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How to do your makeup to keep it looking natural in just 10 easy steps! nails – IMPRESS MANICURE BY BROADWAY NAILS … moisturize…

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  • Emily McGrath 3 years ago

    you’re eyelashes are so pretty i’d kill to have nice lashes like that wow
    even if you didn’t put mascara on them they still would have looked great :-) 

  • Yoshiki Kishinuma 3 years ago

    XD I remember when I was a stupid kid I used to freak out because my lashes
    were long, so I cut the tips off. I regret it omg XD!! I would have really
    long lashes if I didn’t do that but now I have normal ones. xD

  • christine xo 3 years ago

    why’d she bother putting the headband on? her hair was *already* tied back

  • vprox147 3 years ago

    her eyelashes are really that long? or are they fake?

  • serena shi 3 years ago

    is she, cody simpsons sister?

  • karinna d 3 years ago

    does she have eyelash extensions?

  • Pink Rose 3 years ago

    Alli Simpson – Natural Makeup In 10 Easy Steps:

  • και που ΄σαι ακόμη 3 years ago

    Oohh you have so beautiful eyes I will steal it from you !! ;) :*

  • Hannah Braun 3 years ago

    That music playing is the backround music of why am i single<3

    Love you alli

  • Laurel McCarson 3 years ago

    Omg shes gorgeous

  • ♥ ShadowCakeGames ♥ 3 years ago

    Her hair was tied back and she just put the headband over the head not even
    pulling the hair back

  • Julina luvster 3 years ago

    How old is she

  • MyGuineazAre Bizzare 3 years ago


  • Haemi Lee 3 years ago

    Her eyelashes are so long and pretty

  • amberwuyts 3 years ago

    OMG the eye lashes !

  • hippies112 3 years ago

    Are those her real eye lashes? if they are holy crap then there super
    long!! haha 

  • Anhthu Tran 3 years ago

    Your eyelashes are so long!!

  • Sophia Reynolds 3 years ago

    Can I please have your eyelashes!!! omg they are perfect!

  • bethersmotavator 3 years ago

    alli simpson is one of those girls that you try so hard to hate because
    shes pretty and vain but you just cant because shes super genuine and nice

  • geraldine gamilla 3 years ago

    Lmaoo I already thought u were wearing makeup in the beginning of the
    video!!! Your lashes omg

  • Miranda pastor 3 years ago

    your top eyelashs were natural! omfg they are so long and pretty!

  • Patricia Nicole 3 years ago

    Your eyelashes

  • Lexi smith 3 years ago

    is that her real eyelashes!!

  • Lex cakes 3 years ago

    I though she had makeup on before she put it on.

  • Allie Kakihara 3 years ago

    her mascara face

  • Anon No 3 years ago

    You guys are so gullible. Obviously she has false lash extensions on, which
    there is no problem with, but I don’t think she should have tried to make
    it seem like she doesn’t by saying “I have no makeup on” because false lash
    extension are considered a type of makeup. She is blonde, her lashes would
    be blonde. No ones lashes look like that naturally unless you are from like
    the Middle East or something.