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This week I have the lovely Elle from providing some awesome baby powder beauty tips. Be sure to check out her channe…

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  • Corinne Jordan 2 years ago

    “And guys like it too…!” Ugh…ladies, talc is not supposed to go
    anywhere NEAR your eyes. Too bad you aren’t reading the labels, but you
    sure are reading up on what guys like huh? This is an irresponsible video. 

  • Lisa Ray 2 years ago

    You don’t need to put baby powder on your lashes…..just use whatever
    loose finishing powder you use. The baby powder creates a white cast. Using
    your regular powder gives the same effect and really thickens the lashes. 

  • Ana Alicia 2 years ago

    I read an article about the dangerous effects of baby powder. After
    reading the article, I went and got the bottle of powder that I was
    actually using at the time and there was a warning written on the bottle
    that I never even noticed before. After that, I threw it away and haven’t
    used it since. Just thought I’d mention it so you can check it out for
    yourselves before making a decision whether to try this or not.

  • Elle Is For Living 2 years ago

    Good tips – does it dry out your mascara? Elle is beautiful….and what a
    beautiful name too lol! xoxo Elle

  • Vanessa R. 2 years ago
  • Kat Baker 2 years ago

    HAIR *.*

  • Cj Saint 2 years ago

    OMG NOOOO! baby powder has TALC in it!! thats a toxic formula!!

  • Jessica Cook 2 years ago

    is it just me but does elle really need to sort out her brows

  • fifferoni12 2 years ago

    Hey Tati I love your channel! I was wondering if you have a way to keep
    your lashes separated?? I’ve tried so many mascaras and as soon as I blink,
    or especially sneeze, my eyelashes move all over the place and I have to
    try to get them all straight and seperate again. This happens even after
    they dry. Please any tips would be great my lashes are my biggest pet

  • Young Wild and Polished 2 years ago

    the shiny hair twins!! looking good girlies!

  • meta morphosis 2 years ago

    OMG-this really works!!!!! THANK U

  • beautybyme 2 years ago

    My fav videos are the “follow me around drugstore” cause they are just
    perfect!!! we don`t have drugstores where i live,so when ever i watch those
    videos,i just imagine myself shopping with you :) ) AND I also love “Tip
    Tuesday” videos cause i ALWAYS learn new things :) )
    thanks for so many amazing video Tati,I adore you <3
    hope you`ll see me and maybe pick me :) 

  • Kelsey Gaatas 2 years ago

    New subi

  • Is there a person in the universe who did not know this stuff?

  • myjapanlifestyle 2 years ago

    Oh, I didn’t know you could use baby powder as dry shampoo. Great tips! I
    loved seeing Elle here too. :) 

  • Caludia Ayala 2 years ago

    Lol I’ve been knowing these tips since i was like 12 or 13 yrs old.
    It makes lipstick last longer too!!

  • Mariela Osorio 2 years ago

    Great tips. I have tried the baby powder on my lashes but it gets my eyes
    red. So I use translucent powder instead works wonders too. To use for dry
    shampoo is an excellent idea. Thanks Elle and Tati!

  • Maria Rodriguez 2 years ago
  • Meg O 2 years ago

    BABY POWDER BEAUTY TIPS | Tip Tuesday #35:

  • honeybelle1000 2 years ago

    Very bad for eyes …my own experience my eyes where badly irritated. I
    told my doctor about the baby powder and she looked at me like if I was
    crazy….please read labels!

  • kandieekanee 2 years ago
  • Hermo Malaysia 2 years ago

    This video is about some awesome baby powder beauty tips. :D 

  • ladyjane170 2 years ago

    I love ye Rimmel powders x

  • ANGEL DAVIS 2 years ago

    You can actually use setting powder on your also

  • Watchinthefoolshere 2 years ago

    Instead of talc powder use cornstarch. Does the same for lashes and better
    job on hair. 

  • Hannahjqd 2 years ago

    I love these tips!!!

  • Mad Dancox 2 years ago

    mix your foundation with your prima x

  • Jodie Brown 2 years ago

    Thanks great tip. You can also use baby powder to get sand off baby’s skin,
    so pop a bottle in your beach bag

  • Daisy Godinez 2 years ago

    u dont need baby powder for this. loose face powder usually works, or even

  • mona macc 2 years ago

    Hi guys. Clever tips but talc in powder is very dangerous if breathed in.
    I would avoid using it on head or face to be on the safe side. 

  • Maria Giselle 2 years ago

    Please do HAIR CARE VIDEO Tati!! I really want to know what you use to get
    that beautiful healthy hair that you have!! It’s embarrassing but my hair
    is thinning and I want it to go back to being thick and healthy… 

  • melissa cook 2 years ago

    Tried this on my lashes…yippee, worked amazingly! Thank you!! :) 

  • Eva Veenstra 2 years ago

    Which eyeshadow are you wearing? Lovely color!
    And great tip. Thanx!

  • Eli G 2 years ago

    chill man. suddenly everyone is hyped up over talc. like as though talc is
    not one of the ingredients in some of your makeup. 

  • Cecile Yang 2 years ago

    Elle looks ALMOST like Anne Hathaway!

  • Crystal M 2 years ago

    I love Elle! I’m already subscribed to both of u!!

  • Sunny C 2 years ago

    Suppose to use cornstarch powder on your baby. Ugg.

  • _UhMayZhing_ 2 years ago

    Guys! Calm Down! Talc is the first ingredient in eye shadows! You use it
    around your eyes more than you think.

  • Girlofpages 2 years ago

    I don’t really like the smell of baby powder but (when my nephew was born)
    I found out they make different scents. Some of them smell Ah-maze-ing.

  • micapetey 2 years ago

    Johnson’s Baby Powder website says to avoid contact with eyes. This is
    unhealthy advice you’re giving, I’m afraid. 

  • DaMora Upchurch 2 years ago

    I think using it as a dry shampoo probs isn’t a great idea for dark hair.

  • jspot101 2 years ago

    Love tip Tuesdays!! Keep them coming!!

  • omgitzjas 2 years ago

    Actually.. guys don’t like the smell of baby powder.. :( 

  • Christina Eibakk 2 years ago

    I’m trying out this tip, it sounds/looks amazing :) I have two babies my
    self, the oldest is turning 2 at the end of april, and the other one is 7
    months today :)