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Here i show you how to do a basic everyday look for people that normally do not wear makeup. Enjoy! I am not paid to do these videos. These are special reque…

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  • Sbearr18 4 years ago

    Makeup basics; concealer, powder foundation, mascara, and eyeliner (if you choose to do so) for a beginner that has never put makeup on or has only used eyeliner at the most. Less is more. And since you’re not used to wearing a bunch of makeup I don’t recommend using a liquid foundation because it feels heavy and you won’t feel comfortable because you’ll be able to feel it on your face when you’re not used to wearing any at all. And I recommend using your finger when applying concealer because

  • rosebubbles100 4 years ago

    Maybe what kind of consealer do you recomend for very dark under eye circles

  • helaina629 4 years ago

    either your a natural beauty, or you choose not to hardly apply makeup at all.

  • Kristin Arrington 4 years ago

    all those tint lotions turn orange on me. i don’t even bother with them.

  • helaina629 4 years ago

    aw ur welcome

  • Selina Liew 4 years ago

    Thanks for making this video ! I’m learning to try my first make-up ! :D

  • helaina629 4 years ago

    aw! Thank you, I love making makeup/fashion/skincare/hair video’s for you and everyone!! If you like please subscribe! Happy Holidays!

  • millyt86 4 years ago

    thanks for shairng and putting your time to make these vid so cool and basic …