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DISCOUNT CODE BELOW…For this back to school makeup tutorial I wanted to bring you something light and youthful, but still something you could have fun with and play with makeup. I remember…

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  • Katerina Beauty Blog 4 years ago

    You look stunning :) Nice collab girls!

  • your make up videos are my personal favs out of everyone, you always look
    so elegant and stylish but not overdone. masha’Allah. pls do more make up
    videos, i really enjoy your approach! 

  • Remmber._.when 4 years ago

    Mashallah ur really pretty and I lovvvvve your hijabs<333

  • Linda Aldadi 4 years ago

    Am saudi women , i am proud of u looving hijab thats amaizing
    I hope we meet each other and make a freindship

  • jessica adams 4 years ago

    Your so entertaining to watch 

  • nennu1992 4 years ago

    Hijab looks soo beautiful on you! 

  • elif eren 4 years ago

    im in universty and this look is just perfect for me :) thanks!! <3

  • Alessandra Perez 4 years ago

    Sweetie, try the Jordana Best Lash Extreme mascara. You can get it in
    Walgreens I guess (not sure if CVS), it’s not waterproof and it really
    holds a curl. I hate the brush, but the formula is awesome. Let me know
    what you think if you try it ;)

  • Reyam Nawa 4 years ago

    I have like your eyebrows… omg the same :D

  • i mesh 4 years ago

    You look good

  • Alessandra Perez 4 years ago

    I am sold on the mineral powder foundation. The Tarte Amazonian Clay is
    great, it feels great, but I really don’t see it being as full coverage as
    everybody is saying on YouTube. Maybe because I didn’t purchase the brush
    that you’re supposed to apply it with, but still, so much better than
    caking the face up with liquid foundations that feel sticky.

  • ChelseyHijabLove 4 years ago

    Don’t forget to visit Aya’s video. “Like” Subscribe and Share! 

  • Nawrin Islam 4 years ago

    Please do a tutorial on you edit your videos 

  • La Lovely Rose 4 years ago

    I loved this <3 your editing is amazing! If you want, you should check out
    my channel, and sub for sub? I would appreciate it <3 much love xx btw
    you’re gorgeous!