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AOA 1st Mini Album [단발머리(Short Hair)] 단발머리(Short Hair) Jazz 편곡 어쿠스틱 버전 (Acoustic ver.) ▷OFFICIAL WEBSITE: ▷OFFICIAL FACEBOOK: http://on.fb….

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  • gukminhyunmin 3 years ago

    it looks like only these three members can sing live
    other 4 members’ live perf is awful

  • Danial Dragon 3 years ago

    This is the exact reason why AOA Black needs to comeback. This. THIS SIDE


  • JokerCrowe 3 years ago

    AoA are quickly becoming one of my favorite groups. They do things like
    this (acoustic versions), they can play instruments, the songs they’ve made
    have been excellent damn near across the board, the main vocals are Amazing
    singers, they’re awesome at dancing and make ALL the dance practices,
    including eye-contact dance practices, *AND* they are all fricking Drop
    Dead Gorgeous. I think they really might be Angels. O.o

  • Wade Wilson 3 years ago

    Jimin looks a LOT like Rei Mizuna here…

  • jinza sarang 3 years ago

    어쿠스틱 할 노래는 아닌 것 같은뎈ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • 끼이이윍 3 years ago

    아진짜노란머리애 노래도못하는게 존나잘하는척해

  • Rafael Baldini 3 years ago

    Did you see that?

    Is that only me impressed here? AOA dont hide multiple Talents as stage
    performance and This! She made water become wine with *Short Hair’s*
    Acoustic. They all have amazing voices.
    AOA growing on all of us :p 

  • Ephraim Gonzales 3 years ago

    ChoA and her vein :D 

  • Stephanie Vo 3 years ago

    They (not the singers, the editors) could’ve done better on audio syncing
    because it’s obvious they’re lip syncing. 

  • idiotbox41580 3 years ago

    My biased of the group is Hyejong but I’m always torn between her and Yuna
    just because they both look alike…

  • Hiu Pearl 3 years ago

    The 3 Main Vocalists in AOA.. They’re so good @_@ 

  • KPDayo 3 years ago

    Oh wow, I LOVE this version!! Wish they could include this in a repackaged
    album or something!

  • AOA (에이오에이) 3 years ago
  • Nicky Rosenblatt 3 years ago

    Почаще бы AOA в таком формате выступали.

  • girlwholoveskpop 3 years ago

    Yuna my favourite ♥

  • Selina Boice 3 years ago

    Always them :* Lead singers in AOA <3 Yunchomin <3 Fighting

  • Ray Martin 3 years ago

    got my candles lit and ready to fap

  • Tar O 3 years ago

    What are AOA fans called? Like how other groups have names for their fans. 

  • Alex There 3 years ago


  • Gen Rej 3 years ago

    Too bad Jimin is taken now :’(

  • Carol Tam 3 years ago

    who is who?

  • t1123425 3 years ago

    Love choa R&B style~

  • Dream Gaming 3 years ago

    Wah~ aoa jjang!

  • Houston Scott 3 years ago

    I feel like Jimin is the best female K pop rapper that I’ve heard. She
    brings it! What’s crazy is how she sounds like Hyuna a bit but I don’t like
    Hyuna’s voice though… but I love to hear Jimin. It’s likely her delivery.
    When I heard her rap in Elvis I was sold.

    Anyway she sounds great here. All of them do! Love this group!

  • ana paula rivera 3 years ago

    Choas voice is so so pretty <3

  • 안효리 3 years ago

    잘부르고 좋은데 이쁜척하기바쁜듯

  • Yeah ellie 3 years ago

    I think aoa can have a dance version of this version!

  • 공규빈 3 years ago

    인정할껀하죠 열등감에휩싸이신 여성분들 님들열폭보면 ㅂㄷㅂㄷ이 느껴짐 ^오^

  • Anika Bushra 3 years ago


  • Mokki_ 3 years ago

    Damn! That’s outstanding! o/