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Hey guys! Many of you requested an updated skincare routine video but this time, I wanted to cover more. Skin shouldn’t just be about the products you use on…


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  • Prince Tim 4 years ago

    You could always buy them online… o 3 o

  • indianglamprincess 4 years ago

    Love your videos Bubz!
    Loved it!
    I hope you get the chance to check out my channel!
    I make videos sharing some awesome DIY NATURAL SKINCARE and HAIR CARE Secrets & tips.
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  • OmegaChaan 4 years ago

    I’m sorry this is really unrelated but. Omg fellow Taemint~ haha hi xD

  • Lean Beans 4 years ago

    hahaha the razor thing cracked me up!

  • ofbeautymatters 4 years ago

    lovelies if you like DIYs and natural beauty remedies, you might like my all natural beauty channel :) <3

  • Karen Zou 4 years ago

    May I ask how long you spend’

  • Missy Nesraa 4 years ago

    Use extra virgin olive oil (the one from Spain – not from Italy or Greece) and when you remove it, wet down a clean towel with warm water and rub it off. Extra virgin olive oil works wonders as a cleanser as well, so you can massage and cleanse your face at the same time.

  • Missy Nesraa 4 years ago

    I am really not great with these skin things but I would recommend you drinking green tea in the morning because it REALLY helps. Water does nothing but after drinking green tea for a few months my skin is better than it was before. Regarding the lemon water, just add a squeeze of lemon into the water and not a whole bunch. People drink lemon water as a substitute for breakfast when they want to lose weight and I think it doesn’t sound too good. I hope your breakouts calm down.

  • Lindsey Mason 4 years ago

    so recently as so as i wake up i drink 20 ounces of lemon water. Then throughout the day i drink 64 ounces of water. I dont know why but after doing this i have been breaking out so badly!!! i thought it would do the opposite. Im breaking out everywhere on my face and my neck and i never breakout there. Can someone please tell me why? and no im not allergic to lemons because i have drunk lemon ater before. Thanks!

  • MsDIYGurl 4 years ago

    You should make a video on how to make your own exfoliation sponge

  • Popfjaril 4 years ago

    you can order them from ebay, i always do that :)

  • Cheryl Kwok 4 years ago

    OMG I have the same bed set….is that how u call it lol

  • swishbreezi 4 years ago

    Does juju aquamoist test on animals?

  • xxsmilerzxx 4 years ago

    Ain’t nobody got time for that.

  • Laura Elizabeth Johnson 4 years ago

    did you know that vitamen c only lasts a week or so? after then it is ineffective

  • ashiqurjsr 4 years ago

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  • ofbeautymatters 4 years ago

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  • lilmisshepburn 4 years ago

    i ageee with bubz a i used to have pretty bad acne, drinking more wate helped so much!

  • MsChristinaGurll 4 years ago

    What if I don’t have a facial oil or serum to massage my face with? What do I use instead?

  • Teresa Vazquez 4 years ago

    Almost all the products are from Asia :/ Where am i going to get this stuff im not chinesse,

  • Ginger Tea 4 years ago

    She doesn’t wear makeup everyday. She said that on her vlog channel. But whatever works for her and her skin always looks amazing

  • Samira Queen 4 years ago

    it makes her skin beautiful so whos arguing? YOU. ONLY.

  • JerkSkellington 4 years ago

    if u want nice skin then no

  • Pisces298 4 years ago

    My dog is also my alarm clock. But in recent weeks he became false alarm for some reason :( wake me up in middle of night…

  • Ali P 4 years ago

    you can type into amazon “facial cleansing pad” and find them for very cheap

  • joselyne831 4 years ago

    where did you buy the clenser scrubber thingy :) ? plese response

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  • xChocoChan 4 years ago

    I would guess she uses make up daily? I’m not 100% sure, but if you do it’s alright + she lives in Hong Kong. The air is quite dirty and it’s really hot. (my cousin in HK said she was out for the whole day and when she wiped her face after coming home the paper was really dirty xD She doesn’t use make up).

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  • MystiqueMacyChloe 4 years ago

    I love u bubz

  • Tara6673 4 years ago

    or you buy them at a store… they don’t necessarily have to be online ordered

  • heihello2 4 years ago

    she lives in hong kong;)

  • TheFASHIONISTA1999 4 years ago

    U are so inspiring I love UR videos I’m a new subbie!!!

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  • Clarissa W. 4 years ago

    i guess she ordered them in the internet too. cuz she lives in china (am i right?) but she has japanese products… so i guess it has to be ordered from the internet? o.O

  • EuuuunicePark 4 years ago

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  • ChantsDreaming 4 years ago

    if u live in america ,you can either order online on or i think there is a actual yesstyle store somewhere in america ^_^

  • ChantsDreaming 4 years ago

    If you read her blog on her website,when she went to a dermatologist she was told it was too much i think .

  • daisy79334 4 years ago

    okay so if you live in america where do you get those asian chinese japanesse looking cleaners?

  • Im20Blue 4 years ago

    So awesome bubz make more videos

  • HappyMinds1 4 years ago

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  • 4lyfShivi 4 years ago

    urhh do any of you know what persons channel she got the inspiration to buy the asian tool at the end? i think it was beauty-…

  • Tim Moore 4 years ago

    Great advice Bubz! :) 

  • Kimberley Steffe 4 years ago

    the average chinese woman a total of 9 face products daily ^^

  • cloudslayer147 4 years ago

    you videos always make me happy, :)

  • Danielle S 4 years ago

    in hong kong but she was born in northern irland

  • Holahola Getdola 4 years ago

    aint nobody got time for dat

  • Kierstentr 4 years ago

    Mm I guess you are right. I don’t wear that much makeup to begin with, and always take it off as soon as I get home. The most expensive makeup product I have is my Skin79 BB Cream lol. So I don’t spend too much on that part. And I love pampering my skin, I could do it all day! So I guess it wouldn’t hurt too much to buy a nice serum and toner, and eye cream.