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Please ‘LIKE’ this video if you want to see more tutorials in the future :) Two Cosmetics: (If you’re reading this, you can get 25…

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  • DJ Sekar 4 years ago

    hi everyone!

    check out my youtube channel if u have time :) xoxo
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  • Constance Lzq 4 years ago

    This makeup is really simple and pretty I’m doing a similar one for school next year :D

  • N'Dionne Curls 4 years ago

    *thumbs up

  • N'Dionne Curls 4 years ago

    Hello y’all I’m N’Dionne curls and I just put my second makeup video on YouTube so could y’all go check It out put thumbs Thx

  • Aurelie Grenier 4 years ago

    you must be new 

  • amanda parker 4 years ago

    you must be new!

  • alexa rox 4 years ago

    OMG ur teeth are perfect!

  • randomxox327 4 years ago

    you look like bridget mendler

  • Melissa Melgarejo 4 years ago

    You look sooo much like brigdet mendler XD

  • paintingthecloudsred 4 years ago

    my goodness
    you do NOT need makeup! you are naturally beautiful!

  • bjackson11118 4 years ago

    I just love you. Best person here on YouTube!! Ur so pretty too xxoooxx

  • cozy class 4 years ago

    your face is my favorite of all faces

  • FitnessBoiing xo 4 years ago

    Really excited to do this makeup look when i move into year 8 :) xxxx

  • intyas89 4 years ago

    nice smile!

  • amumin85 4 years ago

    Thank u

  • molly thalukdar 4 years ago

    you must be new here

  • Kahlia Dodds 4 years ago

    More makeup tutorials? ^_^

  • Till Simon 4 years ago

    HEy Im TIllie
    Ihave a new channel and I would love it if you guys would check it out. I dont mean to spam but I want to get my videous out there.

  • vargasroxana65 4 years ago

    I love this video and all your other ones ( :

  • Katie love 4 years ago

    your so pretty i love you “as a friend” :D

  • Emily Mills 4 years ago

    you must be new here XD

  • Olivia Gosling 4 years ago

    U look like Bridgett mendler

  • Sims3PlusMe 4 years ago

    You’re ;) 

  • maddie4ever4 4 years ago

    Wow it’s really weird seeing you blond, haha!

  • eric anderson 4 years ago

    haha at 3:08 did u here her phone go off:-p

  • MisicFan99 4 years ago

    hahaha… watching this in 2013

  • Gabrielle Case 4 years ago

    I looove my revlon lip butter.. I have the shade strawberry shortcake

  • LyriKal0011 4 years ago

    Well, obviously not you, because you only PRESUMED that I didn’t get your comment. It took me a while to reply to it because, well, you know, I don’t stalk YouTube waiting for replies, unlike some people.

  • LyriKal0011 4 years ago

    You replied twice, I can see that you deleted the first comment, so you obviously do.

  • LyriKal0011 4 years ago

    I love you too

  • LyriKal0011 4 years ago

    You mad, bro?

  • LyriKal0011 4 years ago


  • 1bejovial 4 years ago

    My name is Massiel. It is not easy to get notice here on YT since there’s a bunch of beauty gurus following the same dream. But I would appreciate if you take just one second of your time to check my first video!! Thank you =)

  • Charmayne Franco 4 years ago

    You are the cutest make-up guru here in youtube i have ever seen :)

  • pamela medina 4 years ago

    we have the same bed frame :3 im gonna try this look o; its reallly pretty. c:

  • Adrijana Pavlovic 4 years ago

    More makeup tutorials plz <3

  • Ashley Marchand 4 years ago

    too pretty for worlds