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AOA 1st Mini Album「단발머리(Short Hair)」 단발머리(Short Hair) 안무영상(Dance Practice) Full ver. ▷OFFICIAL WEBSITE: ▷OFFICIAL FACEBOOK:…

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  • Joseph O'Sullivan 3 years ago

    I honestly can’t understand why this song is doing so well.
    its pretty much a carbon copy of Miniskirt but missing that cheeky sexiness
    in the melody line.
    to me this is just kinda boring.
    AOA really reeled me in with miniskirt. i thought prior to that their
    gimmick of being a band also was kinda stupid but i still love miniskirt.
    this…really doesn’t do it for me…like AT ALL

  • Vivian Xu 3 years ago

    when i first saw this video i was like ‘wow they have great bodies’.

    but then i saw the article on allkpop… jimin lost 5 kgs for this album.
    shes currently at 41 KGS – WOW.

    keeping in shape is so TOUGH… totally appreciate the struggle they go
    through just to give a better image/performance for the fans.

    41 kgs isnt even healthy though… i mean, jimin is quite small, but

  • JokerCrowe 3 years ago

    I have to say, even though it’s kind of simple, i *really* enjoy this dance.
    And no, not just because of the butts and bending over (although that’s
    part of it x)
    I just love the smaller moves in the dance, like that “running” they do at
    2:58, and the “walking in circles” they do at 0:37; I like foot work dances.
    And you have to admit the thing they do at 2:38 is pretty dope. ^w^

  • Waffle Fries 3 years ago

    They supposedly say, “It’s gonna be alright, right right,” but does anyone
    else think it sounds more like, “Gonna be on fire, fire, fire.”??

  • kefira14 3 years ago

    1:35 I saw you gurl!! Jimin gettin it and she knows it too lol. That smile,
    she looks like she’s having so much fun XD
    And Choa….damn whatever she’s doing she needs to keep doing it. Out of
    all the girls Choa and Jimin have the best bodies imo

  • Gerardo Lopez 3 years ago

    Que calor con estas chicas, todas lucen increíbles, su música me agrada y
    sus pasos! son las mejores :3

  • ChibiGirll 3 years ago

    im figuring out who has the nicest butt, but i can’t choose

  • Proffessor5394 3 years ago

    whos that blond one?
    i´m not fun but this song is good and blondie has best body. like daaaamn

  • OgrePsycho 3 years ago

    This is like their old stuff, Boring!, should have stick to AOA Black
    instead, Anyway, Just wait when Sistar & Spica comes in July.

  • GarotoJimenez 3 years ago

    OMG, Hey, wait a minute, They had a short hair style , didn’t have they?


  • 99sakichan 3 years ago

    aaa what a nice shoes hye jeong and seol hyun

  • Tyranthose Ballz 3 years ago

    Is the one one solo at 2:42 Mina?

  • Vanessa -Rii- 3 years ago

    I love the bridge part where the other members move to a side when one
    person is singing it’s new to me because it’s usually the person singing
    moving out rather than the others moving you know what I’m saying cuz idek
    what I’m saying anymore lmao XD

  • Sarah Park 3 years ago

    The first thing I noticed was how the tall ones Hyejeong and Seolhyun are
    wearing trainers while the shorter ones Jimin Mina and Choa are wearing
    massive high heels and the ones in the middle Yuna and Chanmi are wearing
    high heels with smaller heels hahaha Seems like they’re trying to match
    their height with each other xD

  • Aaron Joshua Turrioni 3 years ago

    Why do they always has this butt bendings are they porn stars? Because they
    look like they r gonna be fucked by some guy

  • Exotic Sone 3 years ago

    Chanmi’s part is my favoriteeeeeee

  • Ananda Hanafiah 3 years ago

    honestly i desn’t understand why chanmi being main dancer despite i found
    seolhyun, hyejong, and yuna is pretty decent dancer.. she’s so so for me.

  • i EunMinJi 3 years ago

    i like when they walk forward with confident, 2:55

  • Sazreen Kapli 3 years ago

    Someone teach me how to dance this song..please ;) 

  • Bryana W 3 years ago

    I love the dance…
    Ok imma be that one rude person for a second
    But choa looks thick as hell

  • Angela Chan 3 years ago

    I’m sorry but my eyes only stock on Choa

  • 배수정 3 years ago

    왜 죄다 영어여

  • ASHRAF ZAIHAN 3 years ago

    why seolhyun,hyejong,chanmi and mina not short hair ??

  • Vanessa -Rii- 3 years ago

    Seolhyun and Hyejeong are taller than the rest of them? Because they’re the
    only ones that are not wearing those pink and white heels XD No offense but
    I think it’s cute XD

  • I need to lose weigh people *sobbing*

  • Darren Cheung 3 years ago

    What is the name of the girl with the long orange hair third from the right
    in the beginning?

  • kkayspaznee 3 years ago

    Their choreo is never boring (: but I think Chanmi’s heels so be like
    Yuna’s heels cause dancing iin not that high heels look awkward especially
    since its Chanmi, the main dancer! I don’t know if Seolhyun and Hyejeong
    dancing in sneakers is a good is a bad thing but they still look gorgeous!

  • Doanh Dinh 3 years ago

    I miss Youkyung :’(

  • KrisBB12o 3 years ago

    Awwww SeolHyun is really tall :D Doesn’t have to wear high heels

  • Richie Lee 3 years ago

    AOA is my number!
    Short Hair Fighting!!
    Hyejeong & ChoA Fighting!!! 

  • wiil ibe 3 years ago

    the song is nice except choa ‘s part , it kind of boring and not fit in
    the rythm

  • Michael Aury 3 years ago

    Better than any SNSD choreography, I’m telling you. They make groups with
    7+ members looks so precise and clean and sexy

  • Silvia Citzia 3 years ago

    what’s the name of the short blondie? 

  • Kyung Mi 3 years ago

    HEY! Check out my kpop dance covers!
    AOA_Short Hair_Cover by Kyungmi AOA SHORT HAIR! ;) 

  • Kristi Mac 3 years ago

    which of the girls are yuna and hyejeong? i always get these two mixed up. 

  • Memo Yasin 3 years ago

    Perfect!!! They’re always in sync
    They are one of the best groups in sync next to 9muses and snsd they move
    at the same time especially 9muses I was really impressed

  • Rainier Surratt 3 years ago

    Seolhyun and Hyejeong wear sneakers because in the live performances the
    characters they portray wear sneakers. For example Seolhyun is a
    cheerleader in the live performances so a cheerleader obviously doesn’t
    wear heels while in uniform. I think Hyejeong is a diner waitress so she
    also wears sneakers. 

  • 929ntn 3 years ago

    Integration of all South Korean female group dance

  • jesstps 3 years ago

    The girl with blonde hair, what’s her name?? 

  • 박재민 3 years ago

    3:16 jimin mistake

  • Andri Moza 3 years ago

    HMMM si hay algo que no me convense voy a verlo una vez mas asi me desido
    si subirlo a mi canal.. espero gustarme y ps parece unpoco a MIniskirt.. 

  • Hyelee Park 3 years ago

    MayI know who’s MinAh here? 

  • Ima Nzurum 3 years ago

    That was pretty much flawless… Idk what else to say…