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Everything Mentioned (CLICK SHOW MORE BELOW)** Bare Minerals Original foundation Bare Minerals Matte foundation B…

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  • makeupforever 4 years ago

    Today I bought the Bare Minerals Blemish Remedy Foundation in Clearly
    Porcelain. I am super fair and the shade match is spot on and the coverage
    can be great. This is a great tutorial. I am just going to wear it over

  • Joyce Lee 4 years ago

    Since you said this is a long process, when is it ideal to use mineral
    makeup? I don’t see this as ideal for a daily routine, so on what occasion
    would you do this routine?

    I used to use well rested for setting under eyes but once i tried the
    hourglass ambient lighting powders in dim and difussed, it was life

  • Stephanie Luna 4 years ago

    I was wondering if anyone could help me! I’ve been in love with and
    passionate about make up for years! How ever I’m allergic to it. Every time
    I wear it my eyes will get blood shot red, watery, itchy, and irritated and
    immensely bad! At first I thought it was just the eye make up. So I stopped
    wearing it and just used face make up. Foundation, concealer, bronzer,
    blush, etc….. And unfortunately my eyes still act up! I’ve literally
    spent hundreds of dollars on so called high end products and even products
    that claim that they are allergy free and nothing works! I’m at a loss, so
    frustrated! I don’t know what to do or what to try! I really hope you could
    help me because I would love to wear make up again.

  • hlfuhreal 4 years ago

    Omg I love your minimal makeup look and hair here! Looks sooo natural

  • Joyce Lee 4 years ago

    Can you take a look at the Laura Mercier mineral foundation too? Also, how
    do you think mineral foundations perform on dry skin?

  • Rachellaurabeauty5 4 years ago

    i think you would like the tarte airbrush powder a lot better! it has
    better coverage and you need way less!

  • lmmalecha 4 years ago

    I think it’s important to note that bareminerals is really easy to apply!
    If you have been wearing liquid foundations for a long time, bareminerals
    will definitely take some getting used to. But once you do, it is soo quick
    and good proof!! It really isn’t that time consuming. I think bareminerals
    is actually easier to use vs. liquid because you never get goofy lines or
    streaks and it looks and feels like skin!

  • Kaylalalawls 4 years ago

    I think the main issue is that not many actually use the mineral veil
    powder on top of the foundation, blush, warmth, etc. I actually didn’t like
    bare minerals as much as well because it didn’t look blended after so many
    hours. I went to my local makeup store to see if I was doing anything
    wrong, and they said the mineral veil isn’t just highly recommended, but
    its a necessary thing! I started using it, and I absolutely LOVE bare
    minerals now. It stays on all day! And if i’m having a good skin day, I
    only use the veil powder to close my pores and i’m set. I hope this helped! :) 

  • Lwhitney 4 years ago

    This was the nicest, most tedious way of telling people that a product is
    horrible that I’ve ever seen in my whole life O.O And yes, I watched the
    whole thing…. I like Elf Mineral Booster??

  • Jessica Corpus 4 years ago

    Your lashes are soo pretty!

  • TheBlissBow 4 years ago

    Is this good for school?

  • MakeupByTiffanyD 4 years ago
  • Bluefroggie2 4 years ago

    Since I have very oily skin, I tried the matte formula first. It broke me
    out so badly, it turned me off to Bare Minerals for a while. Now I use the
    original formula, with the illuminating under eye concealer, and the well
    rested for my acne. Surprisingly, it doesn’t break me out. I think this
    stuff is perfect for everyday, since all other foundations seem to break me
    out. I thought I’d never find makeup that wouldn’t break me out! :D 

  • Katelyn 15463 4 years ago

    I am SO glad you made this video. We have almost identical skin issues and
    I also have gone back and forth with BareMinerals. I’m thinking of going
    back to BareMinerals because my skin has been less problematic lately. This
    video is full of amazing tips and great information! Thanks, Tiff! 

  • Alyssa R 4 years ago

    Okay, but is the title Bare Minerals truly accurate? 2 of your 7 products
    are Bare Minerals.

  • April Rilling 4 years ago

    I love bare minerals but its pricey do u know any other mineral powders
    that are good but cheaper I like liquid but I’ve always liked mineral
    powders n also ur beautiful :) 

  • veronical1116 4 years ago

    I have used bareminerals for about 10 years, my skin is really good, but
    the reason that is really good it’s due to I use bareminerals, in my case
    only takes 3 – 5 min max to do my foundation, I have tried other
    foundations but I break out, and even bb and cc creams and I have the same
    problem, I have to use one day the bb cream and the other 6 days
    bareminerals so that my skin recovers, I can use other makeup brands on
    blushes, eyeshadow, but never foundation hope this helps

  • Danielle Shoemake 4 years ago

    You know, she says it takes longer but really the tutorial portion of the
    video is only about 15 minutes and that’s with a lot of talking. She only
    did her brows and some of her mascara off camera. With some practice, it’s
    probably not that much longer. 

  • Jen J 4 years ago

    Hmmmm….I have both the Original and Matte. But have never combined the
    two. I might give that a go. Bare Minerals has been my go to foundation for
    a while now. The brush is key. I like using the elf powder brush, real
    techniques buffing brush and multi purpose brush and F80. I haven’t tried
    that tarte brush but I do have it.

  • ieunatelove 4 years ago

    thanks for the review. i wanted to try bare mineral for a long time, but
    now i know I won’t buy it because I’m not a morning person. I sleep until
    the very last minute. Sometimes I even skip doing makeup because I ran out
    of time. I heard about the new bare mineral liquid foundation .. maybe that
    could work for me .. I hope you can give us a review on that one as well.
    Thank you.

  • Cicily Kong 4 years ago

    Love this video. Baremin is a classic and not recommended enough for acne
    prone skin.

    Great dupe for urban decay spray is Elf’s mist & set! No lie!!!!! Elf’s is
    so good & holds up! $3

  • dashingmakeup 4 years ago

    Thank you for the very informative video! I’ve always wondered about the
    bare minerals products!! 

  • beautymoxie 4 years ago

    I bet you’re having a girl!

  • Jordana Vargas 4 years ago

    is there nothing that helps with the hormonal breakouts? If you have tips
    for that let me know please … you look beautiful as always…

  • Taylor Wirtz 4 years ago

    Love the video!
    Are you going to find out the gender of the baby?