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Beauty blogger Nadine Haobsh from gives a tutorial on how to use Bare Minerals foundation with the swirl, tap, buff method!

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  • Ellen Harrison 4 years ago

    i have this and it can make me look powdery if im having a particularly dry skin day but usually i use the primer before hand and that sorts it right out :) x

  • dholland5250 4 years ago

    does that ever make you look powdery?? please reply back
    fwi ( i hvae dry skin) lol

  • Julianne Louise 4 years ago

    Really cool

  • bmuful 4 years ago

    my skin is awkward, its all one tone o.0

  • Liza Lundgren 4 years ago

    The lid is actually designed specifically for the mineral product, so I wouldn’t recommend using bowls or what have you. The easiest way to clean the lid is to use a little rubbing alcohol and cotton round (spray the round, not directly into the lid) to keep it clean.

  • JessyBee1313 4 years ago

    it is soooo worth it. the easiest make-up I’ve ever had to use that actually covers and clears “problem areas”. If you can find it in a make-up store, ask a beautician to help you find your right shade. The ladies at my local Sephora really helped me with that, otherwise I would’ve chosen something way too dark for my skin tone

  • Karen Fuxench 4 years ago

    Seems like bare minerals the shit:) I hope it’s really worth it,..

  • bokan800 4 years ago

    Use a small bowl to buff swirl your foundation in if you want to avoid having a build up of products in your lid. It’s usually from a mixture of oil, moisturizer, and foundation.

  • MusicNotexx46 4 years ago

    it shouldn’t because bare minerals doesn’t contain all these chemicals that should break you out. In facts it was made to help better skin a bit. I am super acne prone, if I rest my face on my hand fr a few minutes I break out like crazy. And I love the feeling of the brush over my skin so I “over buff” from time to time and nothing has happened so far

  • allbymysmelf 4 years ago

    i have bare minerals, thats what the lid of mine looks like too

  • PhantomAngel147 4 years ago

    I have occasional flares of acne. If I buff for too long will it make me break out?

  • BBis apeach 4 years ago

    The lid gets dirty from the make-up. I have Bare Minerals too and it looks about the same.

  • Sydney Holloway 4 years ago

    Girl you talk to much, shut up.

  • mntm8winner 4 years ago

    so if u have acne just do do ur skin routine primer then this?

  • Sally Cheecha 4 years ago

    with youre rosacea are you using the light w the golden undertones or the pink undertones? Bc i have somewhat of a pink undertone to my skin, but I didnt know if the pink undertone foundation would make me look more pink? And also whats the diff btwn the matte and the original?

  • Charlotte Coffey 4 years ago

    I have very natural and clear skin, and started using bare minerals about 1 week ago. I kid you not, I have literally gone into three or four stores and have gotten compliments like “you have amazing skin” and “your face is so clear, you must have great genes” and an old neighbor told me “wow, look at your makeup! you did such a good job, your so incredibly beautiful!’, my boyfriend loves it and so do I!! I highly recommend it to all women! Its worth the investment!

  • cokestealer22 4 years ago

    yhu spent 4 minutes babbling i use bare minerals and i dont yake that long to do my foundation and i get compliments all the time

  • Anna Boo 4 years ago

    I wonder how you got that lid really THAT dirty? o.O

  • mskatonic1 4 years ago

    I love Bare Minerals! The best foundation I haver used, period! I too have rosacea, and I am also acne prone, but this foundation makes everything look great without looking cakey. People comment on my “glow” all the time. I will never go back to liquid.

  • snarfarkolous 4 years ago

    i have this and iys definetly the best civerage tht ive ever gotten with a makeup product

  • Angel Michele 4 years ago

    This makeup is a joke. I’m sure the creators of bare escentuals wake up every morning amazed that they are still making money off the infomercials that exploit the american womens ignorance.

  • Dana31Provs 4 years ago

    Maybe I missed it but one person in comments asked about how to avoid looking cakey. What I didn’t understand for a long time is how heat from your skin warms the brush and melts the minerals. This was a light bulb moment. Use less on the brush but spend more time buffing. This is how it gets that creamy look. More buffing means fewer layers. I now only need one layer. And no, this makeup isn’t for people with perfect skin. I have scarring and BMs makes me look almost flawless without c

  • Makeupqueen06 4 years ago

    You can put it on so good. I have bare minerals and mine goes on VERY powdery. Could you give me any tips on how to keep it low key on powderness? thanks. Check out my channel

  • nattlecakes 4 years ago

    Its called the maximum coverage concealer brush

  • Shethinkstoomuch1 4 years ago

    Shut up hater

  • jaybeee00 4 years ago

    guys…. what little concealer brush did she use? i cant find it!

  • Alisa Karter 4 years ago

    practice makes perfect my local macy’s sells em

  • Alisa Karter 4 years ago

    It takes 10 mins of that makup to make me beautiful

  • CourtkneeGoneWild 4 years ago

    I have very fair skin, occasional pimples, oily skin, and redness along my cheeks. Honestly Bare Minerals has been the ONLY foundation that I’ve been FULLY satisfied with. I’m recommend it!

  • missjoanna95 4 years ago

    what mac shade are u? what shade is this?

  • StrawberryWaters 4 years ago

    It depends on what you want to achieve and how your skin on your face matches the rest of your body. If your face is lighter than your body and you want to match it, get the darker shade. If your face and body have the same color, then get the lighter. You can always build the lighter shade, you don’t want to look like a clown with a face that’s too dark compared to your neck, you know?

  • fluffbubbles 4 years ago

    What do you use to cleanse your skin and moisturise?? and do you use anything like a primer? x

  • Jairo L. 4 years ago

    u look like a redneck asian awesome

  • luomas2 4 years ago

    is the makeup expensive and will it cover acne and oilyskin?????????? GOD BLESS!!!!!!!! :)

  • lulamae05 4 years ago

    Those spots on your forehead did not look like simple “redness”. “Redness” doesn’t stick out of the skin like a bump. That is called a blemish. Just sayin.

  • Aldora LaPlume 4 years ago

    You put WAYYYY too much in your cap and there is no way your fairly light, thats what I am and I’m very light tan but your irish pale.

  • zayy07 4 years ago

    I have the same question…. :(

  • Missyplaymate3 4 years ago

    Great video and I love it too. I have been using it for eight years. It keeps getting better. Take care and Happy Holidays

  • TANGAMOMO 4 years ago

    i got it for christmas from my mom haha i love it! it really blends well and looks totally natural :)

  • splatterypaint 4 years ago

    i have nowhere near perfect skin and i love bareminerals.

  • Kiara0405 4 years ago

    I am getting it soon and I will be making my own tutorial if I like it. As you can see from my other videos my skin is rubbish so hopefully you would be able to see the difference

  • Tania michelle 4 years ago

    ok im so asking my mommy to get me this for christmas :D

  • LilyParis21 4 years ago

    I just bought bare minerals for the first time on Black Friday got 20% off yay!!! and I love it! the best 52.00 i ever spent! totally worth it

  • cheapcharlie13 4 years ago

    I want to try Bare Escentuals but am having problems trying to decide which shade to get. I have to order it on line because no stores in my town sell it:(
    If you were to buy a shade either one shade lighter or darker would it make a big differance?