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단발머리(Short Hair) Music Video Full ver. 2014.06.23 AOA 1st Mini Album 「단발머리(Short Hair)」 2014.06.19 Music Video Release AOA, 첫 번째 미니 앨범 ‘단발머리’로 5개월 만의 컴백! AOA…

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  • Kunsak Kudesri 3 years ago

    สวัสดีวันหยุด วันอาทิตย์ที่24ส.ค.57 สุข สดชื่น สดใส เบิกบานสำราญใจ
    AOA – 단발머리(Short Hair) M/V
    เผยแพร่เมื่อ 18 มิ.ย. 2014
    단발머리(Short Hair) Music Video Full ver.
    2014.06.23 AOA 1st Mini Album 「단발머리(Short Hair)」
    2014.06.19 Music Video Release

    AOA, 첫 번째 미니 앨범 ‘단발머리’로 5개월 만의 컴백!
    AOA(지민 초아 유나 혜정 민아 설현 찬미)가 6월 19일 신곡 ‘단발머리’를 발표하고 5개월 만에 컴백한다.
    타이틀곡 ‘단발머리’는 ‘짧은 치마’에 이어 가요계 히트 메이커 용감한 형제와 작업한 곡이다. 펑키한 느낌의 브라스와 기타사운드가
    세련된 느낌을 주는 그루비한 팝 트랙으로, 심경의 변화가 있을 때 헤어스타일에 변화를 주는 여성들의 심리를 쉽고 솔직하게 풀어낸 가사가
    인상적이다. ‘짧은 치마’로 1위 가수 타이틀을 거머쥔 AOA 이번엔 곡 제목처럼 상큼 발랄한 ‘단발머리’로 변신, 색다른 매력을 뽐낼
    타이틀곡 ‘단발머리’와 함께 ‘Fantasy(판타지)’, ‘Joa YO!(좋아요)’, ‘내 반쪽(Soul mate)’, ‘말이 안
    통해(You know that)’ 등이 수록되었다.

    AOA is back with their 1st Mini Album ‘Short Hair’ in 5 months!
    AOA (Ji min, Cho A, Yuna, Hye jeong, Min A, Seol hyun, Chan mi) released
    ‘Short Hair’ on June 19th and had a comeback after 5 months.
    The title song ‘Short Hair’ is written by the hit-maker ‘Brave Brothers’
    who also wrote the song ‘Mini Skirt’ for AOA. This song is a groovy pop
    track that is composed of funky sound with the brass and guitar. The lyric
    is very impressive because it expresses women’s mind very easily. It talks
    about women changing their hair style whenever they change their mind. AOA,
    who had won 1st place with the song ‘Mini Skirt’, transforms to cute and
    bright ‘Short Hair’. They are going to show you the different style.
    This album is including ‘Fantasy’, ‘Joa Yo!’, ‘Soul Mate’ and ‘You know
    that’ with ‘Short Hair’.

  • jukijunk 3 years ago

    The plastic surgery is strong in this one. Especially that one pumpkin
    wide-eyed looking girl, her face seems more narrow.

  • Arekkusu Chan 3 years ago

    I sooooo want to do a cover of this song! They are so cute! Guess I
    should start practicing soon…while my hair is short…

  • Kévin Jung 3 years ago

    WOW, ChanMi is chubby

  • Nur Nadhirah Emylia 3 years ago

    did anyone in this group leave bcs on bio have 8 members but here are 7
    members only?

  • Senna_BeautyPop 3 years ago

    who’s the one at 1:07?

  • JinKumoEXO 3 years ago

    They’re so pretty and sexy! i like this video! can i ask something?
    (especially for those long fans of AOA) what is the name of fandom of AOA?
    do they have fandom name? 

  • Laura Starr 3 years ago

    I think FNC had a really dumb move when forming this group. What I mean is
    the whole AOA Black (band) and AOA White (this one). It would’ve been a
    nice idea if the members were all in the two or if they just formed two
    different ones, but now we have Youkyung who’s only in the “band” part of
    the group that is thrown at the back of FNC’s projects to focus on this
    one’s success. It’s really unfair. She’s not getting any opportunities to
    be in shows these girls got to appear in, heck I bet no one even knows the
    group has 8 members not 7. She hasn’t made any progress since her debut
    like the rest of the girls due to the company overshadowing her with the
    dance group and it’s upsetting. Even in FNC’s show, they introduced them as
    only the seven and when they showed AOA’s dorm, they clarified it’s only
    the seven along with managers live there so no wonder she doesn’t seem to
    have a relationship with them. Why didn’t they just form her in a separate
    band instead of debuting her then putting her aside or at least put her
    with the dance group too?? She’s legit lost in this mess. Sorry, but I had
    to rant over this bullshit. 

  • SailorMorgy28 3 years ago

    so… is that guy a girl or..?

  • nutellaforbap 3 years ago

    everyone dont forget to click like and comment this counts for SNS points
    lets help AOA
    also watch the MV everyday ^^

  • Kamila Pakhutkina 3 years ago

    Can someone translate the section of korean dialogue that happens between
    the fat guy and the stewardess please?

