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Urban Decay Primer Potion Costal Scents palette: Loreal Telescopic Mascara Spell Cosmetics Zinfendel Blush Benefit Benetint.

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  • Tara Foran 4 years ago

    if you have a paypal account you can pay without giving your payment information to anyone except paypal.

  • s castillo 4 years ago

    Nice job!!

  • Theglamorous233 4 years ago

    you are sooo pretty!

  • Bekka Blümchen 4 years ago

    i too^^

  • Bekka Blümchen 4 years ago

    you can watch the favourite brushes and eyeshadows vid

  • sweethoneydear 4 years ago

    i see them too! ^_^

  • Joe Adams 4 years ago

    anyone else see little black lines in youtube videos lately??

  • NoeTheArtPrincess 4 years ago

    If you type in 88 palette on ebay it is MUCH cheaper. They have one their for only 10 dollars! No shipping fee!!

  • Moonga Toonga 4 years ago

    Your voice makes me laugh cuz it sounds like a cheerleader of something lol

  • badazzbarbi 4 years ago

    its cheaper on ebay.. type in 88 palette

  • WrappedInRain 4 years ago

    well its a great investment the pallet rocks my sox off and yeah you can only purchase it online from coastalscents or ebay… shipping and handling varies depending where your located..Its $12 for me ouch!! packaging is pretty cheap though so your are warned..

  • emmisa95 4 years ago

    that was sooo pretty!! but, i have really pigmented lips…what do you think i should wear??

  • guwamu 4 years ago

    Hi! Can someone tell me where I can buy at New York?

  • salim98120 4 years ago


  • Joanna Park 4 years ago

    you can only buy it online and the shipping and handling is really expensive like $10+—it sucks =/ so if you do want to buy it you should try and buy other things too that way you get like your money’s worth

  • NaTiVeAnGeL008 4 years ago

    I Wish I Had That Palette.
    Lots Of Pretty Colors
    Can Find In a Store Or Only Buy It Online.????

  • gabichou26 4 years ago

    I don’t think they sell them anywhere in stores, Coastal Scents is an online company.

  • onthaway2stardom 4 years ago

    you don’t have to sign up?

    you buy stuff from them…?

  • natsnow 4 years ago

    does any one know if it is free to sign up for coastal scents??????

  • novalynnedelmundo 4 years ago

    i bought this shimmer palette @ coastalscents.but it doesnt look good on me to someone who is interested im selling mine.i got it from coastal scents for 31.95 ($21 + $10 shipping) but i mght sell it wayyy cheaper than 31.95.just send me a message .thanks!

  • SABITCH88 4 years ago

    where did ju get it at thou???

  • ealva821 4 years ago

    you should try the manly 120 pallete for 25 -30 bucks! nice. i saw it through misschevious

  • Naomi Lim 4 years ago

    US$17 I think

  • shiloandromoshow 4 years ago

    your so beautiful! love the way you do your makeup. im going to start adding my makeup and get alot.

  • NeonPinkRubberDuck 4 years ago

    great video :D 

  • dwadancer27 4 years ago

    the loreal de crease works great!!

  • raidyxox 4 years ago

    i just ordered one on ebay, haven’t got it yet though. Is it the same? I think it is :s x

  • raidyxox 4 years ago

    i just ordered one on ebay, haven’t got it yet though. Is it the same? I think it is :s x

  • Cleraverde 4 years ago

    how much is urban decay primar potion

  • stephanieonline101 4 years ago

    Hey elle, or who ever might be able to help me with this :

    I want to order some stuff from the coastal scents website. When my credit card bill will come in at the end of the month, will it say ‘costal scents’ on the bill ? or will it just have numbers since it was ordered online..

    Please reply as soon as possible! :)
    thank you!

  • SIDExOFAxBULLET 4 years ago

    You can’t sadly :(

  • candace202 4 years ago

    did you not know it was april fools???

  • marinerspm 4 years ago

    you can get them cheaper on ebay…they are always available there.

  • xPartyLikeARawkstarx 4 years ago

    Yeah…Where can I buy this not online? Like in what store?

  • Destaney Marie 4 years ago

    im ordering frum them todaii so amd the shimmer palletes outta stock=O =[

  • lilmizjokerjk 4 years ago

    Thank you so much. You helped me out with my make up. Before I was putting on way to much but now I have figured out a way to put on a little bit and it still look just as good. Thanks

  • Noushyno1 4 years ago

    I would reccomend the shimmer palette! It’s brilliant! x

  • Erage B 4 years ago

    um can you buy any of these things at sallys buity suplise

  • 01alexxasm02 4 years ago

    well serena lol her real name is blake lively(:

  • mariahx17 4 years ago

    blake? .. ther is no blake lmao.

  • Tori Rivera 4 years ago

    ugh i hate that mascara! it makes my lashes look so sparse and thin…hahaha SUPERMASSIVE BLACK HOLE!!!!!! um sorry…ADD! yea so telescopic kinda sux for me…but this look is awesome for an “everyday” look! loved the tutorial…thnx!

  • inl0vee10x 4 years ago

    wow! this looks really pretty. hope you post more!!! thanks :)

  • iluvthewayulaff927 4 years ago

    You are an amazing rold model for the younger generation. I’m the same age as you and love watching you and it just makes me so happy to know girls are copying what you do and it’s a positive thing! I love this look on you as well. It really brings out all of your natural beauty!

  • DeydrasDeffinition 4 years ago

    Great tutorial- love the look, most definitely gonna try it out : )

  • Erika Ochoa 4 years ago

    do u get most of ur make-up brushes at micheals?

  • Christina N 4 years ago

    mhm. i ordered one and when i received it i LOVED it. the colors were so vibrant and its a good price.

  • Erin Baze 4 years ago

    DeCrese is OKAY, I didn’t like it much. It caused me to buy the Urban Decay Primer Potion. =/ I highly suggest NOT buying it.

  • Jasmin K 4 years ago

    can you trust the site on buying it?