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Hello! For today’s video I wanted to share with you a natural makeup brand I’ve been using. I feel like this video could easily come across as sponsored beca…


Thin Hair


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  • Sabra Huriyah 3 years ago

    Do you prime or prep your skin beforehand ? 

  • Savannah a 3 years ago

    Does anyone know if the concealer cakes up under the eyes and settles into
    fine lines? I’ve had this trouble with the BareMinerals concealer 

  • Estella0707 3 years ago

    You have flawless skin! No need for makeup :) 

  • Leya P 3 years ago

    How did u find those samples? The site doesn’t seem to sell them 

  • caty2ful 3 years ago

    Hi, could you please tell me wich brush did you use for concealer?

  • 1MissLovely1 3 years ago

    You are such a cutie!! :D <3

  • Mellewave 3 years ago

    wow such a beautiful girl :) 

  • moxiegirl37 3 years ago

    This is a great, very thorough review. Thank you! You are so beautiful! I
    am glad to see you are not covering up your natural beauty. Thank you for
    going over each product and what it is used for and whether or not you
    thought it is worth getting. I was wondering how much powder you would need
    to put on top of…well, other powders. So it helped a lot to see what they
    are for and that the samples are so generous. I was impressed with the
    concealer for a powder. I am looking for something to even out my skin tone
    and get rid of some of the redness in my cheeks without being horrible to
    my very sensitive skin. Natural cosmetic lines usually have such limited
    shade ranges, this looks perfect and 61 shades? What?? They don’t leave
    anyone out. I agree, the on the luna powder, it looks so pretty! And good
    on you for not covering up, just cleaning up, eh? ;) I can’t say that
    enough, I wish more women would follow your example and be who they are.
    New Subbie.

  • Izabella Efaw 3 years ago

    you are reriously gorgeous ! and thank you this helped very much!

  • bflyrenee 3 years ago

    Yeah alima! I’m local Portland love them!

  • jenna wise 3 years ago

    wow very pretty. 

  • TheLenou31 3 years ago

    you are so so so beautiful. <3

  • Danielsgirl389 3 years ago

    Wow * That product really gives a flawless glowing look to your skin! How’d
    it wear throughout the day? I have dry/normal skin, do you think will it
    look more dry & powdery on me? Thank you for introducing this product to us

  • Crystal Marcano 3 years ago

    oooh I’ve heard of this brand! I might try it…thanks for this video
    Lillian! xo

  • EtherealLove 3 years ago

    Did you use a primer or anything?

  • Samantha Cisneros 3 years ago

    Definitely trying this brand

  • laceyunderall22 3 years ago

    I just found you and subscribed.

    You are stunningly beautiful! Truly breathtaking! :)

    Ahhhh, to be young again. Le sigh.

    Now I’m off to enjoy som more of your videos.

  • CrownCrueltyFree 3 years ago

    wow is amaizing,
    crown cruelty free by argentina :) 

  • Amy Motoyama 3 years ago

    You are so reminiscent of a young Audrey Hepburn – the beautiful
    combination of proper, clear speech and glowing, natural beauty. Thank you
    for sharing your thoughts on this makeup line.

  • Babygoodwin 3 years ago

    Looks beautiful! Thanks for sharing:) think I’ll be ordering some samples!!

  • Ladyy_T 3 years ago

    It looks so natural it enhances your beauty.

  • LillianMasie 3 years ago
  • Aneeka Majeed 3 years ago

    Try mixing some water in with the concealer. It will thicken the
    consistency and will make the concealer more opaque.

  • Lama El-Hanan 3 years ago

    you are strikingly lovely

  • AdamLambertSingapore 3 years ago

    Ahh such a helpful video thanks!

  • Evi P 3 years ago

    I just went ahead and ordered a full size of the Cool 0. I’m hoping that it
    matches my skin well enough, so I won’t have to go through the trouble of
    sending it back. Thanks for the lovely tutorial!

  • Kate Ding 3 years ago

    i have worn mineral makeup for many years until i realized how it
    emphasizes my pores so now i try to avoid all kinds of mineral powders

  • brmir1527 3 years ago

    I prefer power over liquid foundation so I’m Ordering now can’t wait to try

  • Sarah marinkovich 3 years ago

    You look amazing! Thanks for sharing..never heard of this brand but really
    interested in that concealer and blush :) 

  • SweetsSays 3 years ago

    Powders make my skin dry so I can’t use them. I’ve tried every powder
    imaginable and I don’t see how this would be any different. I have tried
    powder foundations and setting powders. It always ends up making my skin
    super dry and then I break out from the dryness. I am sticking with liquid