  • Jordi Vanderwaal 3 years ago

    Good one! To be honest I don’t like the song as much as Miniskirt (so far),
    but the video is really entertaining, the visuals specially, and also their
    looks (even though if I’m not digging this whole “bob cuts” thing as Yuna
    with short hair is a no-no for me, or at least with that do), and also it
    proves again that there’s no thing like a party with a gay guy hahaha
    The song may not be groundbreaking, but it’s Bravesound, what did you
    expect? It’s yet catchy and good. :D 

  • Dolchanok Changrunkul 3 years ago

    @…ช่วงนี้ทำบุญไม่ขึ้น…..ฟังเพลงดีก่า.. @

  • Kia Love 3 years ago

    Are AOA and SISTAR under the same music company? Because I don’t know if
    it’s just me but the dances and music are quite similar.

  • POCKIEtime 3 years ago

    i like the one with the car. who is she? ~(‘-’)~

  • George Gachet 3 years ago

    whos the girl severing him drinks she’s so pretty and the cheerleader girl
    they are all pretty actually! 

  • JDM ism 3 years ago

    That hip swing at 2:22 ♡ヽ(´▽`)/♪

  • Aspen Riley 3 years ago

    whos the girl at 0:19 ?

  • Ephraim Gonzales 3 years ago

    Whos that girl on cheerleader outfit? She seems the prettiest IMO xD

  • Shadow☯Blaze 3 years ago

    Aesthetically, AOA might just be the most attractive female group out there.

    Oh, and the song’s not too bad either.

    If I were SNSD, I’d watch my pretty little backs … 

  • Lloyd Hughes 3 years ago

    It takes a great group to be so famous in kpop after only 2 years with all
    the other competition. AOA should be so proud of what they’ve

  • Gia Cat Vo 3 years ago

    Tell me who’s Mina 

  • Genevieve Annie 3 years ago

    The girl in red short hair.. if i was not mistaken her name was jimin, the
    one who appeared in 2d1n .. she doesn’t look like a korean. what i meant is
    .. she didn’t have any korean looks. is she a mix blood from other

  • exoterminate 3 years ago

    I’m starting to become a new fan of this group! Can somebody please tell me
    who is who? :) 

  • boris alejandro badillo quiroz 3 years ago

    The 15 that appears at the beginning of the video on top left, what does it

  • Love Taeyeon 3 years ago

    The flight attendant in there is really pretty, who is that?

  • Alice Kim 3 years ago

    Is that 이국자?!?!

  • kalexf 3 years ago

    Is the scratchy sound at 1:49 supposed to be there?

  • plxsave 3 years ago

    1:23 who’s in the middle?

  • Joah Tang 3 years ago

    Is it suppose to sound like that? like that glitch sound when the girl was
    rapping at 1:51

  • alif92ful 3 years ago

    wat is aoa fandom name ?
    because i want to be one of the fandom..

  • Din E. 3 years ago

    El coreano tiene voz de anime O_O

  • Damon Tolah 3 years ago

    The blonde girl looks so beautiful….

  • ALICE CHEN 3 years ago

    AOA – 단발머리(Short Hair) 

  • Fierce Gamer 3 years ago

    omfg were is Seulhyun -_-

  • Blur butterfly 3 years ago

    oh AOA. i started to know aoa since miniskirt, when i saw seolhyun in AOA,
    i Googled AOA because i used to watch ugly alert and seolhyun there, then
    knew that she is from aoa… i really love choa voice, her voice is
    different from other, did choa good at singing live? jimin’s voice is
    unique.. who’s the girl with big eyes with icecream, she’s very beautiful!
    i only know seolhyun, hyeheong, choa and jimin.. the man is gook joo right?
    female comedian, she went to running man

  • Paloma Sandoval 3 years ago

    Who’s the visual?

  • Jiawei Tan 3 years ago

    I like the girl with white hair. Who is she?

  • MURICAN PRIDE 3 years ago

    good material… if you know what i mean..

  • Laila Taoufik 3 years ago

    Which one is which ?

  • cobhatebreeder 3 years ago

    AOA is easily the hottest group. But did they all seriously cut their hair?

  • heba ragi 3 years ago

    mina looks like namjoo from a pink . like they seriously look like twins to

  • Rommel Estal 3 years ago

    whos at 0:48?

  • chan chong 3 years ago

    Who it is 1:20

  • Ortega L 3 years ago

    The only bad thing about this MV would be that the old generation (fans)
    have seen these before. They are not hating but will think about plagiarism
    because the MV bring backs memories about SNSD, WG, GIrl day , Sistar, Kara
    and among other girl group. Lol 

  • TaeHyeon Franck 3 years ago

    Is it just me, or does the blond one kind of look like HyunA and the
    cop-girl like a Girl’s Day member ? 0_0

  • Tyranthose Ballz 3 years ago

    who’s the one in the cheer leader or tennis outfit? And the ice cream girl?