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I have been getting Permanent straightening (Japanese Thermal Reconditioning) for nearly 10 years now and I get so many questions about it! I wanted to share…

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  • Sabrina Romano 3 years ago

    What age do you think is appropriate to get this treatment done? I’m 13 and
    have really curly hair. I straighten it all the time because I can’t do
    anything with my natural hair. I’ve been considering getting it done, but I
    don’t know if I’m too young. Thanks! :) 

  • ticoandtina 3 years ago

    I have been REALLY wanting to get my hair straightened, so I’ve been
    looking into my options, and this video was SO helpful, thank you! I
    especially appreciate you letting us know that you really can still curl
    your hair after it because that was the main thing that was making me
    hesitate :) the thought of having manageable hair for the first time in my
    life is making me a little giddy!

  • Mariah Abril 3 years ago

    is kay decently priced?

  • Mscid 3 years ago

    You answered my question! I have been looking everywhere to find out how
    well hair curls after this process. Thanks!

  • Anoosha Moj 3 years ago

    How much does it damage hair?

  • Anoosha Moj 3 years ago

    So if I go to a hair salon and say can I have a Japanese hair straightening
    do u think they would know what i’am talking about?

  • Walla Aldabbas 3 years ago

    Great video! Doing this for my sister. What if I twisted her hair in a bun
    after the treatment? She wants wavy straight hair, will this work? Thanks!

  • Phoebe Stevens 3 years ago

    I loved this! I was really trying to think of a question that you didn’t
    answer but you got them all haha! 

  • AppreciateASMR 3 years ago

    Enjoyed this tutorial and the information, thank you! Your hair looks
    beautiful. :) Subbed. 

  • Neko Emitter 3 years ago

    Did you do liscio or some other treatment?

  • Salmeen Hashmi 3 years ago

    Honestly, this is one of THE BEST info videos on youtube, and not just
    about a hair treatment but in general. You spoke clearly and provided with
    utmost amount of information in a concise sweet manner. I subscribed
    halfway thru the video. Very happy that i found you in Youtubeland. Wish
    you success and looking forward to seeing more of your videos. 

  • youchick8 3 years ago

    Ugh thank you so much!!! I was having serious second thoughts about my
    appointment because I still want to curl my hair for going out! Thanks so
    much this was a very informative video! Think you could post any hair
    tutorials? Maybe how to get volume after doing this treatment? 

  • Melissa Genao 3 years ago

    Love your video…very informative! I would love to see another video of
    your hair routine…from wet to dry. If you air dry does your hair look
    that straight or do you need to flat iron? Thanks in advance for any help
    you can give me. :) 

  • bluejellybean11 3 years ago

    Hi, I have one question. After getting your hair permanently straightened,
    can you still use volumizing products, and do they still work? for example,
    the big sexy hair blow dry gel 

  • Emily Hurtin 3 years ago