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Thank you for watching! –Maui A full list of every product used is on my blog! Blog: Instagram: Mauiohwowie Questions/C…

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  • Sting Like A Bee 4 years ago

    I watch your videos only because of your beauty =) you are amazing ….

  • Mauiohwowie 4 years ago

    lol thank you!!:)

  • Mauiohwowie 4 years ago

    I think just someone who hasn’t had a lot of experience with makeup application, and someone who isn’t completely comfortable with doing contoured eye looks yet!!:)

  • Lizzy Pennick 4 years ago

    what would you define as a beginner??

  • lolcat925 4 years ago

    your eyes are incredible omg

  • multimakeupdoll 4 years ago

    Yay cheapo makeup!!!!!!

  • littlepinktongue 4 years ago

    Your voice is super sexy!