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I called this advanced color correction. Because it took quite a bit more formulating than a lot of color corrections I do. But if you are faced with somethi…

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  • Lisa Sabrina 4 years ago

    I just found your channel and I’m SO happy about it!
    Maybe you can find the time to answer my hair dilemma.
    Well here’s my story:
    I’m naturally a darker golden blonde but had my hair bleached platinum
    regularly up until three years ago, when I decided to let my roots grow
    out. Last summer I decided to go bold and get dark red/purple to pink
    ombre. The color faded quickly, except for the dark red roots – which
    didn’t fade at all. So to get rid of them, I had to have my hair bleached a
    few times, went peachy pink and then a more natural blonde again. Now I
    want to have really white hair again and still keep it long and healthy
    (which it is right now, surprisingly). My hairdresser bleaches my roots,
    but not the pink and golden blonde ends that I have, so I’m left with
    growing out gold blonde roots, then white/Silver bangs and lenghts, but
    different hues of pink and brassy gold towards the ends. How do I lighten
    and tone the ends at home without completely messing up?
    I’d really appreciate your advice.

  • Caroline Kan 4 years ago

    Hello! I noticed you were using another brand peroxide when you mixed the
    redken color… is that not a rule of thumb that you have to use the same

  • Crystal Kelley 4 years ago

    So gorgeous!! :-) I’m in school and I love your videos! Just wish I wasn’t
    terrified of cutting!

  • Samuel Patino 4 years ago

    This is my favorite!! I love how you explain everything! It’s like
    listening to you think! Amazing!!

  • Melanie Tilton 4 years ago

    Hey April! Thanks so much for the video, it was very informative! I have a
    question. I have colored my hair so many times and right now its blonde,
    but its brassy because I was a warm brown shade before it. I am a natural
    level 5 and I have been debating on low lights or just coloring it back to
    my natural. If I use a permanent, level 5 color, on all of my hair, will
    the orange still show through or will the color cover it? Ik its hard to
    determine but I just need a guesstimate on what it would do! I hate the
    orange tone but I love parts of the blonde in my hair! Paint between maybe?
    Thanks in advance!! 

  • thepeanats 4 years ago

    Love this video! I had to get my hair corrected about a year ago- I had
    dyed it red so many times over a dark brown color that it hadn’t made a
    difference at all, and I got my hair bleached, corrected and dyed a bright,
    neon carrot orange. Now I’m done with my crazy colour days and I only dye
    it a lovely ginger colour (I believe the shade is 7.44).

    I’m actually kind of torn on the idea of perception of hair colour
    depending on where you live. My hair used to be your niece’s shade, a light
    golden-ish brown, but through puberty it darkened and now it’s a sort of
    medium ashy brown, the kind of mousy colour that’s boring and dull. Of
    course I also never see my natural shade enough for it to appreciate some
    sunlight, so the tiny bit of regrowth I do see looks much darker. I live in
    the Mediterranean where brown hair is the extreme majority, especially
    darker shades, and hair stylists say my hair is a 6, a “dark ash blonde”
    (when they’ve been lucky enough to actually see some decent regrowth), but
    sometimes I think “naaaah, that can’t be right?!”, and then you said your
    niece’s hair is a 5 and I feel like my natural hair now is definitely
    darker than hers. I think where I live there is a definite tendency to
    overevaluate lighter hair that is not a deep brown, and that’s so confusing
    when I’m talking to colourists from abroad. 

  • cubanbombshell2003 4 years ago

    thank you for taking the time to show us about color correction. was very
    helpfull to me

  • Hilda Aguilera 4 years ago

    OMG i love!!!! So i just box dyed my hair yesterday and now i have sooo
    much red i dont know what to do… I have really DARK brown hair (almost
    black) and i tried dying a light medium brown and now its red/orange :(
    what would you recommend i do ??? HELP :) lol 

  • Carmen Chan 4 years ago

    Hi love your video. I have question to my hair if you could provide advice
    please. I currently have light ash blonde and I find out is a bit too light
    for me and I would like to go a bit darker like brown but keep the ashy
    colour instead? I have a violet toner, to use it on my hair it will just
    goes more ashy but won’t turn my hair darker. what colour should I dye or
    any toner should be use to change my hair colour slight darker?
    Appreciate for your advise.

