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Song: For Long Hair tips: Instructions: Braid Band: http://pinter…


Mineral Makeup


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  • ashley west 4 years ago

    Haha…….shit i cant do none this black wont let me

  • Olivia Blackstone 4 years ago


  • Olivia Blackstone 4 years ago

    I have short hair….OFFENDER!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Alexis Swift 4 years ago

    I HATE short HAIR!!!

  • snowflakerice 4 years ago

    I would always put baby powder in my hair just to absorb the moisture and I never knew it could be a dry shampoo! Thanks. :)

  • ElmerFuddful 4 years ago

    Having short hair is amazing…

  • Danielle Guzman 4 years ago

    baby powder and dry shampoo is the shit!

  • ichmaurice 4 years ago

    Last one looks like a boy

  • HappyGirlDay 4 years ago

    That Girl in the end is cute..’!! :)

  • neopotrebitel 4 years ago

    you really shouldnt be upset about people’s comments. But i think that pretty earrings would look great on short hair. it will make you more feminine as well… but that wont make people accept you the way that you are. in my experience that’s impossible to do. just care about the opinion of those that love you. they will be honest and wont hurt you with their opinion. :) because they are the people that will accept you no matter what the length of your hair :) lol excuse my cheesiness.

  • TheKatiecat68 4 years ago

    i want my hair to be cut short this summer. :)

  • IureTribuzy 4 years ago

  • oldsoulthunder 4 years ago

    You totally should cut it. I cut my hair short in February, and I love it SO much. I dries really quickly, you can style it like Elvis, it looks GOOD tousled, you can drink from a water fountain without getting soaked, your toothpaste doesn’t get in your hair, your showers are really quick…. There are no downsides, except you need to get haircuts and shower more often. Plus, it’s going to a good cause.

  • Emily M 4 years ago

    Do you like your hair this way? If you do, then fuck all of them.
    If you don`t, it will grow right back out in a few months. Don`t be so vain.

  • poisonivyplant 4 years ago

    maybe you got the pic from google
    or are the same person
    or are sisters

  • Patricia Dennis 4 years ago

    Those are just a bunch of idiots saying that, and the world is full of them.
    Best not waste your time caring what losers think, when the only approval you need is yourself. xD

  • daesunghitandrun 4 years ago

    So does the virus install itself or do i have to manually download it?

  • Maria S. 4 years ago

    yep. i really got shocked when i saw people still believe in that shit -_-

  • JesterandSly 4 years ago

    Oh my gosh! @ 0:45-1:15. Eureka! You guys just solved my dry/damaged hair problem I have from heat styling. My hair thanks you! ^_^
    - Sly

  • JesterandSly 4 years ago

    Mm-hm, and besides, you must have cut your hair short for a reason, right? Remember that reason when people try to put you down. And don’t forget that shorter hair=less maintenance and effort *usually*. It gives you a fresh look without as much time as if you had hair down to your knees. ;)
    - Sly

  • 97ajf 4 years ago

    I just shit bricks…

  • vsboca 4 years ago

    BOOM! Instant BFF’s

  • P0CKYPIE 4 years ago

    Shush darling, God made everybody perfect so I am sure you look beautiful just the way you are. It is your hair, and you shouldn’t have to change just for them.

  • Sage Neon 4 years ago

    I have cut my hair very short, and everyboidy keeps telling me I look like a boy, and it really hurts my feelings, does any one have any advice to how I can get people to like me the way I am?

  • Devin Volker 4 years ago

    and I like short hair girls.