dear? Thanks!!!!

  • Alisha Khan 4 years ago

    Oh God!!! u r beautiful nd ur hair is also so shiny and awesome….
    All the hairstyles r gd nd easy…thnx for this video…

  • OtomeGames Fan 4 years ago

    Omygee!!! Thank you for a very useful vid :) 

  • Ritika B Mishra 4 years ago

    very nice ideas …..Shruti i like ur eye make make up plz do tutorial on
    it and as ask before something on ur nail paints/colours

  • Nimmi S.kumar 4 years ago

    u look very gud.. but i want to know that how ur hair is soo silky and
    straight as i am from kerala my hair are like waves and rough.. and my face
    is round shape .. can u tell me some tips for my hairs and hairstyles

  • Brooke gill 4 years ago

    Great hair styles to use as I was looking for some simple ones for school :-) 

  • preethi Prasad 4 years ago

    Love ur hair

  • Shilpa Krishna 4 years ago

    Hi I want to know which hair colour u used in this vedieo and I like all ur

  • shamzmakeupartistry 4 years ago

    This is really good and you look so pretty hun :) xx

  • kajal jain 4 years ago

    awesome i will try these all

  • pepsi95 4 years ago

    looking very good thanx 4 this sweet tutorial

  • FeryaL Alamri 4 years ago

    Keep going you’re amazing :) 

  • Ambreen Kausar 4 years ago

    the last hairstyle was really pretty and feminine. You look soo pretty here
    today. i love your makeup

  • Vida Hei ❤ 4 years ago

    nice hairstyles :) 

  • Ameera Mohammed 4 years ago

    Masha ALLAH super cool really shruti di :) amazed with each simple step you
    took :) Hats off hun xoxo

  • Pooja Bharadwaj 4 years ago

    simply awsome…!!!!

  • RGV Love 4 years ago

    I am so gonna try all these soon

    *Hey I am an Indian Youtuber too* would love it if you guys checked out my
    video’s ! Thanks a lot :) 

  • Taranpreet Singh 4 years ago

    hlooooo u r looking so beautiful in these hairs styles and u and ur hairs
    are so pretty thx for this

  • Alnona Mohmd 4 years ago

    Cute hairstyles 

  • sadiya khan 4 years ago

    Love your hair..plz do hair care routine xoxo

  • Sabsana Ahmed 4 years ago

    I loved all the hairstyles :D ❤

  • Veena R 4 years ago

    U r lukng so cuteeee. Lovely hairstyles n u have a very pretty hair dr.

  • Kavitha Krishnamurthy 4 years ago

    hi shruti you hair so soft and smooth please post a video on hair care for
    frizzy and dry hair and hair colouring routine ….you look great with
    these hair style :) 

  • Yash Sarathy 4 years ago

    You look pretty and the hair do is soo amazing :*

  • navshen pathan 4 years ago

    Your hair look shine,beautiful.

  • shruti dhingra 4 years ago

    Simple and too good :)
    loved all the hairstyles

  • Ada hussain 4 years ago

    Fantastic (y) can u please share what colour are u wearing on hairs and did
    u bleach them or used any hair colour if possible plz do a tutorial on the

  • moulika golchha 4 years ago

    I just love your hair . what products r u using?

  • hallie roy 4 years ago

    this was really helpful for me. thanks plz do more

  • Mandeep Kaur 4 years ago

    LUV ur dress

  • Alisha Das 4 years ago

    u are beautiful….i m an indian too;-)

  • Anuya V Bibin 4 years ago

    amazing video shruti..can you do a bedtime hair routine,please. :) 

  • steffy chanae 4 years ago

    u r very talented.keep it up.wish u good luck n lots of

  • Shazia Farveen 4 years ago

    Ur hair color is nice. What is ur hair color in this video???

  • Moon Sarma 4 years ago

    Hie Shruti. I loved your hair but can you show how did you do your
    highlights in your hair. I tried once and it was disaster. Please