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A demo on eyeshadow application + blending, showing my favorite brushes + sharing tips! WATCH in 720P! *BRUSHES MENTIONED + PRODUCT LINKS: http://iluvjesse4…

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  • ELLWIS 4 years ago

    Hey! I just found your channel through this video! Always really happy to
    find other natural beauty channels! I’ll be following you from now on! Good
    luck with everything!

  • xoLoveLeti 4 years ago

    I was JUST asking the ladies about this since I’m new to loose pigments!
    Awesome <3 Favoring it right away.

  • EcoholicBeauty 4 years ago

    This was a great video! You’ve got some killer blending skills. The brush
    recommendations were really helpful, thanks!

  • Audrey Redac 4 years ago

    Super ! Thank You…. :) 

  • Natural Beautiful Life 4 years ago

    Great explanation of how you blend. I use a similar technique. It’s funny
    how eye shape can really make a difference. I feel like I have small eyes,
    and less space to show off a bunch of colours. I usually stick with 2 or 3.
    Your shadow always looks so nice! :) 

  • Viv Valore 4 years ago

    Great video. I will practice some of the techniques you showed. Thank you

  • Maria Del Rosario 4 years ago

    This video is very helpful. When I use mineral shadows, it creases on mne
    even with a primer. Will try the diva stick.

  • Salome Burnley 4 years ago

    I absolutely love the Passage To India color! I actually accidentally
    spilled it! Whoops :/
    I will definitely try it out!

  • inspiredmom824 4 years ago

    I am so glad you made this video! I have been waiting for it =D

  • Vicka Torch 4 years ago

    “twerk.. tweak! omg” Hahahahah cracked me up! You are silly :) Thanks so
    much for these awesome tips! Very helpful!

  • EtherealLove 4 years ago

    Your shadow work is always gorgeous. I love how you combine the colors.

    Thanks for the comprehensive guide.

  • greenbeautylife 4 years ago

    lmao “twerk”

  • Rebecca Anne 4 years ago

    I just bought some samples from The All Natural Face to try my hand with
    loose pigments. This helped so much. I wasn’t using a sticky base…. who
    knew, makes all the difference. Thanks

  • AWhlUlUMAMA 4 years ago

    Hey hunny:). I asked Oxana if she could do a false eyelash video, but she
    said that she hasn’t found a really good vegan lash glue. So, I was
    wondering if maybe you could do a vid on your fav. false lashes and your
    suggestions on a vegan lash glue! Also, if possible how to apply them as
    well cos I want to start wearing falsies for fun :) 

  • iOfSauron 4 years ago

    Thanks so much! I’ve just recently started wearing makeup and using only
    pigments. This was such an easy tutorial and has changed the way I’ll be
    applying my shadows!! Now to buy some brushes…

  • lvrnotafighter 4 years ago

    This is SO helpful! I can’t wait to get more loose shadows! I definitely
    need that milk base ! XO 

  • inspiredmom824 4 years ago

    I think you secretly love to Twerk.

  • Oxana124 4 years ago

    Silk Natural’s Stick ‘em primer is a great sticky primer if you are looking
    for something clear.

  • lea salazar 4 years ago

    any thoughts on creasing and lasting power? everything creases on me and i
    feel like i do not get long wear from any of my natural pigments. i’ve
    tried the magic vegan eye shadow primer followed by my rms beauty unpowder,
    the unpowder on its own, the diva stix as a base and then straight shadow.
    nothing is working and i’m starting to get frustrated. i don’t want to
    give up on natural products but i need them to work too.

  • Yvonne Rodriguez 4 years ago

    I love it how your channel is all natural products. Keep up the great
    videos. It’s hard to find beauty gurus who use all natural products. I am
    currently in the process of rebuilding my makeup collection with makeup
    that is natural. btw do you know of any liquid eyeliners that are natural?