  • jarjarlove22 4 years ago

    She looks so pretty with natural curls!

  • 613britt89 4 years ago

    Hi April! I just discovered you and I think your videos are so motivating,
    I work in a redken salon and am familiar with the colour. Just wondering
    though, why you aren’t using redken lighteners? I’m wondering what I should
    be using for balayage technique I’m not totally happy with what we have in

  • sam westmoreland 4 years ago

    Hey! I was wondering if I could get some help… I have naturally light
    brown hair. I box dyed my hair a dark brown and decided it was far too dark
    for me. To try to remove the hair dye I looked online and saw that Vitamin
    C powder mixed with clarifying shampoo could help remove hair dye. So I put
    that mixture on my hair twice. My hair is now a dark redish/orange color
    and I really don’t like it…. How do I go back to my natural light brown
    color? I don’t know much about hair coloring or formulas and I cannot
    afford to go to a high end salon… If I were to go to a beauty school and
    have them do my hair, what should I tell them and what should I have them

  • Bem Shiki 4 years ago

    I need help!
    Ive colored and highlighted my hair
    My hair with a blonde color and my highlights at a salon with bleach
    The problem is that i have naturally blackbrown hair and i still find black
    bits in my hair!
    They wont budge! What should i do?
    Im from sweden so we dont have the same products here as in america.

  • natalie Tice 4 years ago

    So informative. I love your videos. 

  • Amy Leroux 4 years ago

    April, I really need some advice. I dyed my hair red about 5 weeks ago, and
    I loved it. It’s a very dark red, you almost can’t tell it’s red unless you
    compare it to my naturally dark brown roots. I’ve been doing my own hair
    for about ten years and I’ve never had a mess-up, but I’m worried about
    what I’m going to do next. I want to go back to a warm brown, like my
    natural colour, and I want to give myself a balayage ombre. I’ve done this
    before, but never from red. Should I do it in that order? Go back to brown
    then add in the ombre? I’d really appreciate your response, I respect your
    work so much! :) 

  • Rebeca Luperon 4 years ago

    Hi, I just discovered you and you are amazing!! Very informative. I just

  • MsFarrinFlow 4 years ago

    Hello April, I was hoping you could tell me what I need to do to fix my
    situation, yesterday I spent 7 hours in a salon… I had a light red copper
    color and about an inch and a half natural roots and I wanted to go back to
    my natural color with is a level 8 blonde.. The stylist used two boxes of
    color remover and it only lightened one level and so then she mixed up a
    bleach cap and then it lightened me to the next level but was still orangy
    so when she mixed up hair color she used 8N and a blue ash not sure on the
    number and applied it to the orange parts and just the 8N on my new growth
    but when she rinsed it out and started to blow dry my hair was slightly
    blonde but lots and lots of copper and a really bad band of it in the back
    of my head charged me 100 and sent me home, I can send you pictures if you
    would like :) thank you

  • Andrea Murphy 4 years ago

    You are such a clever hair stylist! I love watching your videos. Thanks for
    the tips and tricks! 

  • Jossie Gonzalez 4 years ago

    I want to return to my natural hair color or something close to it. I have
    red highlights on a level 5 hair. Do you recommend I follow a similar
    process using foils?

  • CaraxBrendon 4 years ago

    I’m getting my hair done at an Aveda salon on tuesday. I have overprocessed
    hair from my scene kid days, where I bleached and colored it at least twice
    a month for about a year. I haven’t bleached it all in a while, maybe 7
    months. I’m going light brown which is my natural color, and they’re going
    to bleach it to get it to that color. I do know a lot about hair coloring,
    but not hair fixing! Haha. Do you have any methods or products that are not
    super expensive (super expensive being over 35 dollars) that will help dry
    damaged hair? I’m 1/4 korean so my hair can withstand a lot, but it’s also
    very thin.
    Thanks so much for your help!

  • Roza Gurrere 4 years ago

    This has happened to me twice now, I bleach out my clients from a dark
    brown lev 3 to a lev 5 and go back to color it 5 or maybe even a 4, but it
    always goes back to the level 3. Did I not leave the bleach on long
    enough, why is it always going back to dark? Thank you in advance! Love
    your vid!

  • Zohra Lakri 4 years ago

    Hi, you seem very experienced! Definitely subscribing. I have a question
    about my hair I was hoping you could help me with.

