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  • Samurai Summer 4 years ago

    cornstarch works even better than bby pwdr.

  • CaliDreaminxoxo 4 years ago

    Use rubbing alcohol to clean your phone

  • celia furlow 4 years ago

    can you do one on make-up in 6th grade?

  • C. Chalernsouk 4 years ago

    my friend drinks a lot a soda and now so is really fat

  • 4glamgirls 4 years ago

    I liked this video a lot!

  • Dominie Lythgoe 4 years ago

    i love u so much

  • Kasey Julianna 4 years ago

    Im guessing you’re a natural born blonde.

  • amn23451 4 years ago

    Ikr  she needs to chill & have a laugh instead. I make those fails all the time xD

  • HappyMinds1 4 years ago

    A lack of confidence can really hold a person back from looking beautiful, check out my channel for a quick confidence boosting video. Best wishes happyminds1

  • Mollie Rawlings 4 years ago

    I’ll try it

  • KJcool Muffin 4 years ago

    16 my fav number

  • BrookeChloe17 4 years ago

    she meant that its strange coz you normally say 10 or 20 not that its not even! :)

  • deeiiaxox 4 years ago

    aw you seem sweet, and your pretty !

  • kdivkey99 4 years ago

    God you’re so pretty, I’m jealous!

  • TayaahRaynee 4 years ago

    She meant 16 is an odd number for an amount of tips, its not like 10, 15 or 20. Its just a random number…

  • TayaahRaynee 4 years ago

    Meaning 16 was an odd number of tips instead of having something like 10, 15 or 20.

  • cory morel 4 years ago

    I would fuck you every second of the day can I have your number I am 16 too

  • laura sweetie 4 years ago

    I think u should do a makeup tutorial I love your make-up

  • Ellie Riches 4 years ago

    Did she say 16 was an odd number?? Around 30 seconds XxXx

  • ashley boomer 4 years ago

    you have great beauty tips!! another place for overall beauty tips, i go to blonde-fox. its a great sight with health and beauty like yours!!

  • TheBeautifulBeauties 4 years ago

    um its a dog

  • TheBeautifulBeauties 4 years ago


  • Sinini Dube 4 years ago

    You should do more tips it really helps

  • Cassie Anderson 4 years ago

    for once in a video i was NOT focusing on the animals… YOURE BEATIFUL!

  • Aira MAtrix 4 years ago

    cat is cute

  • Icecreamlover89 4 years ago

    How old are you? Because if you are like 14 years old, that’s what I think you are, then you wear way too much makeup…. Sorry if my english isn’t good

  • Alo Dey 4 years ago

    no were watching it in 1200BC

  • Carolyn Rasmussen 4 years ago

    Kailee pllleeeaassseeee do a locker tour:)

  • Graciella Vs 4 years ago

    your brown hair looks way better.