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This is the first of my back to school series, if you have request for any others please send them my way! if you have any questions for my email me here on …

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  • Abby8730 4 years ago

    I think u should do a prom look

  • JENZOGAMING 4 years ago

    Hi I have really pale skin wht would I use

  • Cupcakewar89 4 years ago

    You can start with dollar store makeup ether

  • megnem fifthteen 4 years ago

    Please check out our video and no hate plase

    Thankyou :D

  • booskates123 4 years ago

    I really like your hair color, did you dye it or is it naturally like that?

  • Gymnast0855 4 years ago

    by younger girls, how old?

  • Daksha Chandra 4 years ago

    sorry :P  i was wondering is it nesscary to put concelar? some people are asking me to put make up but I am not a make up :P

  • joseosorio60 4 years ago

    Your eyes are soo pretty

  • vty09 4 years ago

    your hair is so pretty!!!!

  • LolzxD333 4 years ago

    I dont know how to do eyeliner could you do a tutorial on it please

  • Lily Berrios 4 years ago

    This helped so much. Omg thank you ❤

  • ducktapegirl1401 4 years ago

    your so pretty even without makeup;)

  • ParisAmour227 4 years ago

    u r so pretty.

  • Melissa102497 4 years ago

    i was confused about the powder( the one after the concealer) do you need a specific powder to set that in, or can you just use like foundation or something….what specific powder did you use….sorry im confused:(……..:)

  • bluelovematters 4 years ago

    you make me actually want braces idk why

  • Smarticles Pants 4 years ago

    I agree with u about foundation!!

  • lollypops408 4 years ago

    i have the same eye shadow that u have but mine is for brown eyes…. ps gooooooood video it really helped :D

  • jellybeans7854 4 years ago

    some people in my class should watch this video! they don’t know how to puton makeup without looking like a clown! :D

  • phoebethedogful 4 years ago

    Yeah I agree at younger kids ( like me) shouldnt wear foundation… There are some girls in my school who do, and it doesn’t look that great.

  • sopha123100 4 years ago

    This is amazing! You really explain everything so that beginners can understand it! This helped me sooooooo much thanks!

  • kisskissmagoo1226 4 years ago

    This helped me so much!!! You realy know what your talking about. And i also love that you think naturals are preety whe most girls you age couldnt bother..

  • theejb2000 4 years ago

    What grade do you think you should be in to start wearing this? This is so cute!

  • rebby jenny 4 years ago

    um im a beginner and my skin is darker what do i use

  • NicoleBuchanan143 4 years ago

    Thank you I will most deft do this

  • longlostjuliet 4 years ago

    Thanks 4this video I’m gonna wear it first day back xxx

  • drella96 4 years ago

    how much did it cost?

  • loveglitters08 4 years ago

    can you do a tutorial on how you got your hair like this in this video :)

  • smilecuzurhappy 4 years ago

    I don’t use foundations, so i dont know what to recommend, sorry. The tinted moisturizer gives a light coverage that will even our your skin tone but won’t really cover acne. hope that answered your questions :)

  • smilecuzurhappy 4 years ago

    yeah it does, that’s too bad :(

  • paulababe1985 4 years ago

    does that aveeno sunblock have any scent i get allergic reactions to fragrance.. thanks

  • paulababe1985 4 years ago

    you mentioned you love covergirl.. do you use any full coverage foundation from them when you go out… which one and what shade plz.. thanks for the video.. i’m going to have to try out that tinted moisturizer does it cover real well by itself..

  • smilecuzurhappy 4 years ago

    it’s sally hansen no chip 10 day color in 85 resilient red :)

  • ashley marie 4 years ago

    im a beginner and i have that palet im soo happy and im wearing this to school! :)

  • drakecakesx3 4 years ago

    what are good drugsore concealer for oily dark skin?

  • smilecuzurhappy 4 years ago

    yeah i’m a sophmore. I ran out of room in the comments to answer about your skin. So i sent you a message haha :)

  • TheXoxoLife 4 years ago

    omg gorgeous eyes!

  • becca1825 4 years ago

    i use powder foundation and it is great, it looks really natural. do you have recommendations for dry skin?? also, are you a sophomore?

  • smilecuzurhappy 4 years ago


  • smilecuzurhappy 4 years ago

    aww thanks! you should get on fb right now! i miss you!!

  • foreverbeauty12 4 years ago

    Hey Anna could you do a review on Sigma brushes? Thanks!

  • JessieStrail 4 years ago

    great vid anna :)
    you should also do a back to school fashion vid!

  • apandalover212 4 years ago

    WOW. this video is UHmazing!! (:

  • 13luckywishesgranted 4 years ago

    this video was amazing! thanks so much Anna!