    I recently tried to dye my hair for the first time. I wanted to go a darker
    brown but the hairdresser messed up and made it look a copper orange. The
    next day I went back and a new hairdresser tried to make it into what I
    wanted, which was a darker brown than my natural hair color with some very
    subtle ombre. So now it looks browner, but there are still some parts of my
    hair, especially at the top, that look copper or kind of a dark red/brown.
    The ombre is difficult to see but I do know that those parts were bleached.
    I want to go back to my natural hair color because I really don’t want
    orange-tinted brown hair. My natural hair color is a golden light brown
    that’s kind of on the line between brunette and blonde. What would you
    suggest to help me get back to my natural hair color? If I use Color Zap,
    would it bring my hair back to orange, or to my natural hair color with a
    bleached ombre that I’d have to fill in?
    The ideal would be to put something on my hair that will safely take color
    out without me having to put other colors into it. Please help me! Thanks!

  • patty Ortega 4 years ago

    Hi April! Love watching your videos. Can you please help me?I am trying to
    remove pink hair dye and I already bleached my hair and I still can’t get
    it completely get it off. Any tips?

  • Luci Staker 4 years ago

    I enjoy watching your vids, very informational and you are really good :) 

  • Juvenal Juvenal 4 years ago

    Hi my natural hair color is black and I wanted light blue turquoise
    strikes…since my hair is so dark I ended up bleaching it two times until
    it got to a pale yellow color after that I put on the turquoise color I
    wanted and I ended up with bright green hair…I like the brightness but
    not the can I get the color I want without having to bleach it
    again p.s I kept on putting on the same turquoise color over the green but
    it gives me the same green results and I don’t wanna go to a darker blue.

  • Amber Blanchette 4 years ago

    I absolutely love this video!:) you did an amazing job! 

  • Ana C. :) 4 years ago

    Well explained and not a bit of selfishness out there! Thank you so much.
    You rock. :) 

  • Ruby Garcia 4 years ago

    Color disaster! Trying to remove blue hair color and go back to blonde.
    I’ve already tried lighting it with Vero lightner , and now my hair is a
    pale green with a little yellows green hue. Should I lighten it again? Or
    if it’s already the level I want , what should I do? I would love your

  • LOUIS SANABRIA 4 years ago

    Great technique thank you for sharing April.

  • alex vazquez 4 years ago

    This is the first time I watched your videos and I love the way you explain
    things so you’re getting my subs! :) 

  • Kelsey Q 4 years ago

    GREAT job. this was SOOOOOO helpful

  • Jackie Alfaro 4 years ago

    What is the name of the bleach your always using? Ive tried finding it I
    guess im spelling the brand name incorrectly. 

  • Sarah Elliott 4 years ago

    Hi April, I just recently started watching your video’s. I started browsing
    around on here looking for info on how to transition my hair from the color
    shown to a light ashy brown. My son went to the paul mitchel school and was
    doing my hair but he moved to Cal. so I’m left alone now. My hair in that
    picture looks more fine because he had just given me a brazilian blowout.
    Here is my quest, I’m about 50 % grey now and my hair grows fast so I would
    like to transition my color lighter so I don’t have to dye as much. I use
    professional dye that I buy on ebay. I was thinking about lightening it to
    remove the color and then using the goldwell hilift ash blond, or light ash
    brown and then start slowly putting highlights in it so the gray won’t show
    through so fast. Can you tell me the easiest decoloring cream I can use to
    help keep the integrity of my hair? I would like to get one of those nice
    pretty silver and dark gray colors they have going on now, but my husband
    is not ready for that look yet, lol. You really have the chemistry down to
    an art. I would really appreciate any info you can give me. There are no
    salon’s close to me that I trust with my hair. I have tried a couple only
    to come home and then have to fix my hair myself. Keep up the good work, I
    see that you are helping a lot of people on here, that is so nice to give
    your time out to help people on here… Thanks so much for your time,

  • ssshikari23 4 years ago

    Would putting the Moroccan oil near the roots make the hair look greasy?

  • Brianda Aguilar 4 years ago

    i’m having the same problem right now. I don’t have money to go to a salon
    right now but if I go to sally’s what would I need to buy.? I have dark
    patches when I just wanted my hair a strawberry blonde. Would highlights be
    a better choice for me if my hair is unhealthy?