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Have you seen my most recent video? (Please subscribe) Mary-Kate / Ashley Olsen Make Up Tutorial…

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  • Lana Peyy 2 years ago

    @Miss Tara Hey Tara! Thanks so much love, I really appreciate the kind
    words and support! :) Welcome to my channel, I hope we become great YouTube
    friends :) 

  • Lana Peyy 2 years ago

    @Haley Dillinger Thank you love for your suggestion, I will def consider
    talking instead of adding text :) & thank you so much, I’m really really
    glad you liked it :) )

  • Ayah Atta 2 years ago

    Your eyebrow is super nice

  • yasmeendemi 2 years ago

    What camera do you use to film? :) 

  • lb rivas 2 years ago

    Great video, this is my first video I watch on your channel. I saw you
    “giveaway” comment on Carlibybel recent video. (:

  • rawan gh 2 years ago

    I cant believe i just discovered you ! Where have i been ! Lol you’re
    amazing ,subscribed!! 

  • XoNyCeXo 2 years ago

    Very nice. I will sub for sure. Please sub back if you haven’t. Xoxoxo

  • Rawrcupcakes 2 years ago

    I wear the Angelina inspired eyeliner all the time now aha I love it and it
    makes me look exotic and beautiful

  • Margarita Chan 2 years ago

    Really pretty!!! I loved how it turned out! Gorgeous eyes :) 

  • Maha Maven 2 years ago

    flawless as always! love it

  • Lacy Nicole 2 years ago

    Ah love the way you edit, amazing job! I’m loving your channel!

  • heavenly8173 2 years ago

    Hello Supermodel I just love you and the look is better than Angelina Jolie
    it is outstanding your videos is always number#1 your amazing and so
    veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy beautiful always great to see you be blessed!!!

  • Anjala Lala 2 years ago

    You are gorgeous and that winged eyeliner is just too perfectly done

  • mannrisa 2 years ago

    Great tips! Good job.

  • Emily DelBuono 2 years ago

    super beautiful job <3

  • OFFiCALGlaM TyME 2 years ago


  • alwayswithjc 2 years ago

    It is interesting that your skin suddenly turns to super yellow at the end.

  • Haley Dillinger 2 years ago

    I think that your videos would be a lot more interesting if you talked end
    stead of just adding text. I love the artistry though

  • Miss Tara 2 years ago

    Hey Lana, Lv ur channel and I am now one of ur subscribers! Haha thx for
    the email too :)
    Lol Tara xoxo

  • OFFiCALGlaM TyME 2 years ago

    What inspired you to start making YouTube videos? Any tips for people who
    would also like to start making YouTube vids ? 

  • Lana Peyy 2 years ago

    New video is up my loves! Angelina Jolie inspired, come watch :) )))) Love
    you past the moon & back. xoxo

  • Kristie Jennings 2 years ago

    You are just so beautiful I love this look it came out perfect. Thanks for

  • Kristie Jennings 2 years ago

    New video is up my loves! Angelina Jolie inspired, come watch :) )))) Love
    you past the moon & back. xoxo