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“DO I NEED A FOUNDATION PRIMER?” “WHAT DOES A FOUNDATION PRIMER DO?” I get lots of questions about “Foundation Primers” so … I made this video! FOR LINKS T…

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  • vir72l 4 years ago

    HOT .. 

  • kawaibluebow 4 years ago

    thank you! I just got a whole load of make up for my 16th bday, I was never into makeup but I am gonna try it now…and see how well it goes…hopefully I don’t poke my eyes out one day. but thanks I got the dior radiance restoring serum foundation. someone gave it to me, but it matches my skin tone well! i was just wondering if it’s okay to not put on foundation afterwards? is it okay to just use foundation primer alone? thanks and i subscribed!!!!

  • 4Yarazet 4 years ago

    You look like my aunt :)

  • Kariiina23 4 years ago

    U think primer would help me to prevent pimples or white n blackheads caused by liquid foundations n stuff..? :)

  • enma777 4 years ago

    you have beatiful eyes.

  • Yrhp8268 4 years ago


    The best (and cheapest) primer is Monistat Anti-chafing gel. It’ll only cost you about $7 at WalMart. Consider this: Smashbox’s primer is almost $40 and its main ingredient is dimethicone. Monistat Anti-chafing gel is only $7 and it’s main ingredient is dimethicone, too. Many, many women swear by it and use it as their primer. But don’t take my word for it. Google it and see for yourself.

  • PippyNJune 4 years ago

    My new favourite makeup guru! You don’t gloss over stuff you think is obvious, to some of us we never had our mom/aunt/sister teach us makeup so it’s not obvious to everyone. I have the same skin type as you, so that’s a bonus :) Plus you have a great voice and face for demo vids. Thank you!

  • elladoll003 4 years ago

    Geez, your gorgeous !

  • SQuintero1126 4 years ago

    Kasey your Awesome don’t listen to any of the HATERS they have nothing better to do with their lives so they try to bring others down with their miserable lives.

  • icomeup2urKnees 4 years ago

    Im sorry, i can’t listen to this, i had to speed through it. You do have a nice voice, like someone said, like J-Lo, but i don’t really follow her and what she does. You repeat a lot of things and mention your fine lines under your eyes which you are very insecure about. You should stop worrying about small things like that and focus on something else. Sorry, i came here as i was wondering what primer was and thought you might show something but you just talked…

  • cacodaughter1 4 years ago

    I agree with levyalove09!!! Primer foundation? Where an I get a good one at? I don’t wear makeup all the time but when I do I want it to ladybugs whole night!! Thank you.

  • leyvalove09 4 years ago

    hey, basicly all your tutorials yew have well umm i have a few questions…im kinda confused on the whole primer thing? i only kno the basics of make up like miscara eyeliner some eye shadow and blush…so basicly im asking like whats the primer for? whats the diffrance of a moisturizer for the “face” and primer for the face? im all confused what is for what and what one do you think is best? thank you so much!

  • ixoralily 4 years ago do we removed it later?? using make up removal?

  • bluebell707 4 years ago

    Does foundation damage your skin if used daily and does primers prevent that?
    Is it bad for skin to use primers daily?
    And can you just use primers to just fill in pores?
    Any answers greatly appreciated! Thanks!

  • mishbot 4 years ago

    Wow! You sound like Jennifer Lopez! Such a beautiful voice to listen to for a tutorial :)

  • TheSugarcoatedbunny 4 years ago

    Is there a favorite favorites button here!?!?! ^_^

  • HeartedAngel27 4 years ago

    thank you.

  • Artlover923 4 years ago

    BRAVE by MAC

  • Artlover923 4 years ago

    try da benefit porefessional one or loreal makeup base OR the too faced one

  • Artlover923 4 years ago

    lorreal makeup base

  • Artlover923 4 years ago

    @RGninjastar nope, she explains what primer does for dry skin-it soothes out the lines n helps keep the moisture in ur skin

  • Artlover923 4 years ago

    yes u do, just make sure its hypoallergic like CLINIQUES

  • Artlover923 4 years ago


  • Artlover923 4 years ago

    1st step-moisturize, 2nd step PRIME 3rd step FOUNDATION…..and it doesnt matter whether its a FACE primer or foundation primer or a BASE-they all do da same thing

  • Artlover923 4 years ago

    YES !

  • Artlover923 4 years ago

    ive been using a REALLY good one since i was 12 (im 23 now) its the st ives collagen elastin moisturizer (available at kmart) n its soooo awesome, its cheap, for all skin types n contains collagen n it really soothes ur skin and gives it a gorgeous glow and lift <3 definitely try it out ur not gona regret it…and IF u do at least its cheap!

  • Artlover923 4 years ago

    ive been using a REALLY good one since i was 12 (im 23 now) its the st ives collagen elastin moisturizer (available at kmart) n its soooo awesome, its cheap, for all skin types n contains collagen n it really soothes ur skin and gives it a gorgeous glow and lift <3 definitely try it out ur not gona regret it…and IF u do at least its cheap!

  • Artlover923 4 years ago

    no WAY u have to get a face primer! if ur on a budget try the loreal makeup base one

  • Artlover923 4 years ago

    @thehambury BRAVE by mac…i love it

  • Artlover923 4 years ago

    dats a good question! but stillglamorus isnt gona get back to u u otta ask at sephora or mac..

  • Artlover923 4 years ago

    ya theyre da same shit lol…so is a BASE

  • Artlover923 4 years ago

    the smashbox ones are awesome-sample them at sephora, so is the benefit porefessional one…drugstore loreal has a good one-makeup BASE

  • Artlover923 4 years ago

    try smth else…like da benefit POREfessional primer

  • Artlover923 4 years ago

    moisturize, prime, foundation, concealer and SET (powder) – if u have oily spots though..

  • Artlover923 4 years ago

    nope it doesnt prevent..u still have to be careful when u do that although she has a video explaning how to prevent eyeshadow fallout-search for it in her channel

  • Artlover923 4 years ago

    its not THAT necessary…it doesnt really matter if u use primer or not or not if u still have imperfections after ur foundation then u must conceal them..smetimes i jus take a liquid concealer n smudge the areas where i want to be covered, sometimes i use a foundatio that covers completely like the nars sheer matte or mac studio fix fluid…it depends hun

  • Alpha Male 4 years ago

    Great video!

  • MissLeximexi 4 years ago

    do you have to use concealer if you use a primer? someone plzzzz respond! :D

  • Angela L 4 years ago

    wow thanks! i thought primer was bad for skin, but now i’m gonna use it. does it prevent fallout from eyeshadow or liner? I’m a beginner and i just use moisturizer :)

  • ryuzakilawlight 4 years ago

    soo..i other words u first put a primer.than a foundation for makeup and thaan another thing which i forgot and thaan makeup~?darn…

  • ryuzakilawlight 4 years ago

    yes she just said it-with onely primer its still pretty cool

  • PurpleGurlx3 4 years ago

    I’ve heard some people say sometimes they dont even wear foundation, they just wear primer on there faces if there in a rush or something, does that still work/look good?

  • ONegative89 4 years ago

    THIS HELPED SOOO MUCH!!! <3 ^-^ thank you :) )

  • kevin pravong 4 years ago

    try cover fx clear prep fx primer kasey and everyone, has anti acne treatment in it, for oily skin, wont clog your pores,and does a better job than the smashbox.

  • Barbieluv01 4 years ago

    whats the diff between a foudation primer and a primer r they the same