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How a Makeup artist glamorizes the female face before a photo shoot to show off the best features of the model. By watching this video you will learn how to …

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  • ReanneB1 4 years ago

    Check out modelmakeuptutorials for advice on great makeup looks!!

  • harajooku 4 years ago

    lol can I throw a thesaurus at you.

  • Chelle Padriga 4 years ago


  • bogieboog 4 years ago

    The music is so irritating had to stop watching

  • nadisa88 4 years ago

    Bad Video quality :-(

  • MelinaMayfield 4 years ago

    ‘lyn is a very talented celebrity makeup artist and is frequently on tour’ oh.. Okay?

  • dayabas 4 years ago

    I wish the video was closer and without sound. When the makeup artist is applying the highlighter on, she says that she is applying the concealer and “the decision is made!”… it’s more confusing than helpful.

  • theleilamar 4 years ago

    I think it looks like Tiffany has too much makeup on at the end. The expression on her face says “shoot, if i even twitch an eyebrow, these layers of slag are going to slide right off my face!”

  • mikellyork 4 years ago

    “the decision is made…”
    haha so intense sounding

  • simplyext 4 years ago

    Great videos! R u a fan of Hair Extensions?  We have some great videos about seamless ahir extensions.

  • Thomas Brecheisen 4 years ago


  • Bailey Omura 4 years ago

    the music in the backround is soo annoying!

  • nikkirawr 4 years ago

    the model looks like she’s constantly going :|

  • spicymona 4 years ago

    Beautiful look! Thanks!

  • jessical5683 4 years ago

    Why no list of the actual products used?

  • lidafellin 4 years ago

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  • keesharagno 4 years ago

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  • othalalinde 4 years ago

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  • othalalinde 4 years ago

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  • strawberrypeachy 4 years ago


  • PSYKOTTIC 4 years ago

    Buy a friggin thesaurus and find a few words besides dramatic.

  • famousmermaid 4 years ago

    That’s crazy. Make up scares me!! O.O

  • TheSexyEA 4 years ago

    The video would be a lot more helpful if you could see, close up, what she doing with the makeup. The quality of the video isn’t that great and at times it doesn’t seem to be in sequence with the narrator. It’s a shame, because the make up seems to have turned out nice.

  • wandalize 4 years ago

    ; stop hating. it’s photography makeup so therefore the purpose is to have more.

  • MsSunny9 4 years ago

    now it’s not even all about the makeup, it’s all about the Photoshop. Nothing is real anymore.