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AOA 1st Mini Album「단발머리(Short Hair)」 단발머리(Short Hair) 안무영상(Dance Practice) Eye Contact ver. ▷OFFICIAL WEBSITE: ▷OFFICIAL FACEBOOK: http://o…

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  • Suhandi Wiratama 3 years ago

    AOA has the best dance sync I’ve ever seen in K Pop. They always manage to
    synchronize perfectly with every member.

  • NickehBoi 3 years ago

    This isn’t healthy.

  • soneb2uty 3 years ago

    Who is who?

  • 23moua 3 years ago

    i don’t get the uproar over this at all? they’re showing too much skin?
    they’re still very covered up…. but still, u call that provocative? then
    idk what Miley Cyrus is then.
    anyways, they’re really pretty as a whole group! they don’t have that plain
    look, they all look very different from one another yet still pretty.
    they’re pretty. there was one that i think looks like white & korean mix.
    still they’re one of the prettiest gg i’ve seen in Kpop. they’re so pretty.
    i was left w/that. 

  • Nathanael R. 3 years ago

    Hey, does anyone know how old Mina is?

  • Lovely rain 3 years ago

    can i know who is the girl that wear white tshirt….??with black hair

  • guyass 3 years ago

    the only people whining about this are feminists and ugly women :D dont be
    jealous friend its nice

  • Frank Lucas 3 years ago

    How old is the blond girl with short hair?

  • lovebabeslol 3 years ago

    girls, hope the company read this, i hope they won’t dieting too much since
    they already so thin in this vid, they all pretty and sexy. hope they are
    fit and healthy as well, not overdiet and thin like zombie. they can gain
    1-2more kg, no worry, real fans won’t mind their idols gain a bit weight to
    stay healthy rather than losing weight and get sick. AoA Fighting! <3 AoA
    JJang <3

  • Pastel Bat Universe 3 years ago

    The girl at the beginning of the video, is she the leader?

  • ReneidKlein 3 years ago

    If you value your life, look away at 1:35 otherwise Jimin will slay you
    with that wink.

  • Nino Brown 3 years ago

    they can’t dance but the one with short blonde hair is so hot. her body is
    just insane

  • Syaz Anwar 3 years ago

    Did Seolhyun lost some weight ?

  • NightOf Fire 3 years ago

    Where’s yuna

  • Akashi Seijuro 3 years ago

    The girl with blond hair is so cute. What’s her name ! <3

  • jeehoondevil 3 years ago

    Seriously eye contact version needs to become a thing for other girl groups
    as well

  • Tengsteer Bingu 3 years ago

    Yuna <3

  • Michael M 3 years ago

    1:49 oh dayummm hudat?

  • burmesebeef 3 years ago

    who is the girl with the “great night” shirt?

  • Tra Bun 3 years ago

    2:57 Is it Yuna’s high note ? Or ChoA ???

  • Aegis Nol 3 years ago

    omg Choa is blowing me away.

  • Isabelle Tieu 3 years ago

    Who is the girl at 1:43 ? The one that sings just after Jimin ?

  • Jerry Moo 3 years ago

    who is the girl at 2:43?

  • KpopLuver 3 years ago

    Whats the fanclub name

  • PUREGRAVVVYmmm 3 years ago

    Mina and Seolhyun are my favs, but Choa caught my eye here. 

  • ForeverVIPCrown 3 years ago

    Can someone tell me their names? I only know Seolhyun, Jimin, Choa, and
    Mina. Thank you! ^^

  • AOA (에이오에이) 3 years ago
  • Bella Einzbern 3 years ago


  • Patrik Duss 3 years ago

    Which girl is at 0:25,sorry I’m new to AoA.
    I only really know Choa and Jimin.

  • Nabihah Rahmat 3 years ago

    yuna is short hair for real?

  • Are The Ones With The Black Crop Shirt & The One With The Blue Square On
    Her Shirt Are They Twins?

  • Sun Park 3 years ago

    who’s the one with the baby blue on her shirt?

  • KatiexDCupcake 3 years ago

    2:36 dat wink doe

  • bittermelonleaf 3 years ago

    I give soooo much props to these girls and other girl groups that require
    wearing heels while dancing! I can barely stand in heels, and these girls
    are jumping and dancing for long periods at a time! Just for that they
    deserve the utmost respect!