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Thanks for watching! Make sure to watch in HD! Im a social butterfly, who socializes with these websites: Twitter: Tumblr: ht…

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  • Jessica Parks 4 years ago

    My Real Name Is Reagan And My Friends Call Me Ray Ray O____O We’re So Alike xD

  • CharmsSo Many 4 years ago

    Ur sooooo pretty and ur friend looks like Sadie off of Duck Dynasty lol

  • niranbooo 4 years ago

    You don’t even need to wear BB because u are so flawless

  • Sara Styles 4 years ago

    Hey I’m sara I’m a hopeful makeup lover come check me out

  • Alyssa rae 4 years ago

    ur awesome! can we be friends?

  • Kittycat12624 4 years ago

    Can you please do an 8th grade prom make up tutorial? My prom is in 3 weeks and i dont know what make up to do.

  • kenzie leigh 4 years ago

    can i be you omfg.

  • Katrina Heart 4 years ago

    Amazing video!! We’re did you get your shimmer eye shadow? It’s amazing. Also, were did you get your blending brush?

  • Yhabbie Qouh 4 years ago

    .You’re so Pretty.!@..xD..

  • lexie prough 4 years ago

    ur really good luv ur makeup tutorials

  • Emma Bradford 4 years ago

    The make-up is pretty , but why put on make-up when you are still young and naturally beatiful? Don’t get me wrong you are pretty either way, but make-up can be bad for you’r skin if it comes from China or Taiwon, exetra. Just if you do put on make-up please make sure that it’s from America :) ~ Bye Pretty Girl, I love you’r vids!

  • anna tharian 4 years ago

    umm im in highschool this year!woohoo way to go 8th grade

  • Maddy Julia 4 years ago

    Your really pretty, I’m going to try this too because I have the naked 2 pallete as well. Thanks! :)

  • misperfect100 4 years ago

    You have such a pretty smile

  • themakeupforever261 4 years ago

    You are freaking gorgeous.

  • Sundus Javed 4 years ago

    ur cool

  • Kaliforniaminded ILoveKalifornia 4 years ago

    Your gorgeous!!!

  • xxxNailPolishLoverxx 4 years ago

    U should apply bb, then concealer, then powder

  • Kahmei Gaga R Ryton 4 years ago

    her mom let her wear it i am allowed

  • Kahmei Gaga R Ryton 4 years ago

    but everyone is beautiful in this whole world

  • katopotato000 4 years ago

    not trying to discourage you or anything, but you really don’t need makeup! you are so pretty without it!

  • Jadyn Kennedi 4 years ago

    Can you do one with drugstore products?

  • Haley Jackson 4 years ago

    Ur so pretty!

  • greendayninjalicker 4 years ago

    @Laura Rojas i know she has lovely skin.. She wont if she keeps applying makeup..

  • Charm Aria 4 years ago

    Omg thank u!!

  • Laura Rojas 4 years ago

    You dont need any makeup

  • Julie L. 4 years ago

    i think that you dont need makeup you have natural beauty!! :)

  • h0llisterrgirrl 4 years ago

    How did u convince your parents to wear makeup? My mom says no every time i ask! My skin and under eye circles are so bad.

  • Lily Styles 4 years ago

    Someone needs to learn how to spell “plucking”….

  • Jolina Helsing 4 years ago

    Hey guys! I’m in 8th grade. Check out my new beauty channel. I have an everyday makeup routine, feb favorites and drugstore haul!!

  • Lianna Mc Guire 4 years ago

    you look really tanned in this video! hahaha that girl in the mirror!

  • rainbowcornful 4 years ago

    Check outs my vids and tell me what you think I’m not really trying to advertise just wanna get feedback :)

  • Jane Wychock 4 years ago

    How do you add voice overs and music?

  • Gizel Suarez 4 years ago

    Pretty!! Haha you’re funny :)

  • ChitleenV 4 years ago

    Your so pretty!

  • MoreThanFashion93 4 years ago

    Unicornsgoserawr someone needs to change the attitude

  • UnicornsGoseRawr 4 years ago

    Someone needs some eyebrow pluking….

  • Ragamuffingoode 4 years ago

    Thanks! You are really pretty btw

  • girl26fashion 4 years ago

    i like your videos very.. also your make ups

  • cupcake385434 4 years ago

    you are so pretty and talented!

  • Naomi van Hoof 4 years ago

    I actually wear more makeup than that to school everyday so no it’s not that much

  • Charlotte Hegeman 4 years ago

    Its cute for if you r in high school in 8th grade you dont wear makeup and its a little bit a lot of makeup

  • adrianmanansala0 4 years ago

    u look pretty

  • laurenmeepss 4 years ago

    ngl i watched the girl the whole time after you said that

  • neverthevictim69 4 years ago

    Your euebrows

  • zlucyz1 4 years ago

    Your so pretty! Could you check out my channel because its going to be about makeup and its very new :)  xxx

  • jassy12334 4 years ago

    What type of camera are you using???:)

  • LoveYerLife21 4 years ago

    Your really pretty (: